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Importance of Modern Technology in the Philippines Companies

Digital technology is important for Filipino companies. Now that we live in the age of globalization, it helps not only people in the Philippines, but also people around the world.

We know it’s important, because it’s everywhere. Many people talk about it, and we have good impression. But, when it comes to actually explaining “how” or “why” it is important for your company, some of us needs an update.

In this article, we will look at some of the changes that the digital technologies have brought to our business environment. After reading, you will know the importance (or necessity) of incorporating and adopting it.

What sort of digital technology is at work in a Filipino company?

Digital technology at work mainly refers to use of computer and its application. Because the computer is now everywhere, whatever we do, we can’t do without it.

Here are some examples of what we see in our office (and don’t see but it’s there).

  • Smartphone to communicate, text, search, find information or location, etc.
  • Desktop computer to do basically do everything, from writing a mail to storing and analyzing products /customer’s data.
  • Company’s website and social media account to display the business and create new opportunities.
  • Workplace communication tools to hold a conference with remote clients or coworkers.
  • Internet banking for safe and secure transfer of money.

You could even consider how the lighting, air conditioner, or the commuter’s bus are also controlled with computers. I think you will get the point.

How the digital technology changed our business environment

There are many pros and cons about how the digital technology has impacted our business. Some people may differ in their opinion about how to evaluate it, depending on where you work and what your jobs are. Obviously, the changes brought by digital technology would not be same for an office worker in the city and a farmer in the rural area.

Here are some key ideas of digital technology which would apply for most jobs.

Communication is faster and with more audience

With a smartphone in your hand every day, probably the communication is most easy to understand about benefits of digital technology. While we wouldn’t have imagined it 20 years ago, today, everybody has their own mobile phone and we are able to take a call and check mail, from anywhere, anytime.

Basically, there is 3 elements of communication (voice, text, and video). From doing everything with paper  and phone call, and even in-person, we are now available with numerous options to expand our business communication. To give an example, a newsletter by mail, group chat and video meeting for workplace, advertisement on social media. In this way, we are able to communicate and serve our customers faster and wider.

Business is much efficient and low-cost

Utilization of digital technology has still has potential in the Filipino companies. Not only for those big companies that are easily associated with introducing the latest technologies, but also those small and medium size businesses.

The strength of digital technology is making our work more efficient and low-cost. Where your business has needs to flow regularly and deliver the product or item at the exact time, it has changed with digital technology. Where the part of job can be automated with robots and computer, it will complete the task accurately and faster. Of course, less time and less people mean higher-productivity at low-cost.

It helps to improve the services of the company

Using digital technology can help to improve the services of a company. It helps to reduce the number of working hours which wasted before arrival of all sorts of digital technology. By using the laptops and internet, we are able to work remotely and cut the commuting time. In the earned time, the company should be able to concentrate of “meaningful things”.

Furthermore, if the communication with a customer is recorded, stored, and analyzed on the database, it will surely help both the company and customer. Customer will receive better products and services, and company will be able to better listen and deliver what is wanted.

Safe, secure, and environmentally friendly too

If we think about how much things we can do “online”, from going to bank to shopping, the digital technology is in a way, safe, secure, and environment-friendly. (There are some specific security risks such as computer virus and scammers though.)

Now that we know bit about key ideas of digital technology, let see how it fits with the Philippines.

The Philippines has favorable environment for digitalization

Globally, the Philippines is known as “the call center capital of the world”. We have many companies which out-sources the business processing such as “customer service”. There are mainly 2 reasons for how it has come to be such a large BPO market and how it is favorable in terms of integrating digital technology in business.

High-speed internet

Did you know that the Philippines has improved our internet connection over the years? Compared to 2014, we have upgraded 14x our internet’s speed. We are still in the middle ranked by, if you look at statistics, it’s close to global average.

Because most of services are now online, or cloud-based, this improvement is definitely welcoming sign for our digitalization.

English as the official language

In the Philippines, English is one of our official languages. Some people earn the money by tutoring English online. But, that’s only part of what is good about high proficiency in English. English is used for writing most of programming language. So, it’s really big advantage for Filipino to work with Programming or anything to do with digital, because English is not so difficult.

Digitalization of business will continue in the Philippines

The use of digital technologies will likely be ubiquitous in the future. It may be prudent to embrace the opportunities they bring and complement these with investments in digital infrastructure and skills training.


This is a quote from report of ILO (International Labor Organization). When we consider how things will be, we agree that it would both apply to individuals and businesses in the Philippines.

In this article, we looked at the changes that the digital technologies have brought and why it would be smart for Filipino business to adopt and take advantages of these changes.

Though the digital technology (or digital transformation) may sound like big thing, the beginning can be small steps such as building or renewing your company’s website.

Because the technologies and trends are constantly changing, you may want a professional advice and strategies. Lookupgrade is always ready to help your business with variety of services. If you need, please contact us for more information.

Lookupgrade is a digital advertising company in Manila, the Philippines. Experienced staffs are ready to support your business, through various web related services. Contact us today to hear more about how we can help you grow.

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