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Why Many Filipino Wants to Have Their Own Business

Most Filipino want to have their own business rather than working in a company.  Because working in a company you must follow the rule of a company, you should be there for 8 hours a day 5 days a week. While having your own business you have all the freedom to do what you want to do to manage your business. Most Filipino now are trying to have their own small business and working hard to be able to succeed in what they started. They enjoy having their own business rather than work in a private company.

Having our own business is one of the most people want to have especially when you get older. You would realize that you would be happy if you have your own business rather than be an employee. But we all know that it is not that easy to build up a small business because it takes a lot of effort, time, energy, and money. It’s not only this but most important is you have the guts to put up the business. Having a positive attitude would be a better help in everything we do and in everything we think.


For me what I want is to put up a small business. To have my own business that I manage. But how can I do that if first, I don’t have the money, time, place, resources, and power to build it?

Here in the Philippines if you were born rich or if you were born that your family has a business it easy to put up or build up a business. But most Filipino are hard-working they start with a small business until it becomes big. They are too eager to develop their skill in putting up a business until it becomes successful.


The advantage of having your own business


If you have your own business you have all the right to do what is good for your business and you can things that you want for your business. If you have a business that you really want it easy to manage and you have peace of mind to relax because you know that your business is in good hands.

Time management

You have all the time to manage your business well and have time to do other activities while you manage your business. You have more time to do the thing that would help you to become more successful. To have time for your family, time to study more to achieve what you want in life, time to spend it with your friends and give them some idea on how to put up a small business if you have some knowledge about it, share it with your friends who want also to have a business.

You earn more money than being a regular employee

If you have a business of your own you earn more especially if your business is running well. All your effort will result in more earning that you alone would benefits not like when you work as an employee you only have a little part of the success that your company has even if you give all the effort and time that is needed so that the company will be successful.

You have many opportunities in life

If you have your own business you also have more opportunities in life like the opportunity to have more friends that would help you to become a better businessman or businesswomen, the opportunity to have more time to your family to spend with, the opportunity to earn more money, opportunity to be more successful in your business and more opportunity to help other people by giving them a job.

You’re in control of everything

Having your own business you have your full control in managing it. Not like when you work in a company you have many superior that give you much instruction to follow. More stress in your co-workers because of the different issues and the different problems that you can encounter. Having a business on your own your the boss and people follow your instruction if you manage it well you’re people will work very well and help you with your business to become more successful. Working as an employee has a lot of competition inside the company while if you have a business of your own competition is not within the company but outside and other business competition.


The disadvantage of having your own Business

Money or investment may be at risk

Having our own business is not easy it takes a lot of courage, time, money, and all your best effort to succeed. Your money or your investment may be at risk because you don’t know if your business will become successful or not. It takes more effort and you should first learn what business is best for you. It needs time before you put up a business, you should first learn what, where, when, and how to have a business.

Time Management

If you will build up a business you need to give your 100 percent time and effort. Even if you don’t know that your business will become successful or not, you still give your full-time attention to putting up your business.

Your Income is not consistent

When you have a business at first you still not earn as much as possible because when your business is starting you have to be patient to wait the time to earn more than what you expected.

Competitors are always there

Building up a business or having a business is take a lot of effort because whatever business you may have there’s a lot of competitors out there that your business may be at risk. You should have more techniques to do so that your business stays longer and stronger because competitors will always there to put your business down.

Working in a company

Working in a company has many benefits like having an SSS, Pag-ibig Fund, Philhealth, Health Insurance, and others. When you work as an employee you just do the thing that is designated to you and that’s it. Do your job in a proper way and your boss will recognize it. Working in a company you must be there at the exact time that the company gave you and will out at least after 8 hours of working every day. Sometimes it stressful but after an office hour when you go home you can relax and not thinking of the work you left in the office it’s different when you have your own business. Having your own business and managing it’s 24 hours of doing and thinking about how your business will become successful. Even if you’re in your home your still thinking about your business and how far it may go and how long will it stay because many competitors are there all over around.

Here are the advantage and disadvantages when working in a company.

Advantage working in a company

You have a constant income every end of the month

Being an employee in a company you’re always sure that you have a regular salary every end of the month not like having your own business is not constant that you earn money at the end of the month.

You only work 8 hours a day

When you are working in a company you only work 8 hours a day. That is one of the good in working in a company. When you work in a company you work 8 hours after that you go home and spend the whole time with your family. Your work with specific hours and if you exceed your working hours they pay you overtime pay. Working in a company you only do your specific job for example if you’re in the accounting department you can do the accounting job if you are in purchasing you only do your job in that department only.

Being an employee you have a lot of benefits that the company gives you.

Here in the Philippines if you work in a company the company must give you some benefits like Social Security System (SSS), PhilHealth, Pag-ibig Fund, and Health Insurance. While if you work in government agencies you also have many benefits like the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS), Home Development Mutual Fund (HDMF), and Department of Budget and Management (DBM). They’re also a vacation leave, a holiday, and a sick leave that they allow you for not working or going to the company.

The disadvantage of working in a company


You work even if you’re not totally feeling good

If you work in the company you still go to work even if you’re not feeling good because sometimes the company is very strict regarding late and absences. You still work regarding what you feel because your company pays you and they want you to work 8 hours a day even if you’re not feeling good. The company has all the right to demand their needs when you work with them inside the company.

You feel bored and stagnant

When working in a company sometimes you feel boring when doing things in so many years and you become stagnant about it. You feel like you always do exactly the same every now and then until you feel that you not happy about it.

 You don’t have time to find another job

When working as a full-time employee in a company you don’t have time to find another job if you want to because working in a company your time may devote only in the company for 8 long hours in a day. You don’t have time to do something regarding what you want when you’re in your company.

You have a boss that can control you inside the company

If you have a boss you’re not the one who controls everything inside the company but your boss has all the power when it comes to decision making even if you’re the one who manages the company. Your boss or the owner of the company still the one who can do rules in the company and you must obey the rules and regulations of the company once you become an employee.

Stress is everywhere

Working in a company you have to face the circumstances that you have a lot of co-employee or office mates that can give you stress or give you a problem when it comes to your workload. You can say that many of them will intrigue you and many of them like you. But most of them will give you stress when it comes to competition inside your company. Stress is everywhere like your co-workers who always give you problems, your travel time when going to work will also give you stress because of the traffic, you’re superior who always there to update your work.


No time to do personal things inside the company

Working in a company you don’t have time to do personal things inside the company you should set aside all the personal things that you need to do if you work in a company however you can do it during break time or after office work. Because the company that you work for is not your own company and they pay your time 8 hours a day in exchange for your service. You cannot pay your personal bills, or even attend to your children’s needs, or doing your personal activities on weekdays because it’s your time to be in the office and do your work.

In so many instances many people still encouraged to have their own business but most of them still working in a company because they know that their income is not stable if they just have a business. So still they stay in a company so that they can still have a permanent income rather than waiting to have a successful business.




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