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The Important of Using Mobile Phones in the Philippines

In the Philippines almost all Filipino people using mobile phones for their everyday life. Some of them forgot to bring other things but not their mobile phones. Using mobile phones not only in the Philippines but all over the world is very important, it gives communication to every person all around the world. In every corner and street here in Metro Manila even the poorest person has a mobile phone. Mobile phones in this modern age have become useful to everyone. Mobile phones here in the Philippines gives better information and help you to access everything. It is one of the most useful gadgets of modern technology that every person has and become a part of the life of everyone. Even kids know how to operate and use these mobile phones.

What is Mobile Phone?

A mobile phone is a device that can use to make calls and send text messages and it is a wireless handheld. It can also use to watch the video and can use in many mobile games. At present mobile phones has a lot to offers to all users, there are many additional features that really capture the interest of users like web browsers, games, camera, videos, navigations, and a lot more. You can also trace the people you want with the application that they have.

A mobile phone can also be a cellular phone, a smartphone, or a cell phone. It can be a smartphone if it has similar to a computer with the application on it. A mobile phone is an electronic device that can use through communication. It can also a small wireless device that has many functions and provides telecommunication to connect to everyone.

A mobile phone for the past few years has increased rapidly. And in the Philippines, millions of people use mobile phones with an internet connection, and still growing continuously of cell phone users both adults and children. People are very exposed to use a mobile phone and other gadgets that really help many Filipino people to communicate easily.

The Use of Mobile Phone

  1. Mobile phone use for communication.
    Mobile phones are now updated and have the latest application that most Filipino use. It is the best use to communicate with people even out of the countries.
  2. The mobile phone can use in business and advertisement. The Phone can have an internet connection and can send email to a client or customer. It can help people doing business even if they have a meeting outside with other clients. They can use a web browser to connect to their client or customer without the need to met them personally.
  3. Mobile phones are used to watch TV. At present, the application of mobile phones can also have a TV that anyone can watch their favorite series if they have an internet connection.
  4. The mobile phone can be a camera and a video camera. The latest cell phone can take photos anywhere and everywhere you can want. The latest mobile phone has a high definition screen and a large capacity to store pictures and videos.
  5. A mobile phone can also use to transfer money. The application of modern mobile phones can use to transfer money. It is called a mobile wallet it makes payments and manages your money through your mobile phone. It is now common for Filipino people on how to transfer money to another person or even you can send money to your family and friends using the application on your mobile phones.
  6. A mobile phone can also use as a music player or media player. The latest mobile phones have a music player and media player that you can use if you are a music lover. Using the music player on your mobile phone while you are working, eating, or even when you’re doing your daily exercise.
  7. Mobile phones can also use for social media. Most ordinary Filipino when they see or encounter their favorite celebrities they actually use their cell phone to take a picture of their favorite celebrities. Also when media doing their job they only use their own cell phone for their assignment like taking videos on the subject or taking pictures.

Important of Mobile Phone to the Life of Filipino People

  1. Helps to connect to your loved ones.
  2. Helps contact your family and friends and knows where their location.
  3. In case of emergency, you can call the police or a person that can help you.
  4. You can store important documents and even save pictures on your mobile phones
  5. It gives you entertainment features if you feeling bored
  6. It also helps you with some information at the same time.
  7. No need to bring your own calculator because the mobile phone has a feature inside it
  8. You can also use your phone as an alarm clock
  9. It is important because you can check your email through mobile phones
  10. You can shop online using your cell phone.

Filipino people believe that one of the most important things in their life now is their cell phone. This mobile phone is a piece of modern technology device that all Filipinos have and all of them use it in their everyday life. They treat their mobile phone as an extension of their personality and a source of entertainment

At present, the Philippines is now the fast-growing user and buyer of the smartphone. This kind of technology device is the most popular and most useful thing for every Filipino. Some Filipinos don’t care about the looks of the design of the mobile phone or even the brand of the phone as long as it is working.

Advantage and Disadvantage of Using Mobile Phones


The advantage of mobile phones to Filipino user is it helps people to have easy communication. People can communicate easily through the modern device of smartphones and can help people to talk or see their friends, family, and loved ones using mobile phones. The advantage of using smartphones is very convenient for people for web browsing and surfing. You don’t need a computer to find what you need and bring a big laptop in your daily activities. You can also access the internet anytime and anywhere.

For education smartphones also help children to learn information and have access to children’s educational videos and applications. Mobile phones advantage to student user in terms of searching for information, video lectures, and taking notes through the use of mobile phones. Their many uses and advantage of mobile phones in our life it helps us to see things in a positive way and believing that our works become easy and we don’t waste time on finding someone or things using mobile phones. Mobile phones can also help the student to correct grammar and spelling. It also a tool to find easy references in the classroom. Mobile phones have also an application to find meaning quickly and easy like Merriam-webster, Dictionary, and a lot more than can help the student find the right meaning or the right language of the words.

Mobile phones can be an advantage for everyone if they use them the right way. It can be an advantage in social media for using a small piece of modern technology. They can bring cellphones anywhere to do their job without a hassle. They can also use GPS to find the exact place if you don’t know where to go. They have an application like Waze and Google maps to see the right direction.


If mobile phones have a lot to offer to people there is also the disadvantage of having them and using them. One is the cost of the device. Cell phones are very expensive especially to those brands that have high-end specs and features. It is also cost too much if you want some application for your cell phones because some application needs to purchase before you can download it. There is a cell phone that is not expensive but the features inside it are limited compared to high-end phones.

Mobile phones can also cause a distraction. Bringing mobile phones anywhere and everywhere is okay but for some places, there are not allowed cell phones because it can distract the people around you when your cell phones are ringing or if there are messages and notifications. Turn off the cell phone when you are in the church, it time to pray, when you are watching movies in cinema malls cause it distracts the audience and when you are in the bank cause it is their policy and also some private company allows cell phone but in silent mode so that it will not distract people around you working.

Mobile phones are not also good for our health.  Because it has radiofrequency energy that can absorb our body. It causes our sleep deprivation if we are addicted to using mobile phones. It can also damage our eye’s retina on too much focus on the screen of the cell phone. Too much exposure to mobile phones can affect the immune system of the person. It also at risk to develop cancer if your immune system becomes weak. Mobile phone device also affects human body structure because of electronic radiation like internet connection and other Wi-Fi devices. The electronic radiation that comes from the cell phone can penetrate the human body and affect the health of the person. Too much use of headphones or earphones with loud disturbance can also cause hearing loss. Here are the different types of hearing problem that comes in the mobile phones:

  • Neural can damage the central nervous system
  • Conduct can cause hearing loss because of the barrier in the center or outer ear in hearing frequency
  • Sensory can damage minor or deep hearing loss


The mobile phone also has a disadvantage for children who are too much exposed to it. The mobile phone can affect children day to day activities. Sometimes too much use of mobile phones can cause addiction to them. Mobile phones are not helpful for children because it can only be affected their immune system at their very young ages. Also, their behavior development may be affected because of too much exposure to the mobile phone, they only want to play to the cell phone or using a cell phone they don’t want them to disturb by their parents, and sometimes they cannot focus on their studies because they only want they want to do is holding their mobile phones and start browsing or watching youtube.

Point of View

In the Philippines, you can see that almost all Filipinos have their own mobile phones or cell phones. Even the children have their own gadgets and also you can see a street person has a mobile phone on their own. Having a cell phone sometimes describe what we are as a person. It is sometimes defended on what we have like if we have the latest edition of a mobile phone you are rich because you can have that latest and updated features of the cell phone, but if you have a very cheaper cell phone it means that you are ordinary and your life is simple.

Mobile is one of the important devices that all Filipino use. It can use everywhere and anywhere and every time. This device can be the life of all Filipino people in many ways. It is now the leading modern technology that has a strong impact on the life of Filipino people.

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