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Advantage of Using WordPress in Your Blog

To this day, WordPress is only one of the many free site builders and content management systems available that most bloggers use. Because it offers unique features that have helped it to become one of the most popular content management systems available everywhere today. It is the most popular of the three most widely used site-building platforms on the planet. WordPress not only allows expert users to operate at that level, but it also provides capabilities for newcomers, allowing them to easily set up a site without knowing any coding or programming.

WordPress in Your Blog

WordPress is a surprising allow platform to launch your own website. It provides all sorts of websites from small ones to really big ones like Microsoft and Skype. WordPress is one of the best for managing a blog with the combination of  WordPress with Bluehost. As your blog grows in popularity, you may want to update the design and add new features to keep up with your growing audience. That means it’s critical to pick a blogging platform that’s adaptable and has the capacity for expansion.WordPress.org is a free open-source blogging platform that lets you create a website or blog in minutes. It’s a self-hosted option, which means you’ll have to sign up for a WordPress hosting account. WordPress is a wonderful alternative if you want total control over the destiny of your website. According to the most recent data, WordPress, a free (open-source) blog platform, will be the most widely used blogging platform this year.

In addition to the many great plugins that are exclusively suitable for certain purposes, there are some WordPress plugins that you may use in your blogs as well, as follows:

WordPress Backup Plugin UpdraftPlus
MonsterInsights’ Google Analytics for WordPress
WordPress Super Cache (WP Super Cache) is a plugin that allows you to cache files
SEO by Yoast
Security Wordfence
WordPress.com’s Jetpack
WPForms is a plugin for WordPress that allows you to create and edit forms

Advantages Why WordPress Use in your Blog 

  1. It’s completely free to use (open-source)
  2. With hundreds of free (and paid) blog themes to select from, it’s very customizable.
  3. It has a big developer community that is constantly updated and upgraded.
  4. Your blog will be completely under your control and self-organized.
  5. WordPress provides your visitors a more professional image than a clearly free blogging platform. It makes look more professional and trustworthy when visitors visit your site at www.yourname.com rather than yourname.myfreewebsite.com.
  6. WordPress has a sizable internet community behind it. The great flexibility of self-hosted WordPress is another important aspect. Unlike free blogging systems, which severely limit what you can do with your website, you have complete control over your website.
  7. WordPress is used by every website on the Internet by more than one out of every four websites you visit. When you think about it, that figure is incredible.
  8. WordPress also has a massive theme library to choose from. Themes provide you with complete control over the appearance of your website without requiring you to know a single line of code.
  9. WordPress has been translated into 169 languages by the WordPress translation team that’s why bloggers around the world are engaged in using it.
  10. You may still utilize your preferred email marketing service, payment gateways, and other features with WordPress. You may now connect WordPress to the majority of popular third-party website services thanks to its large number of plugins.


One of the most beautiful things about WordPress is that you can still have a professional-looking blog even if you’re not a good designer. The WordPress core team places a high priority on making WordPress software user-friendly, especially in your blogging form. When you initially start a WordPress blog, you’ll only be able to build pages and compose blog articles. You’ll be able to install more advanced plugins like contact forms, social media buttons, backups, and SEO for improvements as a result of this.

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