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How Filipino Coping in the Pandemic

The Philippines is one of the many countries that strike by a pandemic or we also called it COVID-19. Filipino are attacked by this kind of disease without our knowledge of how it will cause our life at risk easily. Since COVID-19 starts all people are panic for the first time. Staying at the house and lock inside the house for almost a month is very hard to accept. We all know that this pandemic causes an emotional and psychological impact on all Filipinos. We are not ready to face this kind of challenge that we have right. At this moment little by little Filipino are now coping and getting used to it for their safety and for their health.

What is Pandemic (COVID-19)

Pandemic (COVID-19) is a disease occurring worldwide to cause many people to die. This pandemic affects all over the world and a large number of people are all affected psychically, mentally, and emotionally. This pandemic or coronavirus was spread easily to people through personal contact from person to person. You become infected by being in close contact with a person that has a Coronavirus or COVID-19. This virus can be easily transmitted to people if one person has a cough, sneezes, or talk in very close contact. Here are some of the symptoms of Coronavirus if a person a fever or chills, cough, if they suffer from muscle pain and body aches, sore throat, difficulty breathing, nausea or vomiting, and fatigue. If someone has this kind of symptoms it is better to go to the hospital to seek some tests and medical care for help. Because this kind of illness is not just a mild disease it causes the life of a person at risk and maybe it can easily cause the death of a person without our knowing that this is a serious illness and diseases that people should know and be aware of.

The COVID-19 pandemic is very close to affecting those people especially those children and older people and those who suffer from different kinds of illnesses. They should be very careful not to be affected by coronavirus because their life would be at risk and they can easily be transmitted with COVID-19. Older people can be at higher risk in COVID-19 and may require them to intensive care, hospitalization, ventilation for them to breathe, or they can even die easily with this kind of disease.

How Filipino Coping in Pandemic Situation

For Filipinos, Covid-19 diseases are not acceptable and they are not ready to face this kind of disease and this kind of situation that we all now facing off. However, Filipino still praying and hoping that this kind of pandemic will end soon so that they can live a normal life again. It really hard to live a life like we all now facing off, living without the assurance that we all Filipinos are safe and can go out without worrying about COVID-19.

The government still trying their best to help Filipino people to cope with this kind of situation and help them to realize that this kind of pandemic is a serious one that we are all careful and must follow the rule of the Department of Health so that the increase of pandemic will be lessened. The number of people that are affected before is very high and death people also is increasing for a month. That is why the government issue to all areas or cities in the country a lockdown or (ECQ) Enhance Community Quarantine to places that have more affected by COVID-19. The additional restriction also accrued to all business establishment a temporary close due to this kind of pandemic. Some companies also issue temporary work at home ways so that their employee may be free from COVID-19 and can be safe if they just stay in their home while working. The Philippine government is very strict to issue this kind of method to all Filipinos so that they will not be transmitted with these diseases and not cause a huge amount of people to be affected. There are many checkpoints inside and out of the place or area that are mostly have affected by COVID-19, travel in different places are also banned, public or private events are also banned, commercial and retail business are also close, school and universities are also close and some people that need to go to work are also restricted and need a special permit or working permit before they go to their respective work area.

In this situation that causes this pandemic Filipinos are not aware that this stays longer than they expected. At first, the government only issue a one-month total lockdown start from March 17, 2020, to April 17, 2020, to all areas that affected by COVID-19 however at the end of the month the increase of people that are affected are higher than the government expected so they extend the ECQ to another month to check if the affected person will be lessened on those who are affected will be free from diseases. But somehow it will not end so soon the government still monitoring if the affected person is cured enough and if the result of the affected person is not increasing as fast as before the start of the pandemic.

Eight months since the pandemic coronavirus spread across the world, the Philippines has become one of the hardest-hit countries in Southeast Asia. The economy and the industries are still coping with the situation that pandemic cause. According to the Department of Health, statics show that the people who are affected by coronavirus have a total of 362,752 cases, however, those people that have an active case has a total of 43,990, and those people who are recovered from this diseases have a total of 311,506, unfortunately, there are also many people who end their life with the total of 6,747 cases.

How They Cope in Pandemic


We all know that Filipino is “madiskarte” or it is call strategy in English. They think positively even in the hardest situation that we have now faced off. The Covid-19 pandemic causes a lot of damage to all Filipinos out there especially the growth of all business industries, economies, and the environment in the Philippines. There are a lot of Filipino people who lost their jobs and close their business because of the pandemic effect. For almost eight months now Filipino still hoping that their regular way of living will be back soon. However, at this present, we still in a community quarantine to avoid the COVID-19 pandemic increase. Though the government issue that some of the public transport can now open to serve the Filipino but still social distancing is prohibited and they still strick in so many ways like using face mask and face shield to all Filipinos who are going outside their house. For Filipino people, they still think about how they can still work inside their home and be productive. First and foremost Filipinos are not giving up even in this kind of situation they also believe the saying ” virus ka lng Filipino kami” or your only virus while we are Filipino. Filipino has a positive look and thinking about this kind of difficulties they boost their mind and body to work in a harmonious way and remove all worries that cause this pandemic. They think that if they worry about this difficult situation what will happen to their family at the end of the day. So thinking of their loved ones and their family they have the power to survive and be productive in their everyday life.  There are many ways and styles on how Filipino are coping with the COVID-19 pandemic.

  1. Shopping from home. Filipino who all shopaholics are now staying at home and strickly cannot go outside to do their shopping habits in the mall and also those people who are always going to the mall just to unwind are strictly prohibited. However, in the situation, we are having now some Filipinos who have their needs and wants to go on shopping online, it is safer and reliable and useful than going outside and risk yourself in the pandemic.
  2. Online business. At this moment, through the use of internet connection many Filipino who close their business because of coronavirus open an idea on how they will survive. Modern technology has a big role now. Not only in the Philippines but all over the world needs modern technology and its uses. Before it is just at least 80% of its uses are need by the people but at this present time and in this situation that we all have modern technology use 100% of its uses and techniques. With of course with the help of an internet connection. It really big help to all Filipinos who open their business through online selling or buying products without the need to go outside. Online business is now very demanding and very helpful to all Filipinos who are suffering from the pandemic. They are now thinking and creating new that will benefit their time in the most productive and they can also earn money without going outside. Safety is the most important factor in our lives and to achieve it without going outside and to continue living Filipinos use their skills and talent to earn money in their own way.
  3. Stay at home. In a situation that people facing right now staying at home is the best for our safety and our health. Coping in this COVID-19 pandemic can be useful to all of us if we are all staying at home and be more careful when going out. Government protocol should always be followed for us to be safe and to end this kind of disease in the near future.
  4. Work from home. It is now one of the Filipino company procedures to avoid the pandemic increase, a lot of companies let their employees work from home instead of going out and work in their respective companies. This may apply most especially in a private company that does not need their employees to go to their work every day. Spending more time with the family is one of the advantages of COVID-19. Filipino who are working at their office place is now working at home just to make sure their health is safe from the pandemic. It is now some way of all companies to their employees just to continue their business operation okay without letting their employees to go in the office. Companies also help their employees to continue their living without worrying about their expenses because they still have their salaries continue even if they stayed in their homes.


The Filipino family spirit is always within us to protect each and every member of the family. Since this pandemic attack all over the world especially in our country, Filipinos are easily alarmed and scared about how will they fight this kind of coronavirus that is spreading on so fast in just a month. This kind of virus is a very serious one that can kill people easily. However, the pandemic is not ended in just a month, but until this day it almost eight months, Filipinos are still suffering and sacrificing for their safety and health. Filipinos have their mind that if we continue following orders from the government we will succeed in this difficult time of trials and situations. Helping each and every Filipino and giving support to each and everyone is a big help to cope with this kind of tragedy. It is not just a typhoon that strikes one-time big time, but this kind of disease is very high and risky that every one of us is not exempted even if we rich or we are poor. It stays for almost eight months now but still, we are not free for this COVID-19 even if Filipino people do their best to stays at home. It is a very alarming situation. But somehow we all know that Filipino is not easily giving up even in this very difficult time of situation, we still believe that no matter how it takes longer it will still end, by praying, do all the protocols of the government, following orders, and always be hopeful and thankful that we are still alive and kicking at this day.

Furthermore, Filipinos are still thought about how they can help other people in need, and how they can give support to the government who always think the best for his countrymen. Filipinos always have a smile on their face even in this difficult time to show love and support to all people out there who are suffering and affected by COVID-19.

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