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The Important of Using Internet for Filipino Companies

In this modern-day. Almost all people use the internet in their day to day activities, especially at work. Some Filipino companies rely on the internet for their business because it is more effective especially in online business. The local companies follow the trend of how the internet is important in the business. It helps every company to promote their products and their business using the internet. Using the internet can really help each company to market their products and at the same time they a lot of opportunities are there when the company has a website and social media account. Using the internet can change the business to become more successful through the years.m The internet can also change the lives of people especially those teenagers from good to worse.

Why the Internet is Important?

The internet is important to the business world not only to the Philippines but also all around the world. It is also important because it helps people to access information and knowledge that comes from the website using internet connections.


Using the internet can help every person and business to communicate. Online communication and interview need the internet to help a person and a company to communicate when applying for a job. More companies are using the internet when hiring an applicant. With this modern technology, it is easy to communicate even if you’re in other countries and your business is here in the Philippines. They communicate from a distance through the internet and exchange ideas about the important things their business doing well. Big corporations and local companies speak about how the internet becomes very useful. Here are some communication methods that usually use with the internet.

  • Video conference. Video conference is an advanced communication with an internet connection that provides a visual experience for everyone where they can exchange information and discussion. The video conference is very beneficial to all businesses it really helps to advance the business world.
  • Video call. Video call is also one of the way of communication using the internet connection. It helps not only the Filipino company but all people who use video calls to see and talk to their loved ones, family, friends, and associates.
  • Skype. Skype also can be very helpful to the business world. No need to go to the location of your employee if you have something to tell them you just need an internet connection and an application and log in your staff so that all your staff will be connected to each other. They can also discuss and communicate through Skype.
  • Email communication. Email communication is also a way of communication that needs an internet connection. You can chat and send information to a person regardless of where you are.
  • Teleconference. The teleconference can also help the company to stay connected to their client or even to their employees without the need to travel to see and communicate with them personally. The business owner can manage to have meetings through the help of teleconference and meet the person face to face via video.
  • Social networking. Social networking can give many benefits to Company like it helps to advertise your product and reach out to many customers without spending a big amount of money to advertise your company and the product. You can connect to your client or customers using the internet. Social networking is very useful not only to the company but also to all people who are very engaged in using modern technology with the use of the internet. It helps the company to find customers and reach to their customers or post, offer and advertise their services, or even join a group who will help you to your business.
  • Forum. An online forum can also benefit the company and the customers to interact about business without the need to see the person personally or talk to a person personally. An online forum can also be joined by many members of staff of the company to communicate with each other and the chance to participate in each customer the information they want to gather.


Transportation now is very demanding when it comes to the applications of modern technology using the internet. There are many ways of transportation in the Philippines and one of the most popular and very useful and convenient is the website application they need an internet connection before you can book and ride in the car. Here in the Philippines, transportation improves fast with the help of modern technology and internet connection. Because the internet gives a lot of changes in our society and in our daily life.

Using the internet in transportation and logistics in the company can really help to accelerate the productivity, operation, and profitability of all companies in the Philippines. The internet really changes the lives of people it helps to lessen the time and effort of the people when it comes to transportation. It makes people connected every day to cars, buses, trains, and planes. Using the internet connection at all times.

Transportation here in the Philippines is change and improve with the help of modern technology. A lot of vehicles now are connected to the internet or Wi-Fi. Most Private cars also have Wi-Fi and some of them are using for Grab and other TNVS vehicles that use websites and applications for customers and commuters.



In terms of education, the use and importance of the internet is much need. The internet has a good influence and also a bad side result. But a lot of Filipino believe that the internet has more good side than a bad side in the education of the people, especially to the children. Children at their very young age can know read and manage to operate gadgets with the internet, they can now search and know in advance the alphabet and read more about the story for children.

In school, students now can learn more inside the classroom using an internet connection. Through the combination of traditional teaching to modern methods, students can really gain more knowledge and information. Here in the Philippines, the education of the Filipino is one of the important in the life of every family. Having a college degree is one of the best feelings of a parent and they are all proud of their children when they finish their education up to college.

Modern technology has a lot of impact in terms of education. The internet helps every school department to facilitate the latest and updates of the new teaching methods and help each student to have knowledge of how the internet and website are used. How computers and other modern technology can really involve in the life of the people and connect people without seeing each other in person.

The internet also has a big role in education and the life of every young Filipino to motivate them with the use of information and communication technology, to help them learn more skills, and help every student to enjoy what modern technology brings to them. Teach them to search for all data and information regarding their subject without the need to go to the library and find books for their assignments.

The Purpose of Using the Internet

Using the internet is really a big help not only for the individual Filipino but especially in the Philippines companies. Staying connected to the internet can help local and international companies to communicate. Information and communication technology plays a big part in the development of the company in the Philippines. It helps every company to advertise and increase the growth of the company and each people. The internet connects help the innovation and promote the Filipino company and its product all over the nations.

Moden technology help local and international company to improve the work quality, employees productivity, and to increase the income and sales of the company. It also helps Filipino employees to facilitate easily their work activities. The internet has a major part in all companies out there even outside the Philippines.

Some of these are the major part that the internet helps all companies like.


  • The internet help companies in marketing and advertising. Through the help of modern technology using the internet, all companies at this present can promote their business and product. It helps the company to more creative and idealistic to boost their product using marketing strategy and advertising techniques.
  • Communication and interaction using internet connection can help every business to manage their company well and properly even if they are not inside the office. The importance of using the internet to the company can give satisfaction to the owner knowing that their company will run smoothly even if they are out of town or out of the country because of the technology that certainly gives them the ability to talk to their staff and managers through the internet access.
  • Transaction and services. When it comes to payments and services, the internet has made it easier for every company in the Philippines and also all around the world, it transact faster and give good service because of the internet access.
  • Financial services. The internet has a big impact on all companies and all Filipinos who use modern technology. When it comes to the financial sector of the company the internet serves very well in monitoring the business income and helps the annual growth of the company to increase each year through the internet connection.

In the Philippines, the use of the internet is increasing and very useful not only to the local and international companies but also to every single Filipino. The internet consumption in the Philippines continues to increase and most of the problem that the company encounter is the low quality of the internet connection given by the provider of the Globe, Smart, Sun Cellular, PLDT, and Converge because of the higher demand of the internet services.

At present the government plan to give a free Wi-Fi- connection to every Filipino people they hire a service provider that can give good quality of services and a fast internet connection.

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