Filipino are the Most Protective Parents

  • 2019/11/21/
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In the Philippines, one of the most protective people that we know is that Filipino parents. Filipinos cherish and protect their families in their whole life and as long as they live. One of the most important factors and sources of their strength is the family that they have. Family in the Philippines is one of the priorities of Filipino people. They grow old but still, they want to protect their family from everything that may come along the way. They are still willing to guide those young parents on how to raise their kids and how to take care of the family to stay together, happy, and content.

What is Family for Filipino?

Family is one of the important in our society and in our life. It consists of parents and children that live together as one. They have one goal, one vision, one purpose and love each other so much. Family in the Philipines has a very conservative way when raising their children compared to other countries. Filipino parents are very protective when it comes to their children and family for them the last person that they want to hurt is their family and as long as they can protect them they will protect them as long as they live.

Filipino parents are very caring and loving with their families. They may have different ways on how to raise their family but the main point is that they love their family the most. Here in the Philippines we like big families and most families here have an extended family that includes grandparents, parents, children, grandchildren, uncles, aunties, niece, and cousin and sometimes relatives are also in there staying with them. Filipino family has the goal that is to give their children a good education and give them a better future.

There are different types of family

  1. Nuclear family. This type of family is consists of a traditional family structure. The nuclear family is made of a father, mother, and children living in one roof. There are no other family members in a nuclear family only the first family who lives together and stays together are called a nuclear family.
  2. Single-parent family. A lot of families have their own problem and one of them is to have children that become single parents all along. Single-parent family is now few but it increasing nowadays because most people now are living in a modern-day and they are now stronger and afraid to face the reality to become a single parent and raise their children alone.
  3. Extended family. The extended family mostly uses many many years in the Philippines. A lot of Filipino families are living with extended families with a group of their relatives and grandparents. Normally Filipino has an extended family for them having and living in an extended family is much advantage and much happier than living in a nuclear family. Having an extended family is more fun and there are a lot of members of the family that can help each other and do household chores each of them.
  4. Childless family. A family without a child is more different compared to other types of family. Two people who been married and without having a child is consist of family. At this present time, many Filipino couples have not a child after their marriage for them they enjoy to be with others and save more for their family’s future before having children of their own.

Who is More Protective Parent in the Philippines

In the Philippines, the Filipino family has a lot of influence on the life of their children beings. Parents in the Philippines are very protective and supportive of their children. But somehow the most protective one is the mother. Filipino tradition on the family is that the Father is the one who will have the last decision and the mother should be the one who takes care of the family. The kind of family in the Philippines is very unique but has a natural style of raising their children and building a strong family is their focus and their main goal. The obligation of each member is there at the very beginning and the values of the Filipino family are obviously one of the main factors that Filipino has like being a loyal and loving family of their own. In the old way of discipline the children he father is more disciplinarian compare to the mother because of the tradition that Filipino has the most open the father has the voice in the family while the mother should always be at the side of the father when needed. She should always follow the rule of the man in the house and no one can break the rule of the Father in terms of disciplining his children.

Although Filipino is a more influential family in the world because of how they have been very close to their children until they become older parents want their children to be more dependent on them even if their children have their own family. This is how they want their family to be in touch with each other and be connected to everything they do. Filipinos always put their families first before anything else. They believe that giving them the right love, care, understanding, respect, support, and more time to each other makes their family stay close and be protective of each other. And because of their mothers’ unconditional love, Filipino children believe that the more protective parents are their mother compared to their father.

Here are some ways on how Filipino parents are very protective of their family.

  • Filipino parents are more clingy to their children even if they are grown up and adults. This is how Filipino show their love to their children they still want to hug and kiss their children even if they are now an adult and have their own family too.
  • Parent’s way of protecting their children is that they are the one who always decides the things for their children needs especially the school they will attend.
  • Filipino parents want to be a good model for their children so that their children will follow them the rule that they put in inside the house.
  • Filipino mother is very involved in the life of their children and they always want that their children will always open to them especially when they grow old and have their own decision but still the mother will be the one to know everything about the life of their children.
  • Some Filipino parents are overreacting when it comes to protecting their children that sometimes their children may feel irritated about protecting them
  • Filipino parents always want their children to put in order for everything they do. To have planned in their future ahead of time.
  • Although we are now living in a modern world some Filipino parents still give a curfew with their children. They allowed their children to go home late at night but they make sure to give a curfew so that they know that their children will still go home and follow their orders.
  • Some mothers still supervise their kids with what they eat and what they wear even if they are teens already and know how to eat and dress well.
  • Even in their children’s relationship Filipino parents have always to say about choosing their partner. Filipino mother always protects their children especially on choosing the right person to them.


In the Philippines family are the number one priority and the most important in the life of every Filipino. Filipino parents still want the best for their children and give their life just to make sure that their children will be in a safe condition. Every parent has a dream for their children and wants to build a better relationship between the whole family. Even if they are very protective of their children and to their family, they want to give the most convenient life for them.

Another way of protecting your children is to make sure that you can monitor everything they do for the whole. And for me, I just want to make sure that my child is always safe and always in a good place whenever I am at work. Giving her the life that I don’t experience before. Like sending her to the exclusive school, giving her the best gifts that I can, protecting her as long as I live is the most important thing that I think I can do for the rest of my life. We may not be rich but we reach in the love of our family members. Children in the family are the most special things that God gives to each and every one. Helping them keep from any harmful things or persons is the number of things that every parent will do. Loving them unconditional and serving them as long as we live is not that hard to do especially if you see your children grow with respect and love in their hearts. Having a family is one gift that God gave to us and one thins we should do is to take care of it, embrace it with love and affection, raising them with respect and gratitude in their hearts, and see them growing healthy and smart is one best feeling that every parent will feel.