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What is WordPress and Why it is so Popular?

Developing your own website from zero, may sound difficult. Well, in this article, we are introducing software out there that’s so easy to use. Anyone may effectively design a one-of-a-kind and professional-looking website for their company, blog, or portfolio. It’s known as WordPress.

This article will explain to you what is WordPress and why it has become popular. To demonstrate how popular it is, we include the list of famous Philippines companies using WordPress.

Let’s get started.

What Is WordPress?

One of the easiest, most common ways to create your own website (or blog site) is using WordPress. Because it is an open-source content management system (CMS), it makes creating a website easy like never before. Besides, it can be downloaded and easily installed for free, which is why it is the top choice for bloggers and website designers.

What is Content Management System?

A content management system (CMS) software program allows many contributors to generate, update, and publish information. It also allows users to create, modify, collaborate on, publish, and save digital information. Moreover, it is often stored in a database and shown in a presentation layer based on a set of templates, similar to a website.

On the other hand, a content management system (CMS) can publish web content without having to write code from scratch. It is divided into two types: content management applications (CMA) and content delivery applications (CDA).

Some Unique features of WordPress

Furthermore, WordPress has also unique features and become the most popular. Because of its content, with easy accessibility, and versatility in mind, for both big and small websites. WordPress allows you to manage your material quickly, and easily. With a lower learning curve than other open-source website content management systems. The new feature of  WordPress 5.7 is easier for administrators to send a password reset link to users.
In fact, WordPress is open-source software that can download free of charge from the website. WordPress is on the top list of its competitors. It also helps experienced users to work at the same time it also includes some features for beginners. Like it can start a site quickly without any knowledge of programming.

Things that you need to start a WordPress website

In order to run your website and make it accessible online to consumers. Here are the simple steps to get started on WordPress Website.

  • Step 1: Select WordPress as the platform for your website.
  • Step 2: Select your domain and hosting provider.
  • Step 3: Install WordPress.
  • Step 4: Select your theme. WordPress themes are pre-made design packages that define the appearance of your website.
  • Step 5: Activate WordPress plugins. WordPress plugins add a lot of flexibility and customization to your WordPress site. As well as useful functions and tools for your visitors.
  • Step 6: Personalize Your Website.
  • Step 7: Update and make a backup of your website.

Of course, you will need a computer(or smartphone), and an internet connection as well.

history of WordPress and awards that it has received

In 2003, the American developer, Matt Mullenweg, and English developer, Mike Little, launched WordPress. The software is published under the license GPLv2. However, WordPress is a webpage warehouse that is a central analogy intended to explain WordPress functions. It stores content and helps a lot of users to build and post websites. It also gives more than a domain and a hosting service. WordPress gain so many awards just like:

  1. Winner of the 2008 InfoWorld Award for the “Best of open source software awards”
  2. Winner of the 2009 Open Source Awards, “Overall Best Open Source CMS”
  3. Winner of the 2010 “Hall of Fame CMS 2010 Open Source” category of digital synergy.
  4. Winner of the 2011 “Bossie award for Best Open Source Software” from InfoWorld.

Did you know that there are 2 types of WordPress

When you try to look for information on WordPress, some questions or confusion you may have is seeing 2 types of WordPress. That is and So, here is a bit of explanation. is more adaptable and has no restrictions on how it may be used. You have complete control over your material and you may design your website whenever you want. It is often known as self-hosted WordPress. Besides, you can download your WordPress software and manage your own server.

While, enables you to create a website such as a blog, company site, portfolio, or online store. Also, is a more economical choice for beginners who use WordPress. It may also appealing option for individuals who do not want to be responsible for keeping their website up and running. It also provides hosting for your website. You don’t even have to download any software or operate a server.

20+ Big companies in the Philippines that are using  WordPress Websites

WordPress website has a lot to offer from small, medium to large companies all over the world. Having a WordPress website allows you to manage the content of your website. As a result, selecting the appropriate platform is important to include everything you need, from designing your layout to managing your products and attracting people to your website. In this section, we give you some Philippines companies that actually uses WordPress for their website.

Business website

A business website is typically used to give basic information about your organization or as a direct platform for e-commerce. Furthermore, whatever business website you may have, you should feature your logo and your desired design components. As well as, easy navigation for people to discover sections on your website. SEO-friendly elements are also required for company websites in order to boost search traffic to your site.

Sample of Business & Official Website

Membership Website

A membership site is one that provides users with access to exclusive material when they join up. Besides, they provide members with restricted information and special privileges. Like special reports, newsletters, webinars, online courses, events, and free delivery. It provides both free and paid subscriptions. These subscriptions might range from one-time fees to ongoing subscriptions. At this point, membership sites are really popular.

Sample of Membership Website

E-commerce Website

E-commerce is simply the online sale of products or services. It enables consumers and companies to purchase and sell on a centralized platform. Yet, E-Commerce also known as e-Business or electronic business is the selling and acquisition of services. It also sells commodities over an electronic medium such as the Internet. It also includes exchanging data and cash electronically between two or more parties. It has become so simple and handy that anyone can buy anything from the comfort of their own home with simple clicks.

Sample of E-commerce website

Event website

An event website is essentially free internet advertising for the event you’re planning. However, even if creating a website is simple, you should ensure that guests are well-versed in the details. The event website must also provide the venue address, as well as corporate information and contacts.

Sample Event Website

Blog Website

An online diary in which a person, organization, or company keeps track of their actions, opinions, or beliefs. Other blogs focused on offering unique content and were more of a personal journal that people shared online. It is a platform where a writer or a group of authors may express their thoughts on a certain topic. So, the primary goal of a blog is to link you to the appropriate audience. It also increases traffic and sends qualified leads to your website.

Sample of Blog Website:

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Portfolio website

An online portfolio is a digital representation of your work as well as your abilities and expertise. It includes your resume and a description of your abilities and expertise. It also has photos of class work or design examples, audio and video, charts and schematics, process flows, and other materials. Furthermore, a portfolio will allow more people to see your work and have a better understanding of your talents. It also allows you to be creative with the information and specific details about yourself and your business that you provide.

Sample of Portfolio website

Forum website

A website that allows individuals to exchange information about a specific topic online. It serves as a forum for questions and responses and may be reviewed to ensure that the material is acceptable. Internet forums feature all the extras that people expect from the Web. Such as photographs, videos, downloads, and connections, and may operate as a mini-portal on the subject.

Sample of Forum Website

5 reasons why WordPress is popular?

Although WordPress began as a blogging platform. But at this moment it has become a strong website builder and a powerful content management system over the years (CMS). That’s the main reason why WordPress has risen in popularity so far. According to a new study, WordPress increase in all Internet websites and rank it very high on Google than other search engines. With more than 60 percent of the market share. WordPress is one of the most popular CMS because they are updated. They always add different tools and plugins for optimizing content for SEO. It has more than 30 percent of websites online that use WordPress and many popular brands across the globe used WordPress.

free and open to everyone and SEO friendly

It has become and will be both free and open-source soon, one of the key contributing factors to its growth. It is open-source software that allows you to use, change, build upon, and redistribute it in any manner you want without paying any costs.

easy to use and mobile-friendly

WordPress is both powerful and simple to use. Because anybody can install it and begin using it immediately. It is also mobile-friendly to all users, especially for those beginners. WordPress took web design from the hands of skilled developers and made it available to the general public. In fact, even without basic HTML or CSS skills, anybody can use WordPress to design and maintain a website in minutes.

one of the popular platforms for blogging websites

WordPress began as a basic blogging platform and rapidly expanded into a robust content management system. It is still the finest blogging platform in the world, utilized by both small and large websites. WordPress’s versatility makes it suitable for both personal and multi-author blogs. It enables you to build content-rich websites that can easily be turned into a company.

safe and secure

WordPress is secure as long as website owners take website security seriously and adhere to recommended practices. WordPress is dependable, and it has some of the greatest infrastructures available. It is designed to withstand attacks from hackers and criminal groups.

has versatility and plugin tools

You can build any type of different website you want on WordPress because of its versatility. On the other side, WordPress plugins are pieces of software that may be applied to your WordPress site. It also enhances and expands its capabilities. It includes a bundle of extra code that you may use to add new features, functionality, or connectors to your website.

If you are interested in building your WordPress website

Thank you for reading this article. We hope this post has helped you understand why you should use WordPress. The greatest way to properly appreciate WordPress’s capability is to use it.

Our goal is to guide and share with you some of the most well-known companies in the Philippines that use WordPress. You may also be interested in our article about WordPress hosting. Check our articles and get more information on how to create your own website using WordPress. Please give it a try and let us know what you think.

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