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3 Must-Read Articles on Psychology of Colors

When creating a website, a color is always an essential part of the design process. So, in this article, we share 3 selected articles focusing on “psychology of colors”. In our view, if you are learning a web design, these are a must-read.

Let’s take a look!

How does color matter to your website?

Before we look at the articles, let me just emphasize why and how the color choice matter for web design.

For one thing, depending on which color we use, the website will give our visitor (or customer) different emotion and feeling toward the brand or company. Depending on the nature of business, you will need to choose carefully. Also, choosing the right colors for a project or brand, is important to achieve visual consistency.

When you are beginner in web design, it’s easy to borrow an idea from sample site. But, if you really want to stand out with your work, it worth the effort to learn bit about the theory or “psychology” behind.

Color Psychology: Does It Affect How You Feel?


First article is actually from the Verywell Mind, an informational website on mental health (not website for web design). This article by  Kendra Cherry explains about “color psychology” as well as how it affects “consumer purchase”. A very interesting article and I would recommend reading it.

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The Know It All Guide To Color Psychology In Marketing


Another color psychology article but more on marketing side.  This is an excellent read for designers who wants to know more about colors and how to improve oneself on designing and choosing the right colors. This article would greatly help us designers, with tips and visual images. It also touches on “color blindness” which can affect “accessibility”.

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The Complete Guide to Understand Customer Psychology


Yes, another psychology article but more leaned to actual brand design. Now that we have gained a grasp on what color theory is and how to use it for marketing, I think now is the time for us to understand our customers.

I recommend reading this one and I must say this is my favorite out of three that we introduced. May be not “complete” as it says but, certainly a great “guide” with well organized information.

Check it out »

Well, we hope these articles will help you with your project. Good Luck Designing!

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