Attitude and Skills of a Filipino People

  • 2018/07/26/
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Filipino people are very flexible and easy to be with that’s one of the qualities of a Filipino. You can put them in any kind of work and they can easily adjust and do it harmoniously. They can work in any field because of their skills and of course for having them a good attitude. Almost Filipino who work abroad are successful in their chosen career and most foreign companies hire Filipino worker because they know how Filipino people work hard and because of their talent and communication skills.

The Attitude of Filipino People

  • Hospitable. One of the Filipino qualities and attitude that many foreign people love to a Filipino. They entertain foreign guest with a warm welcome and prepare food and shelter for their guest.
  • Respectful. You can notice it all over and even children always say “po” or “opo” to the older ones it means yes with respect. The other one that can show respect to elders is by putting the hands of elders to their forehead or in Filipino its “mano po”.
  • Generous and Helpful. You can also see a lot of Filipino helping each other in many ways. Filipino is also generous they can give as long as they have specially to those in need.
  • Hardworking. Filipino is hardworking. Even if they feel tired and exhausted they still continue the work that they started. They work efficiently and Filipino are easy to be with. We all know that when it comes to works all of us do it because of our family and loved ones. We work for our family future and needs. Filipino people have a heart of willingness to learn, and consistency in terms of working hard.
  • Caring and Loving. Filipino is admirable because they are loving and caring. You can see that almost Filipino women are very caring and loving especially to their family and to their children. They were really focused on taking care of their children’s needs and wants. We all know that Filipino women are more attractive to foreigners because they know that Filipino women are romantic, loving, caring, and faithful to their loved ones.
  • Family Oriented. Filipino is most known as family oriented. They priorities family first before anything else. They are willing to sacrifice to make sure to give a better future for their family. Even if they too busy working they find time to spend some quality time with their family. They try as much as possible to be together, watching tv or movies, going to church, have a family dinner, and time to bond with each other.
  • Honest and Commitment. When we say commitment in the Philippines you better it is ” palabra de honor” it means that ones you promise you better make sure to fulfill it and do it. It is one of the values that Filipino still continuous practicing. Filipino people are also honest, in their feeling and they speak what comes into their minds even if it hurts you but if its true they speak it up to you.
  • Filipino’s are a kindhearted and happy person. Filipino are very kind they always check your needs before there own needs. Even if they face a problem they still show some smile on their face not knowing that they have some difficulties in life.  Filipino can make us laugh easily and can give joy to the people around them.

Some Skills of the Filipino

  • Filipinos are Flexible
  • They are Creative
  • They can Adapt Easily
  • They are Language Master
  • Ability to survive
  • They are Dedicated
  • Hardworking
  • Friendly
  • Humble

Filipino is very talented in any aspect of their life. You can see many Filipino who work abroad and they excel in its career they have chosen. The skills that they have is one of the foreign countries admire, like being dedicated to their work, willing to learn and able to do things without complaining. More foreign companies hire Filipino people because of their good skills not only in English speaking but also for being competitive in their work and loyalty in the company they work with. Filipino’s can easily adapt to the culture of other countries, they are flexible and easy to learn the language of many countries.

You can see Filipino anywhere in the world and they all successful in their respective filed of professions. Because of their skills that no one can take. Filipino people have a heart of survival no matter happened. They are dedicated and hardworking when it comes to their respective works and career. They know how to be grateful to all people who help them along the way. However Filipino people are easy to get along with others this also one of the traits of a Filipino.

Moreover, you will see Filipino all over the world because of their skills, they can easily adjust and adapt to the circumstances and behavior of the person around them. They are flexible and quick learners. They are polite and civil to everyone. Also being humble is one of the traits of Filipino. Foreigner admire Filipino because they are humble and respectful.

What is Important Attitude or Skills

When you think what is important attitude or skills it’s not that easy to say that having a good attitude is better than a good skill. But when applying to a company they will hire you for your skill not for your attitude. Having a good skill is important when applying for a job because the most company didn’t recognize your attitude at first. They just notice it when you are working with them for a month and that’s the time they will talk to you about your attitude towards your work.

Having a right attitude can help people to develop good skills. Here in the Philippines we always want to have a good attitude rather than better skills. Because knowing that a person has a good attitude, that person is a good person with the good heart. If you have a good attitude it can help you to achieve better skills. Skills can be learned and can be trained if you have a good attitude of willingness and determination.

If you have skills and yet you have a wrong attitude it will not help you to be successful even if your skill is fit to your career. Because if your attitude is not good it really difficult to improve it however if your skill is not that good it is easy to improve it if your attitude is genuine to help yourself improve more and have patience on learning. If you have a right attitude is easy to motivate and adapt to learn new skills while if you want to improve your attitude it is like changing your behaviors which is too difficult to improve.

Attitude is still important than skills. In our life, it is important to have a good attitude so that people will respect you even if your skill is not that good. The right attitude can overcome obstacles, like facing challenges, difficult times, and problems. While having the right skills but have not had a good attitude cannot help you to overcome the challenges and you cannot be successful to achieve your dreams and goals.

The impact of having a good attitude is like showing people your positive looks in life. You can help others to be happy with what they do if you show them your smile and easy to be with. Because life is easier done if your outlook in life is positive and you have a right attitude towards it. Attitude and skill are needed when applying for a job, but somehow skill is more important in this area before attitude. You must show or let them know your skill before you show them your attitude when they start to interview with you. Your attitude should be in a positive way when answering their question about you and show your good skills to have a positive result.

Typical Traits and Characteristic  of Filipino

  1. Filipino people generally have dark skin compared to other Asians people
  2. Filipino people are a little bit smaller than other foreign countries
  3. Filipino have a small or flat nose
  4. We love to travel.
  5. They have a sense of humor
  6. Flipino has a deep spirituality and faith in their own beliefs.
  7. They know how to give respect or debt of gratitude.
  8. Filipino was born adventurous and curious.
  9. Filipino are joyful and funny
  10. Filipino are passionate and cheerful
  11. Filipino are friendly and fun loving
  12. Filipino has “Amor Propio” it is a Spanish word came and it means self-love or self-esteem or self-respect.
  13. Filipino are happy-go-lucky people.
  14. Filipino are family oriented
  15. Filipino always says “bahala na” or ( come what may )
  16. Filipino are emotional

Point of View

Being a Filipino I must say that I’m proud to be a Filipino. I know that being a Filipino you should be proud of. Because if you born in the Philippines you will are blessed with many beautiful places to see and with values that can help us to be a good and better person when we glow up. Filipino people are known to be the fun and loving person. They love family bonding, eating together, and whatever the bad situation is, you will see that their family support each other and they help each other no matter what. The attitude of Filipino all over the world is still the best because they are respectful and caring. You will notice that Filipino nurses work aboard because many countries love the way they serve them. They always put their hearts into serving other people and they are an honest and joyful person.