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Why Online Shopping in the Philippines Are Now In-demand

In the Philippines, Filipino can easily engage in what is new and trending in social media. That’s why a lot of online shopping is now one of the popular in social media. In just one click you can order what product you want, what food you want to eat, and what kind of service you need. Everything you need is in online apps and no need to go outside spend a lot of traffic in the street before you can go to a mall and buy the things that you need. Modern technology really helps us not only in our work but also in our daily life. It really gives us an idea of what is the latest brand up to the discount sales of the product. All business in the Philippines uses social media for them to introduce their product and what kind of business they have.

What is Online Shopping?

Online shopping is now a modern technology that uses around the world not only here in the Philippines. It is a kind of electronic commerce that helps consumers and costumes to buy directly and order directly of goods and services from the internet using an application or web browser. Online shopping at present is one of the latest and popular websites that most Filipino visit and use. You only need Laptops, mobile phones, or personal computer and internet connection before you can start browsing on the website of online shopping.

Filipino people like shopping and those people who really loaded with their works have no time to go on shopping in the mall that’s why online shopping becomes popular. It is very convenient and easy that you can only sit in front of your computer, Laptop or gadgets and then in just one click you can choose the product or item you want to buy and no need to pay it in cash if you don’t have, you can pay it through your credits card and the item or product is delivered to your home address.

Online shopping needs to log onto the internet. A person who has the internet that wants to shop online could need to log on and then they can start to visit the store’s on online shopping and choose the best store for them and they can now choose all the item that they want to buy.

Advantage of Online Shopping

  1. Save Time. Every person who purchases online shopping really enjoys their time browsing what is the new and latest product of that store. They can also check what is the product that has a sale and has a discount. No need to waste your time going to the mall and go to every stool just to check their item if they have a sale or discount. Shopping online can save time. No need to travel just to buy the thing that you need if there is a website like this. It is really helpful to all Filipinos who lives in Manila because we all know that Manila is one of the places that has much traffic before you can reach your destination. It cost almost 2 hours before you could reach your home when you travel in rush hours.
  2. More Convenient. Shopping online is more convenient than going to the mall on shopping. You can shop all you want without thinking that you’re time because you need to go home before the store would be closed. You just open your computer or Laptops and shop whatever time you want, and whatever dress you wear, even if you stop wearing your pajamas, or wearing your two pieces bikini it’s okay as long as you are inside your home and you have internet connection. You can also shop online while your cooking or doing your household chores. It is very convenient in many ways even if your working you can shop online and the product or item you buy will deliver to you as soon as possible.
  3. No need to wait for your turn. When you shop in the mall or in any store and someone is prior to you and you need to fall in line before you can pay for your purchases. However, sometimes you experience that you need to fall in line when you want to fit the dress you wear. In shopping online just fill out the necessary product or item you want to buy and give your size that’s it no need to fall in line and wait longer before your turn.
  4. Less Stress. When you want to go shopping in the mall you have encountered a lot of people and sometimes when the store has a sale on their item the place is occupied with so much crowd that even if you buy any of their sales you feel that you want to go outside rather than choose the product you want even if it is sale because there’s a lot of the people who also there.
  5. Save Energy. You can pick whatever kind of product and brands without wasting any energy in your body not like when you go out and shop in the mall. The first things you need is prepared yourself, dress decent, and travel for an hour many hours before you could reach your destination and when you have a car you wait until your car park in a parking area before you can shop in the mall. Your energy is not wasted when you want to shop and find what product or item you want, you even feel hungry even if you do not yet finish buying what you want. You almost feel exhausted and tired when you shop in the Mall.
  6. Save Money. When buying online you can save money. Shopping online on a different shopping website has a lot to offer and there are also discounts on a selected item. So why choose to go to the mall when shopping if you can shop in your house and can save your money for transportation and for your food you eat while staying in the mall. It is also helpful if you want to buy a product that is bulky some store give you an extra charge before they deliver to you the item that you buy to them while when you shop online there’s no additional shipping fee for the product even if it is a small or big item.

The disadvantage of Online Shopping

  1. The item is good onscreen but when you order it’s different. When buying online you may like the product onscreen because it looks like better and durable but once it delivers to you some item is not like what you think sometimes the quality of the product is not good and strong.
  2. When shopping online you cannot sure 100 percent of the delivery time. Sometimes they delivered your item in a week and it will change depending on the availability of the product you order or maybe the lack of a delivery man.
  3. When you have a question you cannot talk to someone immediately. You need to wait for their reply via email only and not from person to person. This now the situation in online shopping, you can only chat with a designated person but you cannot talk with them personally.
  4. Lack of quality of the item or product. Online shopping disadvantage is you cannot sure that the product you buy is 100 percent on what you expected in their online store. There are many products that are good when you see them online but when you buy it and it will be delivered sometimes it gives you disappointment because of the quality of the product.
  5. Return items sometimes don’t entertain. Returning products that you brought online sometimes is a big problem for all buyers. The item they sold to a buyer online sometimes the store that you buy is refuse to replace the item that you buy if the product is not what you affected. Sometimes the product you receive has damage and you want to replace it with another one but you need to pay an additional shipping fee.
  6. Fraud on online shopping. When shopping online you may encounter some issues about the security of the website you shop online. There are also many criminal elements when shopping online because if you are not really wise in online shopping there is a possibility that your credit card may be at risk in giving them your number and pay them using your credit card.

Some Online Shopping Website in the Philippines

There are so many online shopping here in the Philippines and some of them are in demand not only here in the Philippines but also in other countries. Many Filipino are engaged in shopping online and them shopping online can give them additional time for themselves to do things that are important while they use the apps on online shopping. Here are some popular sites for shopping online.

  • Lazada. This site on online shopping is one of the popular here in the Philippines. You can shop all you need like, fashion apparel, electronics, car accessories, home appliances, home and lifestyle, kids wear, baby accessories, ladies and men’s bag, shoes, and many more. Also, Lazada is popular in other countries and operate theirs like Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Thailand.
    Link: https://www.lazada.com.ph/

  • Shopee Philippines. Is one of the hottest in shopping online here in the Philippines especially for women’s needs. But also everything that you need can find in shopee online. It sells many products online and everything is also in shopee.
    Link: https://shopee.ph/

  • ZALORA. Is online fashion shopping in the Philippines. It has an international brand and top local brands of products like shirts, sneakers, dresses, sportswear, watches, shoes, and many more like accessories, bags, and beauty cosmetics. It is also one of the leading shopping online in the Philippines. It provides fashion wear and footwear products. Zalora has an operation in South East Asian countries like Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam.
    Link: https://www.zalora.com.ph/

  • OLX Philippines. It is an online shopping website in the Philippines with buy and sells of the product that provides local communities.  OLX Philippines has a mission to connect and help millions of people to share their goods and services. They can sell their product through OLX and they can also buy a second-hand item at OLX websites.
    Link: https://www.olx.ph/

  • eBay Philippines. eBay Philippines is online shopping with a different product like cars, clothing, electronics, sportswear, clothing, accessories, toys, and many more. It is introduced to the Philippines three years ago and now many Filipino are shopping on this site because of the good product they have.
    Link: https://www.ebay.com/
  • Lamudi Philippines. It is an online site that offers land, rentals of homes, real estate, and commercial properties. It also helps people to connect to buyers and sellers.
  • Autodeal. it is a site for car buyers. It helps prospective buyers to know the latest car and latest promotion about the car and compare it to other brands of cars. it also helps people with the financial scheme and gives them the best deal when buying cars. They help buyers to find their type of brand with the best discount and promotion.
  • AyosDito Philippines. It is a website that connects people to each other. Giving them the opportunities to buy and sell their things to other people like cars, electronics, food, properties. AyosDito website can also help people to find jobs.
    Link: https://www.pinterest.ph/ayosditoph/

Online shopping has many sites here in the Philippines. You can choose and find all you need without wasting your time traveling to the store or going to the mall to find the item or product you want. You only sit and have your computer with internet and that’s it you can choose whatever website you want and see their sale item and discount product. Online shopping nowadays is very useful and helpful to those Filipinos who have no time to go out and shop. It is very convenient and sometimes it is cheaper compared to the mall price.



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