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LookUpgrade Corp. Was established on February 2014 in the Philippines as a subsidiary company of Upgrade Co., Ltd.. Our management philosophy is “delighted management“, the idea to pursue happiness for everyone regardless of any obstacles and problems we might face.

Japanese people thinks that Filipinos are lazy, but after staying in the Philippines for over three years I can say that Japanese are biased about their image of Filipinos. Filipinos are good and hardworking.

Our staff is ambitious, hardworking and has a lot of potential. The passion to pursue latest web trends and technologies, then apply it into a unique work of art that reflects its culture provides an amazing feeling of satisfaction. I would like to grow with them as much as possible and become a person that can connect culture and ideas of the world from the Philippines.

Date Established February 2014
Address U2402 Medical Plaza Ortigas No. 25 San Miguel Avenue, Ortigas Center Pasig City 1605
Services Offered Website Maintenance, Web Design/Redesign, Website Development

Japanese people are stationed

Japanese people are stationed

No need to worry about communication even if your Japanese since a Japanese Web Director is currently stationed here in the philippines. We can arrange meetings at anytime by telephone, Skype or email. If your company is in the Philippines, you can visit directly.

We can assure you the quality of our Web design.

Staff introduction

Ken Garcia

Ken Garcia


Highquality employees produce high-quality results. I would say Lookupgrade Corp. is a great place to focus and solidify your foundation on web technology.

  • Good Horror Movies
  • Games
  • Delicious Meals
  • Art
  • Web Technologies
  • Global Warming
  • Rude Behavior
  • Black Out
  • Rainy Days
Robert Sero

Robert Sero

Web Designer

Projects thrives on quality and efficiency. As the one who’s responsible with project design quality I’m aiming to delivers the best results.

  • Mobile Games
  • Cooking
  • Sports
  • Competitive Gaming
  • Reading Books
  • cyberbullying
  • loud neighbour
  • environmental hazards
  • littering
  • racists
Adam David Labonete

Adam David Labonete

Front End Developer

The first impression I had on Lookupgrade corp. is that the company will help me develop my skills and my personality. My coworkers are really good with what they do and are really cooperative.

  • Cycling
  • Sketch Comedy
  • Dogs
  • Video Games
  • Watching Basketball
  • Fantasy Movies & TV Series
  • Dancing
  • Carrots
  • Cats
  • Negative People
Imee Bautista

Imee Bautista

Web Designer

Being part of this company, I must say everything that i do is a challenge. They tend to push me to my limits, everyone in here is developing their skills and knowledge every single day.

  • Movies
  • Korean Drama
  • Rain
  • Sunset
  • Dogs
  • Playing Badminton
  • Color Yellow
  • Racism
  • Inequality
  • Hospitals
  • People who only talk and not listen
  • Irresponsible people
Rowena Fernando

Rowena Fernando

Admin Officer

I do things like processing company documents to government agencies. I learn to see what the website design do. I work with the young and full of courage people. I want to learn more and have the skill and knowledge about the new generation

  • Travel to Cities and take Pictures
  • Family
  • Inspiring Family
  • Wasting Time
  • Doing Nothing
  • Dishonest People


Designer Workspace

1Designer Workspace

Director Workspace

2Director Workspace

Comfort Room

3Comfort Room



Admin Workspace

5Admin Workspace

Mini Lounge

6Mini Lounge

Storage Space

7Storage Space

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Head Office

Upgrade Co. Ltd.

Address 6F KSK Bldg. 5-1-15 Sotokanda
Chiyoda Tokyo, Japan
Postal Code 〒101-0021

Upgrade Taiwan

Address 台北市中山區建國北路二段147號11樓之8
Contact 02-2509-2612 
Service Offered Portal site operation, Accounting services, Support for Business Expansion in Taiwan

Upgrade Cambodia Co., Ltd.

Address No. 9D, St. 390, BKKⅢ, Chamkarmon, Phnom Penh.
Contact TEL:023-967-200
Service Offered Shared office rental, Marketing