Filipino With Their Creative Minds

  • 2020/02/12/
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In the Philippines, we only recognized mostly those foreign people that invented things that we are now using. But somehow not only those foreign people like Alexander Graham, Thomas Edison, and many more have their invention but also Filipino has their hands and mind that invented. Filipino is not only resourceful but they are very smart, hardworking and very creative. They give their 101 percent of their heart and soul just to build or discover something that really changes not only their life but also the life of many people. Filipino inventors may not be popular as other inventors but they really contribute well in the country because of their skillful and creative mind.

What are Pinoys Creation?

In the Philippines, when it comes to the ability and skills of Filipino we know that they are confident and optimistic about what they create. Filipino are very creative with their different experience and skills. Their minds have their own ideas and thinking with their ability and hard works they create things that are very promising and useful to all. Because of their motivation and difficult life experience there creative minds works with grace and a positive outlook in life. Their ambition and goals to create something help thems to prove to people that they can be something in the future. Filipinos with their talent and ability plus natural creativity they can be successful and popular and have many opportunities in their own field.

Filipino invented jeepney in the Philippines and become one of the public transportation in the Philippines. Leonardo Salvador Sarao Sr. was the one behind the creation of very important transportation in the Philippines that is called jeepney. Jeepney transportation is one of the most popular transportation in the country. It also symbolizes our Filipino culture that well known of every individual Filipino person. The jeepney vehicle is a very unique creation of Filipino and we are very proud that Jeepney is the creation of our fellow Filipino that knows are needed and the fare cheap compares to another type of public vehicle.

At this modern age and technology advancement, it is now easy to create and do something unique through the help of modern technology. The modern device really helps people to be more creative and innovative that lead their works into more meaningful and useful to people. The economy and the growth of it makes the Filipino more proud and confident that we can make it on top. However, even if there are many Filipinos who become successful and popular in their creation and invention still there are few people who always not support them.

Here are Some List of Filipino Inventors Because of Their Creative Minds

  1. Agapito Flores. The man behind the Fluorescent lamp. This Filipino invented a fluorescent lamp at the age of four years old accidentally. Agapito Flores was born on September 28, 1897. He is a Filipino electrician who invented a Fluorescent lamp and been a controversy for his invention. He was born in Guiguinto Bulacan, Philippines and moved to Tondo, Manila. When he was young He works in a machine shop and trained ina a vocational school and be an electrician.
  2. Robert Del Rosario. The man behind Karaoke.  Robert Del Rosario a Filipino who invented the Karaoke Sing Along in 1975. He was born on June 7, 1919, in Pasay City Philippines. He learned to play piano, drums, marimba, and xylophone. Other inventions of Robert Del Rosario are Trebel Voice Color Code (VCC), Piano tuner’s guide, Paino keyboard stressing device, and Voice color tape.
  3. Abelardo Aguilar. The man behind the Erythromycin.  He is a Filipino scientist that works in the U.S. Pharmaceutical. He discovers Erythromycin in 1949. What is Erythromycin? It is to treat certain infections that cause bacteria in our respiratory tracts like pneumonia, bronchitis, legionnaires disease, and pertussis.
  4. Francisco Quisimbing. The man who invented Quink Ink. He is a Filipino botanist and the man behind the Quink ink. He studied at the University of the Philippines. He was born on November 24, 1895, in Santa Cruz Laguna Philippines.
  5. Diosdado Banatao. The man behind the computer chips. He is a Filipino -American entrepreneur. He was born on May 26, 1946, at Malabbac Iguig, Cagayan Philippines. He is known as the “Bill Gates of the Philippines” with his invention and with his talent. He is the founder of the Philippines Development Foundation, Dado Banatao Educational foundation, and Banatao Filipino-American Funds.

Some Disadvantage and Advantage of Filipino Invention


  1. When Filipino has something to invent they become popular not only here but also in abroad
  2. You will receive not only recognition to the Government of the Philippines but also people will admire you
  3. Filipino with their invention get some benefits to the government or to a particular thing which is they invented
  4. They also change their life for better development of living
  5. Filipino invention can help people that are useful to everyone


  1. Filipino invention sometimes did not recognize by the country
  2. In the Philippines even if you are inventing things that are helpful to people’s daily life it did not give easy satisfaction to all people easily and they did not acknowledge it so past.
  3. Sometimes local government does not support Filipino inventors that is why for them they just not share to everyone their invention and keep it to themselves
  4. Filipino invention sometimes cost a lot and time consuming that is one of the disadvantages of creating or inventing something
  5. There is also a risk of inventing something. Filipino know that and experience it during making things happen

Filipino is Very Creative

Filipino with their own talent, skills, and knowledge has a lot to share and contribute to the Philippines and to other countries. With their hard work and patient and eagerness, they can build and do things that are impossible for others. Every one of us has its own undiscovered talent and sometimes we don’t realize that what we do or build is one of the amazing things that we can contribute to our country and to our Fellowman. Filipino are very creative when it comes to ideas and strategy. They can build, they can create, they can have many ways of how things could be and how it becomes useful to people.

Filipino is very simple yet very smart when it comes to doing things and creating different that can contribute to the country. They have their own talent that can beat many foreign people but somehow they could recognize their talent because some people would want Filipino creation. Filipino can speak what is in their mind and what do they really want in terms of doing or creating things. Some Filipinos can create their invention and become popular with their talent and skills. They become successful in what they create but take a lot of risks and invest in doing it.


Filipino has many ideas and creativity when we want to do something that unique and different. There positive outlook in their mind and in their life makes them strong that can create and think something that can be useful to the people. Filipino discover their skills and talent if they are determined and willing to become successful with their field of their chosen career. Their productivity and creativity make them invent something unique and useful that can change their life forever. Things can be possible if you want to achieve it and that is the mind of every Filipino with their goal in their life to achieve something that can really help others and be successful in their invention.

Filipino strongly believe that no matter how difficult or hard their life, they still think positively and continuously doing good so that in return they can create more good ideas and live happily with their family even if they have past bad experiences in life. No matter how misery they live in their past life when it comes to their creative mind and a lot of skills they see to it that they can contribute something and different in the country that their family will be proud of.