How Filipino Succeed After Failure in Life

  • 2019/09/03/
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In the Philippines, Filipino can easily move on from their failure in life both children and adult. No matter how hard or how you hurt from the past failure you encounter in life Filipino parents always their for their children even if they are old enough and can decide to their own. Good or bad experience still experiences from the fast and can learn from it and succeed after failure. Any heartbreak or failure in life can deprive a person’s life however for Filipino people every experience have a lesson to learn from it. Every problem has a solution the only things to solve it is to think always the positive side rather than the negative side of it.

How Failure Makes us Stronger

In life, failure is the opposite side of success however for Filipino they think that what makes them become successful is the things that make them failed. They don’t push too hard if they cannot overcome failure in their life. Every people has experienced failure in their life but no matter how difficult or hard they can encounter they have the ability to move on and face their failure rather than leave it and never face it at all. Because in any of problem life we should face and solve with perseverance and positive motivation.

For Filipino people what makes them stronger is that they learn from their mistakes in life and for them, failure is the one that can make them stronger to face the reality of life and have a right attitude on everything that comes along. Challenges and failure is the one that we encounter in our life but the most important things that we face failure is that we must learn from it and become a tool to push our life to be a better one.

Even children can learn a lesson from their failure. They sometimes feel disappointment in life and failed some of it but still, children have the courage to take a risk and learn from their failure to keep trying and succeed on it. Also when children face failure in their life they continue to strive and have the self-esteem to believe that they can succeed from their failure. Children in the Philippines teach to become more optimistic and they are willing to accept challenges to boost their confidence in their life. Children now are more responsible than before. They are more aware of what happens in their environment and they are more open-minded on what happened to their surrounding. Even if they failed to have a complete family they still survive and continue life without hatred in their heart about their family. They accept the fact and continue living to live a life better than what people expect to them.

When people failed they know how to stand up and continue their life much better than before. They know that failure will be the key for them to succeed. And it also builds a better character and understanding that failure will help them to become a better one. Failure in life needs acceptance and what makes a Filipino a good person is that they accept and move on in the life that once make them down.

How Filipino Face Failure

Failure is one of the things that happened in the life of each person or individual. It doesn’t have any level or ages.hildren and adult can face failure and experience it in their life but what makes them move on is that the people who help them and encourage them that they can do it and face it with positive way. People fear to fail in everything they do but sometimes even the riches one can experience failure in their life. Here are some reason why Filipino survive after failure in their life

  • They have family who support them. Every Filipino experience failure in life but for them as long as their family is there and support them there’s no need to feel alone and to face failure in their life alone. Their family is one that gives them and makes them be strong and encourage them to move on and let failure down but not the person who face failure.
  • Filipino face failure for them to boost their confidence. Failure is there but Filipino don’t make it too personal and take separate it to their personal life. Even if their failure is heartbreak Filipino can still have time to smile and to be happy in times of heartbreak. Realize it that it makes no sense if they let failure to ruin their life. Heartbreak for every relationship is one of the failures in the life of every person however it can make you stronger and live the life with meaning if you take it in a positive way and still open your heart to love and move on.
  • Failure can give people a lesson. Every failure can leave in our hearts as a reminder that once we faile in our life. But that failure can also help people to be stronger and wiser the next time they decide and think twice before they do it again because they learn from their fast failure.
  • For Filipino, there can be no failure if they still fight on it. There are a lot of different kinds of failure that we can face in our life however for most Filipino failure for them is not easy to face but they just do is to fight on it and succeed after it. If you fight failure in life you won’t fail. You can try and try until you succeed and don’t give up easy so that failure makes you stronger and successful.

How to Use Failure in Positive Ways

  1. When you failed you always think positive and learn from it. Failure can motivate people to be wiser next time and to learn more on the mistake from the fast.
  2. Think about the people who encourage you that you can do it after you failed from it. Because life is better if you are not giving up but you can stand up and move forward in life.
  3. If you experience failure in life you better be prepared next time you do it. Different kind of failure yet it all have the same feeling that sometimes you feel of losing. But what more can this failure make us sometimes it makes us stupid and no way to get out? But the good thing is that when we move on on that failure because next time we encounter it can be easily just in our life and we just smile on it.
  4. Every failure in our life discourages us to pursue our dream. But you always think that discouragement does not a healthy feeling that we entertain in our life, just eliminate it and think that failure can be a sign for you to become more grateful that you fast on it and solve on it and move on with it.
  5. Failure cannot stay longer in life. Better be prepared and fix it and you will realize that every failure in life has a reason to learn and reason to motivate you to become better and stronger.
  6. Failure can make you more confidence the next time around. It teaches you to achieve harder what you want than handle your failure like a baby.
  7. Failure can make you closer to success. It helps you to be more resilient and to be stronger it what you really want in life and make the best on it to achieve success.
  8. Failure can build you up rather than tear you down.  The first time you failed in life can help you to know what is your mistake so that you will take full responsibility for it. An acknowledgment will help you to be more responsible in what you will learn from your fast failure.
  9. When you experience failure in life you will know your capability in many aspects. You will be able to realize what your strongest part and your lowest part of who you are. The more failure in your life the better you will become as a person and the wiser you become when decision making is a concern.
  10. Every failure gives us pain and every pain gives us a lesson that can change us to be a better person or individual. You will experience failure that causes pain in our heart but makes it possible to still do positive things and in return, you will notice that it make you a better one.


Failure in our life always there for us to remind us that we need to be stronger and braver in all circumstance. For Filipino, there are many failures in each every one of them in many different ways. We failed in our relationship to our loved ones, we failed in our career, we failed to achieve our goal, we failed to our family relationship and friends, we failed to our business, and we failed to become successful in life with are year target. Sometimes failure is better than regret because once we do face failure we know what are we capable of while if we don’t face failure or even try what we want in life because of we afraid to fail we don’t know what will happen if we could not try it. Regrets in life don’t give us opportunities and we don’t know what will happen. Failure will know your shortcoming and improve you better as a person. Even if we failed physically, emotionally and spiritually we can still stand up and move on.