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Why Online Shopping in the Philippines Are Now In-demand

Are you interested in starting an online shopping website in the Philippines? Do you want to know why e-commerce is now booming?

Today, we rely heavily on online shopping from ordering lunch to buying daily commodities. According to Malaya Business Insight, the e-commerce transaction value in the Philippines is 264billion PH for the year 2021. It grew by more than 15% from 2020.

In this post, we will explore the reason behind the increase in online business and provide you with examples of the best online shopping website in the Philippines.

Why e-commerce is booming in the Philippines?

E-commerce is one of the most practical ways to complete your shopping list. You can check off the things on your shopping list whenever you want without leaving your house. In order to use an e-commerce site, all you need is a laptop or mobile phone.

Here are 5 reasons why e-commerce is in-demand.

It can save your money, time, and energy

First, let’s look at the customer’s perspective. Shopping is easier to do when you shop online. You can browse around and find what you need without going to the store physically. No traffic jams, no need to walk from shop to shop.

Filipino shoppers find online shopping much simpler since it saves a lot of money and time while buying from their homes.

More convenient than before

The usability and accessibility of online shopping are the keys to its popularity in the Philippines. Adding to the fact that it can be accessed from a mobile phone, all sorts of applications are well-designed for mobile users, along with various online payment methods.

The best part of online shopping is that the things you bought are frequently delivered right to your delivery location. All you need is to pay for it online and wait for delivery to happen!

Checking the availability of the product is easier

With online shopping, you won’t experience going to the store, finding a product out of stock, and coming home empty-handed. Products are linked to a database and you can only buy what is there.

Also, being able to compare the prices across several e-commerce websites, is an advantage of online shopping. Though you can’t actually see the products in physical stores, the internet will assist you in finding the best bargain.

The great thing about shopping online is that it brings you so many choices. As a result, you may even search for items on international e-commerce sites.

 It’s easy to start your online business site

Now, let’s look from the business’s perspective. Today, if you are an entrepreneur, it’s much simpler to set up your own online shopping website.

There are platforms for websites that have functions designed especially for e-commerce sales. They allow you to sell products that are shipped, digital products that are purchased, and online and offline services. Within a few days, you can easily start your online business and make money.

Of course, one of the biggest challenges when starting on an online site is to find profitable products or services to sell whether you’re manufacturing, reselling, or drop shipping.

It can access millions of customers anytime anywhere for a day

The future standard for interacting with clients, purchasers, and suppliers is shifting online. Since e-commerce has developed, it is now simpler to find and buy things online. E-commerce allows even small businesses to offer their products and services to a larger market than previously possible with traditional offline shopping.

Online shopping will continue to grow. In the COVID-19 era, the convenience of internet shopping has become a need. And with all the benefits and safety of internet shopping, it’s hardly surprising that customers are now turning to screens rather than physical stores. Next, we share with you some online shopping in the Philippines that ranks the popularity of their product and services.

10 Examples of online shopping websites in the Philippines

There are so much online shopping here in the Philippines and some of them are in demand not only here in the Philippines but also in other countries.

We have put together a list of the best online shops in the Philippines that sell a variety of products in fashion, beauty, home, and digital gadgets, to name a few.

An online shopping site for different commodities

Two of the biggest and most well-known online shopping destinations in the Philippines are at the top of our list.


Lazada is one of the most popular online shopping destinations in the Philippines. Like a sizable virtual department store, the shopping platform provides a wide selection of products.

It includes fashion apparel, electronics, car accessories, and home appliances. Also, kids wear, baby accessories, ladies’ and men’s bag, shoes, and many more.

In addition. Lazada is also popular in other countries like Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Thailand.


One of the hottest shopping online here in the Philippines, especially for women’s needs. But also everything that you need can find in the shop online. It sells many products online and everything is also in the shop

Similar to Lazada, this online store offers a wide range of goods at discount prices, including furniture, electronics, books, tools, and clothing.

 An online shopping site for gadgets and appliances

Whether you’re buying a gadget or appliances as a gift or for your personal use, you won’t run out of choices with these two shopping site. They offer authentic electronic products from different brands.


The Abenson Group of Companies is a dynamic retail company involved in the distribution and sales of consumer electronics for business and industry, accessories, and furniture.

Those who prefer to get their new appliance right away can browse online at


The leading electronics and appliance retailer in the Philippines is called Anson’s. To meet every requirement for appliances and electronics, they provide a wide range of product categories and brands.

If you’re looking for a one-stop online shopping site for home entertainment,  gadgets, and household and kitchen, check out Anson’s.

An online shopping site for buying and selling local products

Online shopping and selling may be a practical, secure, and inexpensive method to get the products you want and get rid of the stuff you don’t need anymore.

Here we going to give give you some online site that offers buying and selling of products.

eBay Philippines

This online store sells both new and used things, and after creating an account, consumers may purchase and sell goods right away.

Everything from cellphones, laptops, clothing and other merchandise, home appliances, health and beauty products, and more may be bought and sold here.

OLX Philippines

It is an online shopping website in the Philippines with buys and sells a product that provides to local communities. Its mission is to connect and help millions of people to share their goods and services.

They can sell their product through OLX and they can also buy a second-hand item at OLX websites.

An online shopping site for the latest cars and accessories

It might be difficult to locate a store that provides high-quality items that are ideal for your car, especially if you don’t know where to look. But worry no more, because we included two stores for you that are easy to visit both online and offline store.


Autodeal helps people with the financial scheme and gives them the best deal when buying cars. They help buyers to find their type of brand with the best discount and promotion. They offer new cars and used cars for sale.

Partspro Philippines

The Philippines has a large automobile market, which PartsPro PH serves. They quickly established themselves as the top online retailer of motorbike and automobile parts.

They provide items of high quality and offer the best customer service.

Online Shopping Sites of Fashion, Beauty, and Lifestyle

Get exclusive designer items at these top online stores for men and women without traveling from different stores, from fashionable clothing to accessories.

We choose two of the finest site that offers a lot of fashionable items on their websites. Additionally, these websites provide unique items and adorable trends for shopping.

The Lifestyle Store

The Lifestyle Store offers top-notch clothing from several well-known brands. They have also won several prizes for carrying high-end brands including Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors, Kipling, Longchamp, and Lacoste.


Zalora, the largest fashion store in Southeast Asia, provides a huge selection of brands for both fashion and lifestyle. This online retailer also carries well-known brands including Adidas, Nike, Herschel, Mango, Zara, and Topshop.

Thinking about starting your online business today?

Demand for online shopping is large and they are becoming more established in the Philippines today. We hope this article helped you to capture some ideas on how you can start an online business of your own.

If you like to find out more about Filipino online business, please check our article. For more details and queries don’t hesitate to contact us.

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