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Things That Most Filipino Can Buy And Sell in Online Shopping

In the Philippines, shopping online is one of the popular, and most Filipino people are engaged in ordering products or items online. Buying online is one of the convenient ways for Filipino who have no time to go shopping in the mall or visit the store where the store is located. Online buying can really help Filipino to lessen the stress of shopping at the mall. The traffic that the Philippines have especially here in Manila can cause stress to those people who commute every day. Filipino also like online shopping because of the special promo and discount of the product.

Things that Most Filipino Buy Online

Most Filipino who buy online is women we all knew that Filipino women are conscious of everything, especially in themself. One of the top items that most Filipino buy online is accessories, especially for women. This product is one of the hottest and selling items in online shopping. Also, beauty product is one of the online most selling and this product because it always has a discount and promo, especially when buying a lot of item on it.

The convenience of shopping online is one of the reasons why a lot of Filipino love to shop for products and items on the website. Buying online can lessen the time and effort when buying or shopping in the mall. Many shopping online websites can accept credit cards and even cash on a delivery basis.

Here are the Products that a lot of Filipino Buy:

  • Women Accessories. This is one of the products that most Filipino women buy on online websites. Most Filipino women love to buy accessories in online shopping. It really helps them not to go to the mall and find a store that they want to buy especially when selling. Most Filipino women are working so they are more on buying online than going to the mall for their needs. Most women spend their own income by buying things for themselves especially those single women. They love shopping, but since shopping online is one of the trends now people are happier because they can work at the same time they can shop whatever they want and just wait for their products to be delivered. Wearing accessories is important to women. It gives satisfaction and happiness knowing that you wear things that you work hard of it. In online shopping, you can choose from fashion accessories, from expensive up to cheaper accessories, classic accessories, and casual accessories. From the design that you want that you know it would be suited to your personality and desire.
  • Shoes and Bags. Every Filipino wants to have a new bag or shoes at their expense. However, at this present, modern technology helps every person to lessen their time in shopping using the website. Shopping online helps every person to see the latest trend. Most especially those women who want to have the latest bags and expensive shoes to wear in their working career.
  • Clothes. Clothes are everything we need in our daily life so it is also one of the most selling product online. Because every one of us wears clothes, that’s why this is the most popular item that most Filipino buy through the use of the online website. No need to go to the mall and wait for your turn to pay for the item you chose, in online shopping you just need an internet connection and a website application and you can choose the brand of clothes you want or the most cheaper one that your budget can manage and in just one click you can order and wait in a few days to deliver it to you in cash or using your credit card.
  • Makeup. Why women buy makeup online one of the reason is the price sometimes buying online has a discount and most of the brand is a sale. Buying online can give you many choices especially in makeup. There are a lot of brands and women can also search what kind of ingredients that makeup has and if that fits their type of skin.
  • Beauty Products. In this modern age, most women buy online and purchase beauty products to save time and effort. There are many online websites that truly helpful in terms of what you need when it comes to cosmetics and beauty products. Especially if you want a beauty product that has great quality and a brand that can satisfy your skin type is best to buy online. Beauty products are more attractive to women but it also good for men who conscious of their skin. They can ask online if the product is good for their type of skin and help consumers to find what best for their skin type.
  • Gadgets. This is now the most popular and in-demand product that all people search for online shopping. From the latest brand up to the old kind of brand. From expensive to cheaper. A lot of Filipino are interested especially when the product is a sale and has a discount. Ones an online website publish a new gadget that has a big discount a lot of Filipino buy it, order it and try it. Filipino believe that when it comes to buying online it is best to buy brand new rather than buy a second-hand product. There are many online sites that can help Filipino people to find what kind or types of gadgets they want. A lot of products in the online website is affordable in price and sometimes it also has the best quality when it terms in brands.
  • Computer accessories. When buying online especially computers and its accessories people need to be careful about choosing the website and the brand of the item. They can research what kind of accessories they want and buy them online and at that moment they know how much it cost and no need to bring cash when you can buy online a computer and accessories. Filipino especially those who have a business can choose to buy online because they can find some computer with the good one but less expensive than buying in a store in the mall. They can also know what is the best computer and accessories for the type of business they have.
  • Home Decor. Home decor when you buy it online you can choose many kinds and beautiful types of home. Filipino women buy online for their home decor because they can search for the latest and new brands for their home. They can also search them how to design their home in an elegant way but in most cheaper expenses.
  • Home Appliances. An appliance can buy online and it also best when you buy it online because it delivered directly to your home address. When buying online you have many chooses and you can also search the price and the brand of the item and you can compare prices to other brands. A lot of websites online give discounts and promo with each item on the appliance.
  • Kids and children wear. Many parents who have no time to go to the mall and buy clothes for their children purchase at the online website. It is more accessible for those parents who both work and no time to shop in the store. It also helps them what is the latest fashion and trends for their childrenswear.
  • Car accessories. Buying car accessories online is also popular in the Philippines. Because Filipino can check the price automatically and compare it to other brands. There are also a lot of sales and discounts when buying online.
  • Phone accessories

Technology has made it possible for us to enjoy this kind of opportunity like online shopping. It gives people the ability to sell their products and service online. This kind of online shopping is like e-commerce. All people buyers and sellers can meet and buy their products through the website.

Here are the Top Products to Sell Online 

  • Handmade products
  • Women wear
  • Phone accessories
  • Ebooks
  • Custom-made jewelry
  • Second-hand Car
  • Second-hand cellphone
  • Second-hand appliances
  • Shoes and bags
  • Laundry products
  • Fashion item
  • Hair accessories
  • Mobile phone and device
  • Computers

Advantage and Disadvantage of Buying and Selling Product Online


Filipino is a shopaholic when there are sale and promos they are the number one who inquires on the website and makes some order on online shopping. Filipino buy a lot of products online shopping

Through the help of modern technology Filipino who wants to sell their product online is very easy once they enrolled in the websites or application on the shopping website. When you want to sell a product it is now easy because of the modern way that we have now. And it very easy to sell products and give information on the website so most consumers and buyers will know what kind of products they want to buy.

It helps to minimize the time and cost when you buy products online. Some people who purchase products like beauty p[roducts will wait for 3 to 5 days of delivery and it is very convenient for Filipino buyers when shopping online.

The advantage of selling products online can help people especially those mothers who really stay in the house. It is time for them to help their partners with their expenses and earn their own money even if they are at home. Those mothers or even if you are single and need an extra income they can really sell items online all they need choose the products that are popular and best seller so that that it is easy to introduce to market online.

One of the advantages also when you want to sell your product online is that you don’t need to find a place where to put your product and you don’t need to process your government permit when you want to sell your product. All you can do is register to the website that you want your product to sell and know if that website is not a scam. If you know some strategy on how your product becomes popular it can help your product to boom and buyers will recognize your product. Because a lot of Filipino are


Seeling product online has also disadvantage it means a lot of discouragement when you first start it in the market online, people did not even notice your products at first and some of the product you want to sell online has a lot of competition.

Selling a product online can also not good especially if you are the seller and you have a customer that buys a second product with you. Because we all know that second product or item is not good as a brand new item. There is a possibility that consumers will return the item to you and you will list an income because of the especially if the buyers will tell it to the public or social media. If you sell a product online accept that not all your customers will satisfy in terms of the quality of your item, the delivery date, the price, and online payments. One will approach you with a bad attitude and the other will criticize your product.

Buying online has also a lot of negative results. Like when you buy items online sometimes it not a good item when you receive it and somehow it also not good quality.


Buying and selling online is now the latest and updated technology in the Philippines. A lot of Filipino people at present time are engaged in using social media and shopping online using gadgets and computers. At this present, many people choose to buy online rather than buy in the store.

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