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How to Attract More Customer with Christmas Sale Banner

Christmas is a big event in the Philippines. When the “ber” months start, we start our Christmas shopping. We buy gifts for our family, friends, and loved ones, to show our affection and love.

For all the businesses, from a big shopping mall to a local shops, it’s the time for Christmas sale. There is a research result from Facebook that a Filipino would spend an average of P16,606. It’s also said that Filipino shoppers increase as much as 50% during the holiday season.

This also means, your business would want to seize the opportunity to attract more customers.

If you want an idea to increase your sales during this Holiday season, the Christmas sale banner could be the quick answer for you. It can help you promote your product and services, on a small budget. Furthermore, the good news is that it’s still not too late.

In this post, we will share with you everything you need to know about the Christmas sale banner. It will get you to prepare for the busy seasons.

What is a Christmas sale banner and how is it used?

Today, most of us have experienced seeing an advertisement when visiting a website. Sometimes, it’s a notice of discount or limited offer of certain products. In short, that’s the “banner” that we refer to in this article.

The goal of web banner design is to make it as recognizable and clickable as possible. More businesses are recognizing its importance since they are low-cost, measurable, and efficient. Because of such nature of its design, it’s the most effective and versatile kind of digital advertisement.

The Christmas sale banner is one of a kind, it is something “seasonal”. You will post them before and during the period of sale. You will see it is designed to fit the image of Christmas with colorful decorations and gift boxes.

Different types of Christmas sale banner

The signage of every shop comes in different shapes and colors, and so do the banners. If you are to consider creating a Christmas sale banner, it is better to know the variety and choose them according to your needs and budget.

Banner embedded in a website

If your business is running a website, this will be the best option. Christmas sale banners (or ads) will be embedded in your website. In some cases, you could style them to be pop-up or interactive.

Whoever visits your homepage will most likely be your loyal customer. They might already have a strong interest in your products or services. And, this would be a good way to let your customer know what you are offering.

The only downside of this banner is that it requires careful design and editing of your website. Not only that it needs to be attractive but functional as well. (Like redirecting to the shopping cart when clicked). This means that, compared to other types of banners, you will need some time and budget.

Banners for page headers

The header image is usually displayed on the home page or the company’s social media top page. If your business is well-recognized as a brand, this is the first place your customers will see when they visit your website. For this reason, it is often used for promotional purposes to highlight occasions, goods, or services.

The advantage of this type of this banner is that it’s simple as inserting an extra image and creating a link only when necessary. If you are already using social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or YouTube, you will find no difficulty in uploading a cover image on your own. For a website, it will still need editing of website, but the image can be outsourced and your existing content and layout can remain as it is.

Banner for social media post

This type of banner is similar to the one above. The difference is that you will use it on the post of social media, at a certain date and time. You will design with an eye-catching visual and appealing message. You might even prepare several patterns to keep your customers engaged.

The big advantage of this type of banner is that it is easy to share with your customer. If designed well, you will even succeed in interesting your potential customers. Because it is simple as posting an image, you will not need so much help from the outside.

That’s why a lot of businesses put considerable time and effort into making sure that their social media banners are optimized.

You can also check our articles about social media marketing.

3 benefits of a Christmas sale banner

Now that we have some idea about the Christmas sale banners and their use, let’s take a look at the benefits.

There are 3 benefits.

you CAN specify your target customer

One of the reasons that a banner is so effective as a form of advertisement is simple. You can specify your target customer in a very easy way and affordable way.

With a certain banner, you can specify the details of your ideal customer. From the collected data on the internet, you can choose their age, gender, place, and things they like. Your advertisement will focus on and reach the people who want to see it.

It increases brand awareness

Your company’s logo and texts are right in front of your customer and it will increase brand recognition. Likewise, if you choose to display on several media (Facebook, YouTube, etc.), the effect will further increase.

less expensive and Environment FRIENDLY

Unlike poster or signage advertising, web banners are cheaper to create and share. Because it’s a matter of creating data, there is no cost for printing.

Also, because it is digital, you will not experience leftover of banners after the event.

5 Tips to create your ideal Christmas sale banner

So, now you know the benefits of a Christmas sale banner and want to make one. To create an ideal Christmas banner, you will need to develop an original design. Incorporating your brand logo and adding catchy copy, is a must.

Here are 5 tips from the web designer’s perspective.

Choose the most efficient and standard banner size

First, before jumping in to draw a picture, you will need to figure out the size of your canvas. Here are the chart of some common banner sizes you see every day.

Name Pixels (Dimension)
Leader-board 728x90px
Half page 300x600px
Medium rectangle 300x250px
Large rectangle 336x280px
Square 250x250px
Mobile banner 300x50px

Note that you don’t want to confuse the image’s pixel size with the file size. The file size will vary, depending on where you want to place it. And most of all, your banner must be budget-friendly.

For more information, these two sites are useful.

Supported Ad Size by Google Ad Manager Help

Facebook Ads Guide


To make your Christmas banner effective, keep your message brief and straightforward. The point of the banner is to attract your customer’s attention.

Your banner should always be visible and clickable

Your customer might be using their mobile devices to access a website. So along with the message, the visual design will matter a lot. Avoid your banner getting buried in the page.

If you’re designing an interactive banner, keep in mind of how it will appear on mobile devices. If possible, make your banner clickable to make it more effective.

Select Visuals relevant to your business and products.

Every color and image has a unique connotation. For Christmas, the typical color is red and green. It’s important to think about the feelings you want to create in your audience.

Additionally, always use a good-quality image. Create a banner using high-quality images to attract more customers.

You can add a touch of Filipino Christmas tradition

Lastly, add a touch of Filipino Christmas to make your banner stand out from the others. The Philippines has a rich tradition of celebrating Christmas. Simbang Gabi, Parol, Monito Monita, Bibingka, and more. If your message or visual fits with these elements, it will be eye-catching.


How long does it take to make a Christmas sale banner?

A web banner of a simple image can take 1 or 2 days to make. Ideally, you would want to more time to check the draft and make improvements when necessary. If you need more pieces or need them to be embedded in a website, it will take more time.

How much is a Christmas sale banner?

The price of a banner will depend on the quality and quantity. For reference, some web designers can do a simple image for P1800, but again it will depend on your need and budget.

Is there a free Christmas sale banner?

Yes. You can download free templates from many websites, such as this website for example. There are some good-quality templates. And, would be a good reference too. But, if you are very busy or don’t know well about web design, it might be better to ask an expert.

Want to talk to someone about your Christmas sale ideas? Contact us and discuss with our design specialists your company’s needs.


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