How Filipino Man Court a Woman In a Modern Way

  • 2019/11/14/
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Modern technology has a lot to offer to all Filipinos. In the Philippines, the way that modern technology works are really very fast and simultaneous. Sometimes we just follow what is the latest and newest trend of something or things. Courtship in the Philippines in an old way and traditional way is really impressive to that Filipino man with courage and love in their hearts to the woman they really adore. The type of courtship before is very far from the courtship that most Filipino men do right now. Dating now is very liberated and sometimes it does not involve the feelings of the two-person. The Filipino man who dates a girl in a modern way is very aggressive and demanding.

What Is Courtship?

Courtship for Filipino people is very important, especially for a woman. Courtship means you love a girl and you want to be with that person. It is also the process of getting to know two people and beginning to have a deeper relationship in the long run. Dating and courtship are like the same in a way of dealing with two people. Filipino culture of courtships leads to marriage. Before when Filipino court a girl it means that they are seriously loved and they really respect the girl and the family of the girls.

Courtship is the beginning of a commitment to someone you love. It is one of the best parts of being a girl court by a man. The most exciting and romantic part of getting to know each other by two people who have special feelings. It is the attraction and starts off getting to know each other and seeing each other as often as they want. It is also the start of dating someone you like and building a friendship along the way. Courtship in the Philippines has a little conservative compared to other countries. Filipino man is very discreet and friendly before they court a woman they like or they love. The Filipino men who want to court a girl start in friendship at first before they go on dating.

Modern courtship is dating two people without love only physical attraction at first. Filipino men at this modern age court a girl through texting or calling. It is very few of them who will go to the house of the girl to know the family he will date. Singles at this modern technology got involve through chatting and they know each only through text and messaging even if they not seen each other in person. Sometimes a relationship starts only by dating two times and they become a couple and they have a mutual understanding. Through Facebook, Tweeter and Skype people feel in love without knowing the personal background and personality. Modern generation lives in their life easier nowadays. Courtship for Filipino men is easier and more liberated compared to before.

Modern Way of Courtship

At present modern courtship is now influenced by western culture through the use of modern technology. With the advantage of modern technology courtship for Filipino men are become cheaper and easier.

  1. Through cellphones, a lot of Filipinos have a relationship because of the modern gadgets who really less cheap but they connect with each other faster and easiest way.
  2. Modern courtship is now more convenient and less time to waste. No need to use papers to write a love letter, no need to go to the place of the girl to court her.
  3. Because we have access to technology Filipino can choose the girl they want to court and keeps on courting them in a modern way like communicating with them through social media or other application sites.
  4. Their feeling also develops fast without personally known each other because of modern gadgets and websites.
  5. More often Filipino meet their partners through social media.
  6. Courtship in a modern way has no romantic feelings and love at first because sometimes Filipinocourt a girl because of they just like them and there is no connection of love and affection.
  7. Courtship in these modern days doesn’t last for too long. If the girl also likes the man then they become in a relationship easily.
  8. Modern courtship now doesn’t need to serenade the girl you want instead you can now bring them to a concert or be with them in watching movies in the mall.
  9. Nowadays Filipino court a girl without bringing anything, not like before that they bring flowers or chocolate to the girl they want.
  10. Courtship nowadays is the cheapest, most convenient to have a relationship fast and easy. Ther is no foundation of love in the beginning and can easily be broken when times of trouble for the couples. It does not end for too long because of the saying ” easy to get easy to forget”

Importance of Courtship for Filipino

We all know that courtship is very important especially to a girl. It means that someone likes them and wants to be with them. It is also the way that Filipino man ants a commitment to a girl they love. It is also the way Filipinos express their feeling to the woman they want to court and be with. One of the importance of courtship is that it is the way two people to get involve and know each other and the possibility to get engaged in a commitment that falls into marriage in the long run. It is also the beginning to know and evaluate the two-person compatibility and have the potential to become a couple or partners after courtship.

Many Filipino men still believe in courtship in a traditional way. Because they know that true love begins in a long courtship so that it will end well and two couples will better know each other for the long life commitment. Courtship is important to build a better relationship between two people, it is also the start of a friendship and be close to each other in times. Finding the right one and choosing your partner that you want to marry someday is because of courtship. It is one of the most important elements of two people having a relationship.

The purpose of courtship is to be responsible and understand the true meaning of a relationship with someone. You will be able to express what you feel and know the person well. Courtship is a traditional way is ” no sex after marriage” that is how Filipinos believe before and because of the modern ages, the Filipinos also become more liberated and more independent on what they believe or not.

Here are some of the successful ways to have a better long-lasting relationship

  • Romance. Having a relationship means feeling the romance between the couple. This should not disappear for the couple even if they got old.
  • Trust. This is one of the important factors for a better and long-lasting relationship.
  • Commitment. In everything we do, we must always have in our mind that we commit to what we do especially in courting someone we love. Commitment is one of the important factors in courtship. Filipinos know how to be committed once they enter into a relationship with their partners.
  • Respect. In a relationship, it needs a lot of respect so that they can manage to stay strong and understand each other. The key to a lasting relationship between two couples is that respect to each other even if they have quarrels or fight but if they have respect they can still sit down and talk about what matters to them.
  • Understanding and patience. Courtship needs a lot of patience and understanding. Sometimes the person you like doesn’t like you the same way and it needs a lot of patience for you to get the woman you love.
  • Unconditional Love. Having a strong and lasting relationship should need love. Unconditional love to someone you really be with you for the rest of your life.


At present sometimes it’s hard to find someone who truly loves you and has a good intention to you. Because of modern technology even courtship nowadays is modern. Filipinos can easily adapt modern courtship to the girl they want. They are more liberated in courting a woman so easily and they get together but not for long. Courtship in a modern style does not involve their emotional feelings. Once they attracted to each other the couple can automatically have a mutual understanding of what they feel and they become partners in real life. Women in the Philippines still want the traditional courtship for Filipino men, for them, a Filipino man who still does the old way of courting is one of a kind in this day. Because you will know that their intention is purely and they really respect a girl if they court it for long before they receive the sweet yes.

Filipino court in a modern way is not really serious when it comes to commitment. They are more irresponsible when they realize the possibility that their partners are pregnant. They just want a girlfriend but not a wife and they are not ready to become a father. Filipino man wants to be free and not to be really serious when it comes from having a relationship with the women they court.