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10 Successful Filipino Blogs Using WordPress

Are you interested in starting your own blog with WordPress? Are you looking for some ideas and tips from Filipino bloggers?

We know that recently there is a lot of Filipino who takes interest in blogging. Because it helps them to share their ideas, create interesting content, and most of all earn some money by writing a blog. Yet, when it comes to starting a blog, there is a lack of good examples of WordPress blogs for Filipino!

So, in this article, we’re going to share with you some reasons why Filipino love blogs. And, highlight a list of successful blog sites in the Philippines.

5 Reasons why you should start a blog today

There are many reasons why people start a blog. Some will do it to share their passion, to improve their writing skills, and others want to gain attention. It is accessible to everyone because it’s simple and affordable. Here are 5 reasons for you to start writing a blog.

1. You can make money and become an author

Blogging is not just for fun, you can make money using the right platform with a specific purpose behind it. Many people start a blog because they love doing it. But in the end, they can make money by doing what they love. Some of them become an author by publishing what they wrote on a blog as a book.

2. You can start a business venture

In certain cases, a blog may begin as a pastime before developing into a full-time and becoming a  successful company.  They can start promoting their blogs and doing it regularly then expand their business as the number of customers grows

3. You can create your own content

Naturally, Filipino people are very creative, with many ideas. We like to take photos, make videos, or even write an short essay. With blogging, you can upload your content in an original space and share it on social media. You can even exchange ideas with your readers.

4. You can share your idea and hobby with everyone

Blogging gives you the right to write almost about anything and share it with everyone on the web. If you love traveling, you can do it and share the beauty of the world. If you enjoy cooking, you can share the delicious recipe of your favorite food.  You can do all these things while enjoying yourself at the same time.

5. You can develop a better customer relationship

One of the good reasons for blogging is connecting with others. You can develop a genuine relationship by meeting new people in the early stage of your blogging career. Other than that, you can also develop a fan base through blogging as well.

10 Filipino blogs using WordPress

Now that we have a good idea about why you should start a blog, let’s look at the 10  Filipino blogs. In my opinion, each of them is successfully promoting their personal brand and their business using WordPress.

Technology Blog

Nowadays, thanks to technology blogs and websites, we may have a peek at what is new in our world . It enables us to be informed about what is going on in tech world. We receive real-time updates on the newest devices, products  and other innovations. There are many technology blogs available online. Every blogger who is interested in technologies should definitely try writing  a tech blog.


YugaTech is a good example of a tech blog in Filipino. In addition, YugaTech provides information on the most recent products from a variety of local (Cherry Mobile, Globe, Smart, MyPhone). They also have international tech companies and brands, as well as updates from well-known websites like Facebook, Google, and Twitter.

Visit their website

Unbox ph

It consists of a group of Filipino team that focuses on technology and gadgets. They review and compare different kinds of gadgets with their latest updates.

Visit their website

Lifestyle Blog

As more people seek to share their life experiences, hobbies, and insights while earning money, lifestyle blogs are one way to go. If you are to become a lifestyle blogger, first come providing the reader with the inspiration and direction they want. Second importance is definitely, the good design. You need to make it tuned to the user’s profile and taste.

When in Manila

“When In Manila” is a blog site written by a group of writers, and photographers, which shares all the fun stuff that you want to know “when in Manila”. It has detailed information, updates on the town, and photos.

Visit their website

Our Awesome Planet

A family lifestyle blog that covers food and travel activities is called Our Awesome Planet (OAP). It is a Filipino family blog that highlights the country’s top dining establishments and tourism attractions. They want to inspire others by sharing local travel, culinary, and lifestyle secrets.

Visit their website

Travel Blog

Simply said, a travel blog is a blog whose main topic of discussion is traveling. Big difference from the guidebook is that, it’s a blog written from the viewpoint of one individual, a couple, or a small group of people. Popular travel blog topics include adventure in the wildness, food and beverage, and travel advice for those with family members.


It is a personal journey of a Filipino travel blog that wants to discover the world, go places and meet new faces, and explore to understand the new culture of different countries.

Visit their website

 Easy Traveler

Is a Filipino travel writer, photographer, and blogger. His travel blog captured people, places, and perspectives on and off the beaten road, going to different destinations to highlight tourism, as well as discovering novel perspectives on iconic locations.

Visit their website

Business Blog

One of the cheapest and simplest methods to market your company is through a business blog. It helps to increase SEO, develop an email list, and establish a closer relationship with clients and prospects. It is also one of the most effective marketing tools that most companies use.

Pinoy Bisnes Ideas

It is a business blog that creative business suggestions and advice that has been put into a straightforward, searchable internet blog that any aspiring businessperson may access. Their  objective is to provide young Filipino business people with business ideas

Visit their website

Tycoon Philippines

Is a group of Filipino contributors who love helping young entrepreneurs and businessmen. Their goal is to feature some information that can assist them to achieve their journey. They also look for young bloggers with unique perspectives and strategies to be part of their growing community.

Visit their website

 Food Blog

Cookbooks and lifestyle magazines combine on food blogs. In fact, bloggers range from ordinary cooks who like sharing their best recipes to renowned top chefs who utilize the internet to offer their best recipes and personal knowledge.

The Odehlicious

Is a Filipino food blogger who loves to make delicious food and share it around the world. One option for him is to share his cuisine recipes with the world by starting a food blog. This is when he made the decision to start his own food blog, The Odehlicious.

Visit their website

Panlasang Pinoy

This one is also a Filipino food site that shares Asian and Filipino recipes with everybody. He wants to make cooking Filipino food as simple as he can for others to learn. In addition, He has a strong enthusiasm for cooking and a constant need for a distinct Filipino flavor, which inspired Him to make cooking films to promote Filipino food.

Visit their website

 How to promote your blog with us

We hope you have enjoyed reading this article about Filipino blog sites. By now you should have pretty good ideas for starting your own blog.

If you want more information on how to start a blog, you can read our article (“6 easy steps to start a blog with WordPress”). Or, if you need more personal support, you can contact us for free consultation.

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