Filipino Has A Big Heart to Help Their Fellowmen

  • 2020/02/07/
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Helping people is one of the priorities of Filipino people especially when times of need or calamity. A natural disaster can change the life of many people we don’t even know where or when it happened but the good things to many Filipino are that they have a heart and willingness to help their fellowmen. Being a Filipino does not measure how you speak Filipino or how you will act as a Filipino, but rather ends when we have the heart to help people in need. And how we treasure our own literature, culture, and heritage to the point where we love sharing it with others and explained to them where the root we become.

Why Filipino Families are Helping Others

For Filipino people helping is in their hearts and never be gone through the years. Serving and caring for each other inside the family is one important role in the family of every Filipino. That is why whenever they go or whatever they do their hearts have a soft impact on helping people especially those who are affected by the natural disaster that we cannot control. Filipino culture always has kindness in what they did. They show kindness in how they help people with respect in their hearts. Giving comfort, love, and understanding to others that are victims and are affected by things happening in the Philippines. We see how Filipino share their food, their resources and sometimes a little bit of what they have they also give and share to those people in need.

Furthermore, Filipino is known to be a very helpful person to someone they have a big heart. Filipino are volunteers who want to change other peoples’ lives as much as our own. We don’t need to be a philanthropist in order to help people around us but what we need is a big heart to accept the people and help people especially those who are in need. For us, doing good to others requires a lifetime commitment and it helps our self to be more at peace when we know that we can help people in our own little way and that we can change our encourage the Filipino to help each other for the needy.

If we say the Philippines, we think of those Filipinos who really have strong ties with their family, Filipino who are hospitable and kind, those Filipinos who are helpful that they have a “bayanihan” culture in their hearts and mind. It is in their system to help others and care for others’ lives. What makes a Filipino family become more successful is that because of their own way of giving and helping people. They give and share what they have even in a small amount they have in the family. They are willing to sacrifice just to help others especially those people who are victims of natural disaster and calamity. Helping is not a big deal for every Filipino family and individual person. They really want to choose to help people rather than they will be the ones in need. Like every Filipino says that ” it is better to give than to receive”.

Ways on How Filipino Can Help

There are many ways of helping people base on their needs. But somehow other forgot that the important tools on helping people are by giving them what they really need with all of your heart and your ability. Here in the Philippines, the Filipino family teaches their children to have awareness about poverty and they teach them how to help people in need. Also, schools in the Philippines encourage all student to give, to be kind, to be helpful to all Filipino who has been the victim of the typhoon, calamity, natural disaster, and the loss of their home and family. In general Filipino has a bog heart to help people, they are very kind and charitable to help their community and also to their distant family who really needs help.

Some ways to help Filipino by natural disaster.

  1. Filipino can help through giving. They provide shelter to those Filipinos who are affected by natural disasters like a storm. typhoon, and earthquake.
  2. Filipino also show their kindness to those people who are affected by natural disasters by providing water and sanitation. They also offer their support 100 percent.
  3. Filipino also provide shelter for animals who are affected by natural disasters. They give medical care for those animals who are in need of help
  4.  Filipino also share their talent for free like giving them medical care for those victims and teaching them how to have clean hygiene when they are in the shelter.
  5. Filipino also share their stuff or goods to those people who are in need.
  6. They also ask funds or create funds so that they can spread their help even in the far-away provinces that are affected and cannot be reached easily.
  7. The Filipino community also help the disaster center foundation and give a donation for those Filipino who are affected and who are in need
  8. Also, many different foundations raise their funds to give and share to all Filipinos who are in need that cause natural disaster or calamity.
  9. Filipino children also try their best to help and give some to all Filipino who happened to be a victim of a natural disaster. They try to give even in a small amount that they know that through a little it means a lot to those people in need.
  10. Even Filipino who is poor and nothing to eat share what they have or even support the Filipino people who are affected and victim of a natural disaster.
  11. Some of them help through cleaning the street. Some Filipinos who cannot give materials things just pray for all the victims for their safety and good health.
  12. Filipino also send foods or goods that are needed in the affected areas.
  13. Filipino become united when a natural disaster happened to the Philippines, They are united to give help, to raise a fund, and to be generous to every people especially those people who are affected with calamity.
  14. They do not only give food and shelter to those victims of a natural disaster but also give moral and emotional support that helps them move on and have faith in Almighty God.
  15. Filipino also help the victims by voluntarily helping them in what they need. Not only the food and the material things that they need but also helping them to clean their affected areas after the natural disaster affects them.

Natural Disaster that Happened in the Philippines

  • Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda). It is one of the strongest typhoons that cause many Filipino to lost their loved ones and their home. Typhoon Yolanda had cause many damages in the provinces of  Eastern Samar, Biliran, Tacloban, Leyte, Cebu, Capiz, Aklan, Antique, Camarines Sur, Iloilo, Northern Samar, and Negros Occidental. There a huge area that is affected by this Typhoon Yolanda and it happened on November 8, 2013. This kind of natural disaster that strikes in the Philippines has caused so much to all Filipino not only those who are affected but all Filipino people.
  • Bohol earthquake. It happened on October 15, 2013, and the province of Bohol from Central Visaya in the Philippines got shocked and surprised when magnitude 7.2 attach in their area. Filipino are living in that area of Bohol vanished their houses and also those buildings because of the magnitude 7.2 earthquake in their area.
  • The eruption of Mt. Pinatubo. Mt Pinatubo is located at the boundary of the Philippines provinces of Zambales, Tarlac and Pampanga, and all Central Luzon. It erupts in the year of 1991 June 15. It killed many Filipino people and damage the life of Filipino living near that area. The eruption of Mount Pinatubo gives gasses and ash that suffer all Filipinos from breathing and cause many health problems. Not only that it also causes lahar-rain-induced from volcanic ruption that killed people and animals and lost all the property after the eruption of Mount Pinatubo. The economy of Central Luzon and near province who are affected was terribly damage.
  • Typhoon Ketsa (Ondoy). Typhoon Ondoy happened in the Philippines on September 23, 2009. It was one of the devastating tropical cyclones that killed many Filipino people and lost many homes in just one day. There are landslide, flood water level that fills many people. One of the affected areas in the Philippines was Metro Manila most especially at Marikina City. The local government did not expect the cause of this typhoon Ondoy in  Marikina City. Marikina River overflows and killed many people who live and near the river. Typhoon Ondoy set all the minds of Marikinains to be scared and afraid of what happened. For them, since they were born and get old they experience it the first time in their entire life especially those who live there for many decades. But what most appreciated was people in the Philippines give help and encouragement to all Filipinos who are affected and lost their loved ones in those natural disasters.

This are only some of the natural disaster happened in the Philippines that affect the lives of many Filipino and the economy of the country but still they rise and hope and move on what happened to their family and friends. Not only in the Philippines are happened this kind of natural disaster but also all over the world. Like typhoons, earthquakes, floods, volcanic eruptions, landslides, and also fire-affected to the country.