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Things That Filipino Can Start Selling Online

Are you interested in starting your business by selling online? Are you looking for ideas on what products to sell online?

In the Philippines, according to Statista, around 80 percent of Filipino people use the internet to buy things that they need. Especially due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand is increasing. And because of that, the smartest way to start your business now is to start from the e-commerce.

There are variety of platforms in the Philippines which can be used, like Shopee, Lazada, or social media outlets (such as Facebook and Instagram). But, with so many choices, it could make you confused on where to start.

In this article, to help you getting to the start line, we share with you what are the products or things that are now trending in the Philippines to sell online. We also give you some effective tips or ideas on how you should start your own business selling online.

Trending products that Filipino buy and sell online

Selling goods online in the Philippines is in demand today. Due to the abundance of fashionable products that people appeal on social media, high-demand products seems no longer difficult to find.

You may be curious what is the best-selling online goods in the Philippines. Here, we list some of the things that are in high demand.

Beauty and cosmetic products

The most marketable products online are those related to beauty and cosmetics. Rather than dressing up casually, people like to add a beautiful touch to their style that sets them apart from others.

There are many products that can level with quality of international brands, but also at a reasonable price. A variety of proudly Filipino brands are now increasing in the local beauty industry.

Cosmetics products

Filipinos loved to spend their money and time on skincare products that include creams, lotions, facial cleansers, cosmetic items, and many more. The demand for skin care and cosmetics products will continue to be high in the Philippines. If you decide to start your business on an e-Commerce platform, skincare and cosmetics products are a good option to sell online.

Samples of these products are:
  1. Makeups
  2. Lipstick
  3. Eyelash
  4. Shaving cream
  5. Nail polish

Beauty products

Online beauty shops provide a variety of items to suit every customer’s preferences and needs. Skincare, personal care, fragrance, hair-care, and color (cosmetics) items are all considered beauty products. You can sell premium branded products for both men and women.

Samples of these products are:
  1. Skin care lotion
  2. Perfume
  3. Facial cream
  4. Hair treatment
  5. Deodorant

Supplement and diet products

One of the most well-liked products on the market is a fat burner. People wants to reach their fitness goals faster and in a healthy way. And one would definitely look for the help from  these dietary supplement.

The best product to sell online is slimming pills or supplements that help people lose weight. It is now more well-liked by the public and the market.

Samples of these products are:
  1. Slimming capsule
  2. Food supplement capsule
  3. Diet pills
  4. Green tea extract
  5. Dietary Supplement

Quick tips

Selling beauty, cosmetics, and supplement diet food products are all related to the health of every individual who using or taking them. So, be very strict and careful about the quality of products that you are selling online. Make sure that it is approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA). You can check the product on their website.

Fashion products

The Philippines’ fashion sector, which has a variety of interesting local brands, is one of the in-demand and trending today in the online. Filipino encourage more local designers to create clothing, accessories, and footwear to preserve and celebrate the culture. In addition, it has also been able to gain popularity not only in the Philippines, but also  from international consumers (and buyer).

A bag and shoes are a good idea for a saleable product, because online shoppers surely search for them. You can market these products anywhere and to anyone. All you need to have is a good quality, an affordable price, and a good online shop page to appeal the product and receive the order.


Clothes are the products that people regularly use and are also good choices to offer online in the Philippines.

Samples of these products are:
  1. Dress
  2. Jacket
  3. Long gown
  4. Pants and blouses
  5. Pajamas and Sleepwear


Selling fashion accessories online are the most successful products that are easy to sell online.

Samples of these products are:
  1. Necklace
  2. Rings
  3. Bracelets
  4. Earrings
  5. Watches


The purchase of shoes is a major passion among Filipinos. If you want to start an online shoe business, you must decide to who you want to sell them to. Shoes for the elderly, young athletes, students, and working people, there are many varieties depending on your customer’s needs.

Sample of these products are:
  1. Rubber shoes
  2. Sandals
  3. Athletic shoes
  4. Boots
  5. High heels


Filipino People with a unique sense of style, just love bags. There are locally-made bags, luxury bags, designer bags, imported bags, and so on. Selling bags is one of the most profitable businesses in the Philippines.

Sample of these products are:
  1. Backpack
  2. Handbag
  3. Travel bag
  4. Belt bag
  5. School bag

Quick tips

Make sure that you have good quality on the products you are selling online. If you are selling items such as 100% leather or silk, or any precious metal accessory,  clearly display the proof of authenticity.

Having a high-quality and detailed images on your website is a must for online selling. Good visuals are not only to attract more viewers and customers, but it is necessary because customer can’t touch or fit the product till it is delivered to their home.

Electronic device products

The demand for electronic devices and accessories is quite strong too. Filipinos use computers and devices to shop online and are active on social media. Spending more time with electronic devices (especially smartphones) means spending more money on a variety of associated products.

Mobile phone and accessories

People are using smartphones and a lot of phone accessories nowadays. Mobile accessories come in a wide variety, including phone covers, portable chargers, selfie sticks, headphones, and smartwatches.

The gadgets with high demands are good to sell online stores because there are always new styles and trends in phones and accessories.

Sample of these products are:
  1. Earphone
  2. Bluetooth earbuds
  3. Phone holder and covers
  4. Screen protector
  5. USB OTG flash drives

Computers, parts, and accessories

Today, a computer is a need for both the home and the workplace. And the market is expanding quickly on a global scale. Computer parts and accessories are one of the low-cost opportunities in the online business. Additionally, the accessories sometimes give more profit than the main products. You can start this business quickly if you are knowledgeable in computer parts.

Sample of these products are:
  1. Printers
  2. Monitor
  3. CPU and RAM
  4. Mouse and keyboard
  5. Speaker

Quick tips

Computer accessories including keyboards, displays, cameras, and mice are available with laptops. They are now in high demand and will grow further. So selling both inexpensive goods and some high-end, reputable brands can be successful. If you have the knowledge, you can promote certain combination depending on the customer’s needs.

Another advice is that, because the advancement of technology is fast, some models of smartphones keeps changing. So, there is a challenge that you need to keep up with the trend and manage your stock smartly.

Home decor and appliances

Products for home decor and appliances are also popular items to sell online. Furniture and home decor are a rare, high-demand, and low-competition market. If you know how to discover suppliers and have thoroughly reviewed your e-Commerce business strategy, you can start business immediately. Make sure to prioritize quality above quantity, so that you can satisfy your clients.

Home decor and DIY products

DIY home decor is a great place to start an online business. From basic accessories and supplies, you can bring your product to the market. Just put your ideas and good design on the display and showcase some top design trends.

Sample of these products are:
  1. Kitchenware
  2. Storage organizer
  3. Cabinet
  4. Dining accessories
  5. Housekeeping products

Household appliances

The top online product that most Filipinos searches are the kitchen and home ware. You just need to have an idea of what people need in their homes. This also means that as a seller, you should be very versatile in what you can sell. You need to think about what people most need in their kitchen and that products should be sold online.

Sample of these products are:
  1. Air conditioners
  2. Refrigerators
  3. Coffee machine
  4. Dishwasher
  5. Washing machine

Quick tips

Buying home decor and appliances is a bit different from buying fashion clothes or computer accessories. As much as you need good visual of the products and the information about size and specification, people would care what benefit it provides. Cleaner clothe? Fresh air? Power saving? Environment friendly? Whatever the product provides, make sure that it is supported with data or lab result.

Furthermore, because products are not cheap, people would care about your return policies and warranty. Make sure that related information are indicated clearly so that customer can shop stress-free.

Sports and fitness products

Every day, thousands of individuals exercise to maintain their health and improve themselves. Especially under the COVID-19 epidemic, it is reported that more Filipinos are turning “health conscious”. So, if you are naturally sport enthusiast looking for products to sell online, a workout gear is for you.

Sample of these products are:
  1. Dumbell
  2. Fitness clothes like joggers and sweatpants
  3. Gym equipment
  4. Treadmill
  5. Jumping rope

Quick tips

Providing thorough product details and descriptions is also critical for these items. If you imagine products like wireless earphone for jogging, it’s mix of fashion, health, and electronic gadgets. The needs are specific to the user doing certain exercise. How does it look on the ear? Is it sweat proof? What is battery hour? Again, because user can test it till it’s delivered,  the key is providing answers to their queries in advance.

5 Tips for choosing your product and building your online business model

Selling products online is a successful business endeavor. There is no simple way to guarantee its success, but there are actions you can do to lead it in the right direction.

First things is definitely knowing the right products for you to sell and how to sell it. Whether you’re selling top products online or promoting a second-hand item, there are many marketing tips and strategies for online selling in the Philippines.

One should also understand, some parts of selling online is different from traditional sales at the physical store. If you are curious about e-commerce guidelines, you can check the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) for more details.

Now, Lookupgrade as we are a tech company, here are some practical tips and advice for online selling.

Think about a platform that is easier for you to use

In the Philippines, there are different platforms to sell online. An e-Commerce platform has a lot of features waiting for you to start and manage your online business. Social media is also an excellent platform since it is easy to use and most of all majority of Filipinos use it every day.

But, first things that matters is are you capable of managing it? There is no point in investing on an online shop, or even mailbox that you can’t attend to.

Know AND CARE ABOUT your customers

Give your customers excellent service even if they are not in front of you. Providing them with what their needs are first in everything your business does. It starts from production, promotion, delivery and after service. In between all the process, you need to earn the trust of your customers.

If you do it right, it will lead to good review and feedback to grow your business. It you do it wrong, it will hurt your business and you will lose customers.

In addition, you need to analyze your competitors and find out what they don’t have that you do. That is one effective way for online selling.

Put a lot of time and effort into creating, marketing, and promoting your online store

From building a one-page website to running a social media accounts, writing blogs, shooting YouTube videos, running advertisement campaign there are many things to promote your business online. Because what your customer will see “online” is everything, you will need to put enough money and time. Find out what works best for you and your products.

You can check our articles to know more about social media marketing.

Keep an eye on your inventory, costs, supply, and income

When doing business even if it is online or offline you need to be careful about your inventory, cost, supply, and income. It all matters in which business you have to maintain the success of your own business.

However, your company has to acquire a few crucial elements if it wants to prosper in the world of online selling. These elements include your product or service’s demand, brand reputation, and brand credibility.

4 Technical advice on creating and running an online selling website in the Philippines

E-commerce is booming and evolved consistently over the past several years. In addition, E-commerce sellers have a lot to protect because we all know that there is a lot of risk in entering into online selling. You need to learn what products can be sold or not to avoid problems in the future.

However, the government always set measures and procedures for those online beginners who want to do their business in the Philippines. You can check the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) for more details:

user wants to purchase from known and trusted websites

If you are a customer, one of their concern is to know the authenticity of your business. They want to know the authenticity and the quality of the product you are selling. They might check the contact information you provided on your website.

So, as advice, if you are a seller, make sure, that you set an appropriate price for your product, that your information is true and correct, and that you provide your product with standard quality and appeal that you can be trusted.

Keep YOUR customer’s personal information secure

Every time that your customers are making a purchase online, most likely they are providing their personal information. It could be their name, address, phone number, or even credit card number. So, the security of your website really matters.

If you are a seller make sure that your business and your online site are legally registered with the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR). In that way, your customer will trust you and connect with you without a doubt. Technically, make sure that your website is visibly secure.

SHOW the return policy and delivery charges on the website

When a customer buys an online shop, they might check the policy and the terms and conditions of your business. Because there could be an issue with delivered products.

On the side of the business owner, you should indicate the terms and conditions of your company clearly. There should be an address and phone number listed on the website’s “contact us” page. If you have a page for the return policy, even better. Maintain good customer relations, and your reputation especially shop reviews. Provide timely feedback or solve complaints if any.

Look around on other websites, for market prices, and your fake store

With online shopping, customers do research around before making a purchase. You should be keen about the trend of price in your product’s market.

Although there are many trustworthy online retailers, fraudsters might take advantage of the internet’s privacy to defraud ignorant customers. Using the most latest technology, scammers develop fake store websites that imitate legitimate online retail establishments.

You can check the Philippine National Police website (PNP) about the online shopping scam.

What’s your next step?

Hope after reading this article, you have now with some ideas for starting your own business online here in the Philippines. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions if you have any.  Our consultation is free of charge. For further reading, you can check our article about online shopping.


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