Being a Mother is the Best

  • 2018/02/09/
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For me, being a mother is the best part that happened of my life. Having a daughter is one of the priceless things that no one can ever replace. The best part of being a mother is to do all things without knowing that you can do all for the best of your family.

Single mother or even if you have a partner or husband theirs no different in terms of the feeling we should feel if we have children.

Best Part of Being a Mother

Is everything. Everything that involves a child is the best feeling. The unconditional love that you can give to your children, the joy that you feel when your children around you, the very rewarding feeling that you always look up because of them, the happiness that your children can give you, the fulfillment in your heart every time you see them happy and grow them fast, the heart-melting moment every time they hug you and say to you that they love you. The time you spend them every moment of it is very rewarding and no one can replace it. When they are infants is the best time to take care of them, teaching them to talk, to walk. And most of all being with them is the best and awesome feeling that every mother can feel.

The best part of being a mother is knowing that you have a little one that loves you and adore you. The priceless thing that a mother has is being with her children and taking care of them. Everyday spending time and taking care of our children we also learning. It does not stop in just taking care of them but it is the beginning of learning many things if you have a baby.

The first step is when your pregnant you’re always seeking a doctor for some checkup. The first month of having a baby in our womb is the first thing also that we are very careful about carrying our baby. Having our baby in our body is not just easy and most of all on giving birth to them. But it is the full feeling of knowing that there is one alive person in our womb that we are carrying.

I remembered the first time I saw my baby I was just crying because I give birth to her safe and healthy. I feel I am complete because of her. No words can express how thankful I’m to God because He gave me the most priceless gift that every woman wants. The time I put my eyes on my baby I cannot imagine how she fits into my body but God is good and awesome. I know from then on that my life has a direction to strive and to dream more for my baby.

Advantage of Being a Mother


  • You are more grateful and happy
  • You enjoy every moment of being a mother
  • You learn more and more every day being with them
  • You feel secure and content in life
  • You enjoy watching your children grow old with you
  • You love teaching them and fed them
  • You always want to go home just to take care of them and be with them at bedtimes
  • Even if you have work you still have the energy to spend time with your children
  • Being a mother is like being a super mom
  • You enjoy whatever you do know that there is someone waiting for you
  • Being a mother is the best part of being a human.

Benefits of Being a Mother

  1. The benefits of being a mother are knowing that there is someone who will take care of you when you getting old.
  2. You have someone that you can lean on when you feel weak and lonely.
  3. There is someone who will give you joy every time your not in the mood.
  4. There is someone who will give you direction in life
  5. If you become a mother you can have the best friend ever in your life and that is your children
  6. In anything, you do you always think about what is the best for your children before yourself
  7. You become more patient when you become a mother rather than before that you still single
  8. You will love children more than anything else
  9. When your children become old you will have someone beside you listening to your never-ending story
  10.  You always feel happy seeing them grow old beside you
  11. You always have energy even if you’re tired just to be with them
  12. When you have a child that is the ultimate possession that no one can take away from you, even if your children get married someday you still their mother whatever happened.
  13. When you become a mother you need to be strong for your children
  14. You become a better person to set an example for your children
  15. Being a mother can give unconditional love to their children, even if we could not give it to our partners but we can give our whole heart to our children.
  16. You can have the guts to fight against anyone when your children are involved.
  17. We become a great teacher to our children
  18. Most of all being a mother should be the one who sets a good example in a relationship with GOD.

Mother Knows Best

Why we always saying that mother knows best, it is because it’s true. They always know what is best for their children. What they do is for their children to be good or better. They don’t want their children to be unsafe or anything bad happens to them. How they take care of their children is double times so that nothing would happen bad to their child. They know what is best for us because they really care, love, and protect us. I believe that no mother would like to have children who hard-headed, who are not respectful, who do not really care about the person who takes care of them, and who doesn’t love back to the one who raises them.

All the time in our entire life our mother will always there for us even though we have our life on our own still they are there to help us, guide us, and teach us how to raise a child on our own. They just don’t give up on being a mother even if we have our own family. A mother is still a mother though we sometimes ignore their presence in our life they still there for us. If we feel about something they just come beside us and hug and telling us it’s okay. They know us very well especially what we feel, even though we’re trying to be okay in front of them they really know what’s going on with us. When it comes to our love life our mother knows what best for us. That’s a mother duty 24 hours a day 7 days a week and 31 days a month.

Once you become a mother you really appreciate your mother more. Because what you do to your child is how your mother does to you. You really adore your mother because you know what are the sacrifices our mother do to us for us to be strong, healthy, and give us all our needs in our grown-ups.

Having a mother or being a mother is a gift from above. Not everyone becomes a mother who bears a child in their womb. But anyone can be a mother if she cannot have a child on her own. It is a choice to be a good mother and to take care of a child even if it did not really come to your body.

For me, if you still have your mother beside you, hug them and tell them how much you love them. Because not every one of us has a mother who still alive and kicking so to those who read this please make small talk to your parents, love them, embrace them, and be thankful that they still there for you.

Being a mother is a lifetime commitment that every one of us may be experienced if we become a mother. It is not easy but it gives joy to every mother’s heart. Seeing their children happy and healthy is a fulfillment of every mother.

What is a Mother Duty

A mother’s duty is very important to us, especially to that infant. They really know how a baby needs, they give very important attention and care. In all, we do the best thing we need is a mother’s advice.  A mother’s duty is a never-ending job. They all do the work but not a single money paid up. The duties of being a mother are all around in the families. It does not end with taking care of the baby but taking care of all the family members. All the household chores are the mother’s duties and loving us is the most precious one.

When I’m growing up I can see all the sacrifices my mother do for us. She works for us to have food and necessity in our daily needs. She always takes all our needs when it comes to our school days, she washes our clothes every other day, she cooks for us three times a day, wash dishes, clean our house, and taking care of us. She can do all that without complaining that she is very tired. You can see her just smiling at us and still serves us what we need. That’s my mother’s duty for our family. How I adore Her so much and love Her so much. She is my perfect and my super mom in my life.

I know how hard, difficult, and very stressful to be a mother, but it is the most rewarding part at the same time. Once you do all the duties of a mother you will lay down in bed and say that God I thankful to have my children okay and healthy, that I can serve them all with all my heart. That is the mother’s pure heart to serve her children and to give the best for them.

In many cases motherhood is not just being a mother to your child but being a mother to those in need, being a mother to all, being a mother to your children’s friends, to your neighborhood, and to all who know you. That is the part of being a mother, it does not just end to your kids but also to those who treat you as a family.