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6 Easy Steps to Start a Blog with WordPress

Are you looking for an easy way to create a blog with WordPress? Need advice and information on how to start?

Everybody starts a blog for a different reason and with a different set of objectives in mind. If you are choosing to use WordPress, it’s a great choice because it makes creating a blog pretty simple, quick, and easy for beginners. Good thing is that we can also summarize it in a few steps.

In this article, we will show you the step-by-step process. After reading this article, you can get your blog up and run your website confidently.

So, let’s get started.

What is a blog?

Blogs are becoming more than simply a place to express your thoughts and ideas. People post personal stories on occasion, while big businesses will invest thousands of dollars on their blogs. A blog post has content like videos, images, bullet-point, etc.

Over time, blogs’ user interfaces have seen considerable changes. It evolved into a career and a dream for many people. Creating a blog does not need to be an expert in this field. All you need is that you have a passion and you understand the things you want to express.

5 Types of Blog which is Common in the Philippines

Any topic may be covered on a blog in order to get readers. Along with being interesting and appealing, your information is better if useful and actionable. To help you identify the best type of blog for you, we categorized some blogs which are well-known in the Philippines.

Business blog

Like social media and direct mail, a business blog is a great marketing channel that supports your business growth. It is often shown on a company’s website, while some business blogs may be on the website of an independent blogger. If you could create content for entrepreneurship, finance, or any business advice, you might want to use business blogging as part of your marketing plan.

Recommended to: Business person, entrepreneurs

Beauty & fitness blog

Beauty blogging is a popular topic, meaning a lot of competition. In order to run your successful beauty blog, you will need an appropriate kind of website, hard work, and your unique idea of beauty tips and tricks.

Recommended to: Person with experience in a beauty salon, cosmetics, apparel, etc.

Lifestyle blog

A lifestyle blog is a website that features information on different niches or hobbies. And is often inspired by the blogger’s everyday activities, passions, and areas of expertise. The best way to describe a lifestyle blog is as a digital reflection of its author’s hobbies and daily activities.

Recommended to: Person passionate about their lifestyle

Travel blog

Simply said, a travel blog is a blog whose main topic of discussion is traveling. If you are someone who travels around the world (or the country), and is willing to share the gathering information, the travel blog would be a great tool.

Recommended to: Definitely, Travel lover!!

Entertainment blog

A conversation or informational site where you discuss news, movies, music, gist, TV shows, and a lot more is an entertainment blog. All topics about entertainment are covered in the entertainment niche. If you’re passionate about topics like TV shows, music, or sports, it’s a great topic for a blog.

Recommended to: If you like TV shows, movies, music, etc.

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Step by step to create the first blog

So, now that you have a good idea or concept about your blog, let’s look at the actual steps. Like we said in the beginning, starting a blog can be summarized into 6 steps.

Step1: choose your blog name

First and foremost, you need to choose your blog name.

When choosing your blog name, it’s important that you can connect to your blog name or that it is easy to read and remember. A blog name is who you are and what people will search on Google.

You should check your blog name on Google, to see if somebody else is not using it.

Step 2: Register your blog name online and get hosting

Second, you can now register your blog name online and get hosting. Then pick the appropriate domain for your website.

For beginners, we recommend that you choose a hosting service that is simple, easy to use, and with good support.

STEP 3: customize your blogging form using WordPress

The third step to creating a blog, is you need to choose and customize your blogging form.

Designing and making your blog look attractive and beautiful, doesn’t require you to be a professional web designer or developer. All you need is WordPress because it has a lot of free pre-design blog themes.

Once you install WordPress, you can choose from many different templates based on your prepared layout and style.

STEP 4: Choose a topic and the title of your Blog Articles

One of the important things in creating a blog is choosing a topic and the title of your article (or content). It needs to attract the reader, by reflecting on the content, and showing how interesting or how beneficial the article is.

Creating a blog for beginners needs to have an attractive impact on the readers or viewers.

And most of all, you need a title that is easy to understand.

 STEP 5: install plugins and widgets

Another step is installing plugins and widgets.

Though you can start a blog without them, installing the plugins can help you on the technical side of blogging. There are free tools and a lot of variety that you can choose from when starting a blog.

Also, SEO plugins can help you improve your post in terms of quality. Higher the quality, the more likely that people will read and like it.

STEP 6: you need to promote your blog

Lastly, you need to promote your blog.

Now that you start to write a blog, all you need is a reader. At this time, social media can be a big help, especially for beginners. Once your article is posted, write a short introduction on your social media account.

If you are in a network of editors, writers, and bloggers around the world, share your content. While you help and support the others in your community, they can also help and promote your blog to their group of friends.

Why Should You Use WordPress for Blogging?

The last thing that we want to mention bit is why we recommend WordPress to the blog beginner. WordPress is one of the most widely used Content Management Systems (CMS) nowadays. WordPress may be used to create any form of a website, but it is especially well-suited to blogs.

These are 6 features of WordPress

  1. WordPress is completely free
  2. WordPress is simple to use
  3. It’s entirely customizable
  4. It is SEO friendly
  5. Safe and secure
  6. There are so many WordPress themes and plugins

For more information, you can check our article.

To learn more about creating your blog or your website for free using WordPress, you can look into this official website of WordPress.


is there a self-hosted blog platform is a stand-alone open-source non-profit blogging program that you can install on a server and use to build an unlimited blog. If you want, you can host on your own server with your own domain using

is web hosting important for my blog?

Web hosting is the service that keeps your blog online and accessible to others 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All of your blog assets, including photos, themes, and text, must be kept on a web hosting server. Otherwise, you will be unable to create a blog.

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