Empowering Women in the Philippines

  • 2019/10/30/
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In the Philippines, women have a big role in our society and community and also in the Filipino family. Filipino women are very dedicated to their careers, family, and loved ones. They are very influential in the life of every man in their life. Women in the Philippines are now in modern days. They are not the old one that stays in the house and they only take care of the family needs and their role is housewife only. At present women in the Philippines are now successful in their chosen career and now they can also lead like a leader in their own field. Women in the Philippines has a strong character and personality. They can be a good leader with a soft heart and humanity.

What is Women Empowerment?

Women’s empowerment is now important. It means that every country has needed a woman and if women succeed it means that the nation is also successful because of the people who represent them. Empowering women is one of the ways to build a better future and to develop a better living. It means that every woman or individual has to develop their personality for a better and become a woman of today. they transform and become beautiful inside and out. They change for the better and not for the bitter. They can be as good as a man in order to raise or to lead in our country. Woman empowerment is defined on how they can do and accomplish as an individual. They are now the women of today because of their determination, strength, and strong personality that they can show to people around them. They are many women in the Philippines now that give pride in the country because of their talent, skills, and ability to shine with their respected field or career. Filipino women now are more carefree, more confident and deciding things on their own without hesitation.

Not like before Filipino women are only relying on and depend on their husbands. They cannot decide on their own and do things on their own without the approval of their husbands. The father or the husband before is the most powerful in all areas of the life of every woman in the Philippines. They give respect and honor to the pillar of their home and once the head of the family decides it will not be broken. At the present time and in this modern-day Filipino women have their own decision on what they want and what they need to do with their life. They are now women empowerment that they can express and do what they really want without the help of a man beside them. Filipino women are now not afraid to express their feelings and they are now very strong in their personality and transform to be more powerful in their chosen career.

Filipino Women Before and Now

In the Philippines, women are important in all areas of the life of every person. Filipino women have improved a lot compared to before. Women in the Philippines are now called “women of today”. They are soft-spoken with integrity and courageous.

Filipino Women Before

Before Filipino women are very shy and timid in everything they do or say. They only depend on the man in their life like their father, their brother, or their husband. They are old fashion and very modest and conservative than women in other countries. Before when Filipino women got married they just stayed in the house and take care of their children. The role of the women in this country was to be a plain housewife and a support system of their husbands. They cannot have the voice in the family and they just depend on their husband’s decision. Filipina beauty is very much attractive especially to foreign people, they like Filipina because of their exceptional charm and appeal most especially the way when it comes to family. Every now and then the family-oriented thinking is still in the mind and heart of Filipino women. Being a Filipina before has qualities that most men like and appreciated it is the way they show love and also respect to the men in their life. Filipina before has a grace and charm that many men place them on the pedestal and honor them.

Filipina before is very secretive especially if they do wrong in their life. They don’t want their family to put in scandals because of the wrong things they have done in their life. They are discrete and very professional when dealing with problems especially when it comes to family affairs of their husband’s mistress. Being kind and considerate of Filipino women before is one example of Filipina who raise with the old way but in the right way. Filipina before are very kind, very respectful, very shy, yet they are very honest to people. They are not living in a world pure of fake people. Before if you have a friend they are real and true to you.

Characteristics of Filipino Women Before:

  1. Filipina before has a quality of being faithful to this his men in her life. They are very loyal to the ones they love.
  2. Filipina characteristics are very martyr when it comes to her relationship with her husband. They always think the best for the family and leave the pain in their hurts their partner have a mistress
  3. When it comes to a relationship women before are very conservative in nature. They are very hard to get and they want their men to prove their love to girls with a long courtship.
  4. Also, Filipina is very old fashioned when it comes to marriage. They want their daughter to get married first before the couple can live in one house.
  5. Filipino women before always believe that husband and wife have an obligation o fix their problem no matter how they hate each other for the sake of their children
  6. Marriage couple before stay together in one house because the wife still believes that being with her husband is the best way to do rather than walk away and leave their children.
  7. Filipino women traditionally stay in the house and the husband should be the one to raise his family’s needs and expenses. Women before do all the household chores and the only ones who take care of the family.
  8. Filipino women before are very respectful and obedient to their parents. They are very afraid of their parents when they give orders to them they must follow and obey their parents whatever it is.
  9. Before women have no voice to choose their loved ones because their parents have all the right to chose the man they will marry, it is called fix married.
  10. Before women dress in traditional dress and old fashioned. They cannot dress in mini skirts, sleave less, or very short shorts. They are sometimes called “Maria Clara”. Filipina is very feminine the way they dress, they act and talk.

Filipino Women Now

At present, there are many changes to the women in the Philippines, though they still have a little conservative in them, now living in a modern world and in a modern-day. Modern Filipina empowered the new version of herself. They are now more confident, more powerful and stronger than before. They are the women of today who are capable of doing everything freely. They can also speak through their minds and not timid on sharing their ideas and talent with everyone. The new Filipina is now very successful in showing what they can do without limitation. They can do things that man can do and they can also do things multiply. They are now lead and carry that difficult situation without the help of the men around them. The modern Filipina now can be as confident as ever, they can make a decision, they can plan things right away and do things in order. They can inspire others to feel confident and smart in front of many people.

Women in the Philippines are now equal to a man now. Being with a strong personality and various skills that they are now boldly shown to people, they are now living in a free country that you can speak and do things without hesitation. Women empowerment here in the Philippines are now completely amazing because of their various talent, skills, and open-minded.

Characteristics of Filipino Women Now:

  1. Modern Filipina are now have their own definition of themselves. They are more free of doing what they want and more confident about deciding what they really want in their life.
  2.  Filipino women at present are willing to face challenges and prove to everyone that they have the strength to overcome their weaknesses.
  3. The role of women in the Philippines is now evolved every time. They are now more conscious about what they look and more materialistic than before.
  4. Filipina women now excel in their chosen career or job, they also can be a good leader because of their soft heart to people.
  5. Filipino women now are career-oriented


Women in the Philippines are now giving pride to the country because of their successful talent that other countries recognize them. They are now very inspiring to all young girls in society and influencing women all over the world. Modern Filipina still has a passionate heart for her family and loved once. They still priorities their family like before. However, at times fly they improve their personality and their skill more and more. They are now not afraid to show to people how modern Filipina is. They are now working mothers and do things a man can do.

In our modern technology, Filipino women learn how to dress and to look good in front of others. They also learn how to manage their psychical features well and to look young and beautiful. Filipino women also influenced by western culture in terms of how to be fashionable, liberated and sometimes be bold in what they feel and think.

In my point of view, I still believe that Filipina still believes in love until now. Because of the modern ages that we have and a lot of things can easily be done other men also think that all women can easily get without love in their hearts. That’s is one reason why many Filipina now get pregnant at their very young ages without marriage. Also, one reason is that women now are very liberated and if they like men they do everything just to be with the men they like. However not all Filipina do such things, they still want the old fashioned way of courting and believe that they should still get married before they can get into marital sex. Filipina has its own style that is why most foreign people love them and marry them. Because Filipino women even now are still passionate, hospitable, caring, kind, and loving. They also “malambing and karinyosa” that most men love them.

We should salute all women out there for doing things that we all know impossible yet they can do without complaining. Like caring a child for almost 9 months in their body is not easy their life is at risk while having a baby in their womb yet they still have a strong faith that they can do it. Taking care of the whole family while working is also one of the things that they can do what man cannot. Being a woman is not as easy as being a man yet all the hardship and difficulties of being a woman can easily carry to all women out there with flying colors. That is how I have much respect for all women around the world. We should honor and give respect to our grandmother, mother, sister, daughter and all women in our life.