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Benefits of Using WordPress in Your Blog

Do you want to know the benefits of WordPress for your new blog site? You may have heard about WordPress but are not really sure if it’s the right choice?

Well, it’s true that WordPress isn’t the only blogging software out there. However, from our experience in helping businesses, WordPress is the ideal choice for your blog site, if you’re serious about starting blogging.

In this post, we will explain the advantage and benefits of using WordPress in blogging.

So let’s get started.

Benefits of using WordPress in your blog

WordPress is one of the open-source blogging platforms. It’s a powerful website creation and management tool that may be useful for e-commerce businesses, blogs, company websites, and personal websites.

Here is the advantage and benefits of WordPress in blogging.

It is easy to use and maintain

WordPress is very straightforward and reliable. Because the text editors and formatting tools are easy to find and accessible to upload media files.

WordPress is easy to maintain you just have to do this:

  • Update your WordPress to the latest version,  plugins, and themes whenever they are available
  • Make sure that your website is fully optimized and secure.
  • Regulate your comment section and remove spam every now and then.
  • You need to backup your website regularly

It has a strong available SEO plugin

With WordPress, there is a things call plugins which adds some specific functions to the website. More than just making your website look nice, with SEO plugin, you can make it more effective and efficient to attract the users. There are many to choose from, and some are  free version.

It has a self-hosted site

In WordPress, there are two types, and If you get confused about the difference between and Don’t worry we will give you a brief explanation.

  • Free to start
  • Limited theme and limited option to customize
  • Not profitable
  • No plugin support
  • Domain has in the end

  • Pay for self-hosting
  • Boundless themes and highly customize
  • Unlimited capacity to earn businesses through advertising, sponsorship, affiliate programs, and merchandise
  • Ability to add features and adjust through plugins
  • Supported with a custom domain

Now you see the difference between the two, you will now understand the advantage of in blogging.

For more details about and, you can check our article ( What is WordPress and why it is popular? ).

It has a free blogging platform

You can easily create a website or blog using WordPress without worrying so much about the cost, because it is an open-source.

Your blog may expand as you add new features, such as forums, an online store, premium subscriptions, and the ability to offer online courses. WordPress is indeed the finest free blogging platform for making a profit.

It allows you to secure your website from hackers

WordPress is secure from hackers if users seriously follow the procedures. This includes frequently upgrading, utilizing secure plugins and themes, maintaining responsible login processes, and monitoring your site using security plugins.

4 tips to keep your WordPress safe & secure

  • Make a strong password
  • Install WordPress security plugin
  • Install SSL to allow people to connect to your website safely
  • Get a secure hosting provider

Lastly, you need to test themes and plugins updated separately to make sure that they don’t break the existing functionality, or else your website might be in trouble.

It provides unlimited flexibility

WordPress is infinitely flexible to a business’s growing needs. The true strength of WordPress comes in its capacity to produce completely unique websites. In addition to numerous templates and themes, it also allows developers to create custom themes and plugins.

On the other hand, WordPress is made up of a few fundamental components that serve as a strong platform for the creation of unique themes and plugins.

One of the primary reasons why WordPress is flexible, is because it is easy to adapt and there is no limit to how you can utilize the variety of plugins and themes.

It is supported by a various online community

A community online site is a perfect way to discuss the latest industry news with your audience as well as look for troubleshooting support. You can also encourages one another to share the opinions about relevant topics.
It is also a platform that allows members to create profiles and connect with others within the network.
Furthermore, if you want to create your own community, WordPress is no doubt one of the best ways to do it. You won’t need coding skills or hire a full-time developer.

We are here to help…

In this blog, we shared with you the benefits of using WordPress. Now we hope you have good ideas about why you should use WordPress for your blog.

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