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How to Use the CSS Auto Value

In this article, we share the reference article providing some techniques related to CSS Auto value.

What is CSS Auto Value?

Auto is a CSS value which is useful in many ways.  You might often see them property for margin, height, width, etc. It is useful because, it automatically adjusts the content fit to the webpage.

Using Auto Value on Overflow


Take a look at Sitepoint’s AtoZ series quick tips on various CSS values and properties. And in this article, it focuses on using the “auto” value on the overflow property.

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Using Auto Value on Margin


Here is Hongkiat’s tip on using the auto value, specifically on margins and horizontal alignment.

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The difference between width:auto and width:100%


And last article to introduce, tackles the difference of declaring width 100% and width auto on responsive design.

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I hope this article helps you with your project. Happy Coding!

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