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Beginner’s Guide to Social Media Marketing in the Philippines

Do you want to know about social media marketing in the Philippines? Are you interested to boost your business with the use of social media marketing?

In today’s business, the social media marketing is one of the useful platforms with over billions of users around the world. You can promote your products or services, create your own brand, and boost sales via social media marketing.

This article could be interesting to read if you’re an entrepreneur, business owner, or someone planning to start your own business soon. We are going to share with you the importance of social media marketing. As well as, giving you some examples of companies in the Philippines active with social media marketing.

Let’s get started.

What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing is the act of producing content for social media websites by a company. With it, companies advertise their goods and/or services, develop a community and increase customer engagement.

It’s could be said that, it’s a  form of digital marketing. Social media marketing is a powerful and effective way for businesses to connect with potential customers.

Well Known  social media in the Philippines

Today, there are millions of social media users in the Philippines. Depending on their ages and interests, the type of social media that people prefer will be different. The user will also differ, from being a beginner to a professional (who make living out of it).

Here is the name of popular social media, the number of users, and some comments for the Philippines.

Facebook (76 million users)

Facebook is the most popular social media and networking site that Filipino people use. It makes it easy for you to connect and share with family and friends online.

Facebook can be used as a business page or personal account. It allows you to connect online to promote your brands and advertise your goods and services.  You can do so with many photos and videos.

YouTube (56 million users)

YouTube is a social media that focuses on sharing video clips. Not only individuals, but companies can promote their products and service through video content.

Other forms of utilizing YouTube are called “user-generated content”. Here the actual user can create a video about your products and may review it thoroughly. Products and services may vary from tourism experience, cosmetics, to new released gadgets. People who do this very well, are called “influencers”.

And, furthermore, if you have enough budget, you can pay Google for an advertisement. Your advertisement will cut-in, before or between the clips.

Also, with the comment section, you can also create a fan site or community where the user may communicate with one another.

Twitter (10 million users)

Twitter is an online news and social networking site where people communicate in short messages called tweets.

Moreover, Twitter can be a very useful channel for expanding your audience and giving them insightful stuff to read. It also allows users to follow individuals or businesses who post information and events that’s happening right now.

Instagram (19 million users)

Everyone who registers for an Instagram account has a profile and a news feed, similar to Facebook or Twitter. Instagram is fit for sharing images and videos, more than other social media.

Instagram focuses on encouraging creativity and originality. The majority of its users have certainly made excellent use of this app. Especially the young users are sharing their life, using filtered photos, hashtags, or brief videos.

How important is social media marketing in the Philippines?

Now that we know the landscape of the social media, let look at why a company in the Philippines should try the social media marketing. We have narrowed it down to 5 reasons.

To increase brand recognition

Brand awareness is important because it informs your audience of who you are and what you have to offer. Social media has made it simpler for companies to create content that connects with their target audiences while also demonstrating their authority and reputation in their fields.

To provide good customer service and connect to your audience

While some Filipinos still prefer to call customer care, the majority use social media to post queries, voice worries, and express complaints. Businesses have the chance to act promptly and effectively in order to guarantee customer’s satisfaction.

One of the objectives of many businesses is to create positive audience engagement. Additionally, here is where prospective clients or consumers are found. There is a chance that an audience member who interacts with your post on any social media platform may become a future client or customer.

To learn from your competitors

Social media networks are accessible to everyone. It’s an opportunity for a business to monitor the online activity of their competitors.

Studying your rivals is the greatest approach to finding out what works for them and you. Study their websites, social media posts, and marketing initiatives. Consider what they are doing well and how it can be made even better.

This helps you to be more effective in creating a marketing strategy to attract more customers and produce material that is more interesting.

To have a low-cost marketing

By simply targeting your advertisements in digital marketing, you may reach hundreds of thousands of individuals while spending less time and money on advertising.

Making connections with an audience through social media marketing can be far less expensive than traditional marketing. By word “traditional marketing”, we mean paper flyers, printing, and campaign ads.

To have a better sales income

Using social media linked to your e-commerce website can be one of the most efficient ways to develop your business today. Selling on social media is one of the hottest trends right now.

You can boost the sales by promoting and sharing your products on social media. And you can reach out to people who have chosen to connect with you by following your account.

Examples of Filipino companies doing social media marketing

Here in the Philippines, most companies use social media marketing to promote their product and services. We give you some examples of companies that boost their business through Facebook account. The idea is that pretty much any type of business, no matter how big or small, can do the social media marketing.

Beauty and Fitness services

Tourism and Traveling services

Online payment services

Retail services

Food and restaurant service

What’s your next step?

Now, we hope you have good knowledge about social media marketing in the Philippines. Definitely, you could develop more idea of what to publish depending on your objectives, target audience, and brand identity. If you want to know more about social media, you could check our other articles.

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