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How to start beauty products online in the Philippines

Are you interested in setting up your own online beauty product? Do you want to know what beauty products are now popular online selling?

Learning how to start selling beauty products online and earn money is a wonderful idea right now. On the contrary, the Philippine beauty online business now took a significant hit along with a number of other retail industries.

In this article, we share with you some beauty products that most Filipino buy online. Also, we give you some step by step on starting an online beauty business in the Philippines.

Basic things that you should know about online beauty products

In order to start an online business beauty product, you need to do more than just create a website or set up an e-commerce store. You need to register your business licenses and create strategies for reaching and interacting with potential customers.

According to, around 85% of Filipino women spend more on beauty products like lipstick, blush, powder, mascara, and eyebrow pencils. Since the initial wave of lockdowns about two years ago, the Philippines’ beauty products e-commerce environment has undoubtedly evolved.

Here are some popular online sites for beauty products in the Philippines

When it comes to online beauty stores in the Philippines, we gathered 5 top popular online sites.

Sephora Philippines

Sephora offers an ever-increasing number of both known and new brands of product categories, such as skincare, cosmetics, fragrance, body care, and hair care.

Beauty MNL

Beauty MNL offers a wide range of product categories, including those for health, beauty, and lifestyle items. They market clothes and cosmetics. The company’s platform enables women to buy cosmetics online and have them delivered to their homes. It also sells nutrition supplements, beauty treatment goods, and fashion and fitness accessories.

Beauty Bar

Beauty bar offers non-traditional international brands of cosmetics, skincare, and beauty products.  Additionally, they provide cosmetics, bath & body products, and beauty accessories from all over the world and delivered them directly to their customers’ homes.

Merchant Manila

Merchant manila products are toners, serums, moisturizers, anti-aging, suncare, makeup, and many more.

Beauty Vault

Beauty vault offers skin care, whitening and moisturizing cream, soap, sunscreen, and many more.

Top 5 beauty products that Filipino buy online

There are several options for selling cosmetics products when it comes to starting an online beauty business. One of the things you should consider is what specific beauty products you want to sell, then have a strategic plan that best fits your resources and budget limit.

Now, let’s take a look at the different types of cosmetics products you can start with.


Filipino always want to look attractive and glamorous that’s why cosmetics products will remain profitable to sell online and will continue to become successful in the future.

Facial moisturizer

Choosing a face moisturizer is one option for you to sell online.

On the contrary, everyone goes out and our skin is constantly exposed to sunlight and environmental factors. So everyone needs a moisturizer for their skin regimen for their daily routine. It is one of the best products to choose to sell online.


Makeup is an important factor in the everyday routine for many women. Some of the top makeup products that are popular online are liquid blush, liquid lipstick, lip gloss, glitter eye shadows, mink false lashes, and plant-based false lashes.

Furthermore, makeup products now are in demand for online selling.

Whitening skincare

There are different kinds of whitening skin care products available on the market, ranging from cleansers and moisturizers to serums and exfoliants.

At present, a lot of Filipino women want to have a lighter complexion. So nowadays whitening skin product is very effective to sell online.

Hair treatment

Selling hair products online is a great way to reach a large audience. A large category of products includes from shampoos and conditioners to treatments, vegan product lines, and salon-quality equipment.

People will buy numerous bottles of shampoo or hairspray throughout their lifetimes, so selling hair products is a great chance to promote recurring business for your online store.

Tips for selling beauty products online

Beauty products are now popular in e-commerce businesses today. In fact, if you are a beauty lover, it could be the perfect time to launch that online cosmetics business you’ve been putting off.

Having a passion for the beauty industry can be a great factor when creating your own beauty product. Here are a few tips you might want to consider in starting your own beauty business online.

Make sure your website is secure

Every company in today’s digital world requires a website, regardless of how old you and your clients may be. Your website acts as a 24/7 marketing tool for your company, making it the first stop for both present and potential customers.

In addition, be sure that your website is secure and updated

Write good content marketing for your beauty products

An easy way to get attention and prospective sales is through social networking. Today, people regularly spend hours on social media. Facebook and other social media platforms are the best way to target your potential customer.

Additionally, if you create shareable material with the highest quality standards, other reputable websites may notice your blog posts and mention and link to your site, which will further promote you and your company’s line of cosmetics.

Know all the ingredients of your product and must verify or be approved by FDA

Although the cosmetics sector is booming in the country, it is also properly regulated. User safety should be your top consideration because they will apply your products to their bodies.

You must know and understand the ingredients of your product that are not harmful to the user. It should be properly tested by Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) before you sell it.

Provide tools for skin analysis for free

If you could provide apps for skin analysis for free that’s better. However, there are technologies you can look at or download on google for skin analysis.

On the contrary, skin analysis apps are best to recommend to your client or customer because it shows what type or kind of skin they have. It can also give the result of their skincare type efficiency and recommend specific products or brands they can use.

You can produce your own cosmetics products or resell them.

Producing your own type of beauty brand is a great backup option as well. Your brand will be 100% unique if you make your own beauty products.

However, reselling cosmetics is the greatest option also for your business if you’d rather focus on e-commerce than producing your own products.

Provide a page for review and recommendation

You can create a page only for orders and inquiries from customers, as well as a place to provide news, product listings, and promotions.

Furthermore, you can also create a page where you can tell what kind of business and services you can offer, put your contact information, and some information about your beauty products.

Step by step on starting a cosmetic business in the Philippines

Beauty and cosmetics products are always in trend. And with help of modern technology and strategies, it is now easy to start your business online.

However, you need to understand some guidelines on how to start your business online and advertise your business in the Philippines if you want to attract regular consumers.

And in this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through some steps by step on how to start selling beauty products in the Philippines.

Step 1: you need to think of a brand name or your business name and then create an online store.

You must choose a company name that is unique and relevant to the cosmetics business. In order to create an e-commerce website, make sure the name is accessible as a domain name.

STEP 2: Registered your business name legally

Make sure that you legally registered your cosmetics business before you begin selling. To prevent problems in the future, be sure to put all regal aspects in the right way and important legal documents, agreements, and contracts in addition to establishing your company.

Here is some information for business registration :

  1. Apply for a business name. Check the government website
  2. Follow the Food and Drugs Administration guidelines (FDA)
  3. Provide all necessary government permits if needed

STEP 3: Create an e-commerce website

Now that you have a business name you can start creating a website. Buy a domain using tools like WordPress, Shopify, WooCommerce, or another online site.

Then select a straightforward and easy-to-understand website layout for your cosmetics company.

Lastly, utilize SEO to position your product pages higher on search engine results pages.

For more information about WordPress, you can check our articles.

How could we help

Would you like some help with creating your own website? Feel free to ask questions or some help if you want to decide to start your own beauty business online. We are here to help or guide you on how to create a website.

For more information, you can also check our article about website management.

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