How Filipino Teenager Avoid Depression

  • 2020/08/13/
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When it comes to depression sometimes we did not notice it and it will become destroy the life of a person who’s suffering from depression. Most Filipino teenager is the one who’s facing this kind of depression in their life. Parents sometimes have no idea what happened to their children whose suffering from depression because Filipino teenagers avoid discussing it with their parents or their family.

What is Depression

Depression is a serious illness that every one of us should be aware of. It starts with self sadness and a continuing decrease in self-confidence. It is an anxiety disorder that people can even realize the longer they suffer from this illness their life must be in danger too. Some of the teenagers cannot take or face depression for long that’s why they sometimes fall into a deep depression that causes their life to end. Everybody can face a problem in their life but what depression do to our emotion is a bit risky to our emotional and physical aspect.

Symptom of Depression

There are a lot of symptoms and cause why people can suffer from depression and it is alarming that most of the teenager doesn’t know how to handle this kind of disorder.

  • Depression starts with being sad and sometimes people who want to be alone can definitely feel lonely and away from there family
  • Having a depressed mood and loss of appetite
  • Lack of sleep and feeling depressed
  • They feel hopeless and worthless
  • People who are depressed are doing nothing and their daily activity are lessen
  • They are sometimes restless and easy to get mad for no reason
  • The stress they feel will be more difficult every day
  • They feel pressure in doing things more and more
  • They lose their energy in doing everything

Symptoms of depression are very risky especially to those people who ignore it what they feel and just let it more difficult every day. It sometimes takes a person’s life and most especially a teenager who cannot manage or face their problem that falls into suicide. Some difficult situations for those teenagers can lead to depression that can be a reason to risk their life at an early age. They suffer from a deep depression that may cause by mental illness. Also, some points of depression can start with physical, emotional, and mental abuse. However, depression can also inherit if a family has a history of this kind of mental illness it also has a risk to a person in this kind of genetics that runs in the family.

The Effect of Depression

In the life of every human being, we all face problems and feel stress in many ways. But the riskiest situation is that when the times comes that we cannot handle some difficult situation that may cause our life not to live peacefully and happily. There are a lot of different effects of depression in our life and how we can manage or control it in a way that it could not cause or fall into mental illness.


To the life of Filipino teenagers. Depression is very risky most especially in the life of Filipino teenagers who cannot manage or handle some difficult situations in their life. Mostly teenagers life is just to enjoy and be free in everything they want to do but when times comes that they may encounter difficult problems that are the start of their life to feel stress and exhausted. Their high energy becomes lessen, their concentration in their studies decreases, their mental ability sometimes questions by themselves and most especially their performance would also become worse day by day. Filipino teenager cannot handle depression in a given time, they sometimes give up easily when the problem becomes more difficult and hard to resolve. Sometimes they just wanted to disappear rather than solving and facing the problem in their life. Some of them start with their study habits, it affects their studies when they feel depressed and stress in their daily life or daily activities, they want to excel in their studies but somehow it becomes difficult day by day and especially that student who work hard just to support their studies without the help of their family or their parents. Teenagers now are more aggressive than before. However, being aggressive does not mean that your life is awesome or better. Sometimes teenager who is aggressive is more difficult to understand. This is how the problems start from them when they feel depressed, they cannot show it to people around them, they just want to be alone and comport themselves without the help of others. This depression starts and somehow it will become a disorder that may be hard to resist.

Here is the effect of depression on teenagers:

  1. Lost of trust from people around them
  2. Depression can affect the mental health of the person
  3. It also affects the sleeping habits of a person
  4. It can also give you a panic attack
  5. It also affects the emotional stability of a person
  6. Depression can also affect teenagers of being hopeless in everything

Depression can also be a medical condition like thyroid problems, a brain tumor, or other diseases. However, women are more expressive than men but when in terms of facing problems or handling them most men are very difficult to solve and turn out to risk their life into a suicidal stage. Because men can have a tendency to express their feeling into anger and sometimes they cannot control it at becoming depressed and stress a lot. Most men hide their emotions and can easily feel irritable in some circumstances. They are most likely quiet and lost interest in their daily activities and some young adults fall into drugs and alcohol that may fall into a deep depression that they cannot control and can risk their lives to an end.

Types of Depression 

There are different kinds of depression. Sometimes we cannot distinguish what kind of depression we have facing. And it is very helpful if we all know the kind of depression we have so that we can ask help from our family or friends about the situation we cannot handle on our own.

  • Major depression. This type of depression can appear to people who have to experience a change of mood, increase in sadness, and always feel irritably. They are mostly not interested or they are not happy with what they usually enjoy doing things constantly. Major depression can also cause anxiety and sometimes people who suffer from this type of depression can have a tendency to attempt suicide that end their life in a matter of time. However, we can prevent this kind of depression if we can detect it early and we can ask people around us the help that is needed or ask for treatment from an expert.
  • Manic depression. It is also called bipolar disorder and it usually appears between 15 to 24 years of age. it is a serious condition that causes a lack of sleep, weight loss, feeling hopelessness, and it is mostly like a major depression in so many ways. It can also avoid if people who face this type of disorder will ask for help from the expert and to their loved ones, and family members. And most especially to be open about what they feel.
  • Seasonal depression. It is called seasonal affective disorder (SAD). This type of depression mostly caused by a lack of interest and enjoyment in everything they do, they also feel depress and experiencing difficulty in sleeping habits. This seasonal affective disorder can be treat by therapy, medication, and ask for the help of psychotherapy.
  • Situational depression. Is a type of depression for a period of time. Sometimes it starts if a person experiencing a traumatic event, death of a loved one, breakup problems, and health illness.

How to Avoid Depression.

We all know that depression is one of the riskiest disorders that people can encounter. It can be a severe or a lifetime treatment. It can also destroy your happiness and it can easily end the life of a person. However, every problem has a solution it is sometimes difficult to handle but we can avoid it if we know how to express it in a positive way.

Here are some tips to avoids depression:

  1. We can avoid depression if we have someone beside us. Bonding and communicating with our family is one of the best therapy for those people who are experiencing depression. Especially those Filipino teenagers who still need the protection and guidance of their parents. They should be open to what they feel to their parents so that they can avoid some problems that may cause depression in the future.
  2. Staying healthy and thinking positively will be a big help for teenagers to avoid depression. This will helps them to stay focus on what they want to in their daily life.
  3. To those Filipino teenagers avoid taking drugs and too much drink of alcohol. It will not help you to stay healthy and at the same time, it will lessen your negative thoughts to people around you.
  4. Always be grateful and hopeful in what you have and what you want to be in your future. To avoid depression you need to have a positive mind and a positive attitude towards everything.
  5. You should have self-esteem and self-respect yourself. Trusting yourself and trusting people around you is a big help to avoid depression in your life.
  6. Ask help if you think that the problem you have facing is very difficult to handle. This may help you lessen the burden and prevent you from depression.
  7. Be competent and active in all you do. Spending time with your friends and family is also an important part of a person. Stay in love with them and enjoy time with time is best that help you get more excited to live every day.
  8. Have a goal and dream in your life to avoid stress and sadness.
  9. You must be optimistic and have moral support for your family and friends.
  10. Give a lot of courage and encouragement to those people around your Take some rest and enjoy life to the fullest.


In the Philippines, many Filipino teenagers fall into depression and end their life at an early age. It’s not only here in the country but also all over the world can experience this kind of illness that teenagers cannot handle properly. It is very hard to manage and difficult to face especially if they think that no one loves them and supports them in everything they want to do in their life. In this kind of mental disorder parents or our friends and family should be more careful about dealing with our family members especially the young ones. Parents should be aware of their children’s daily activities and they should also be involved in their children’s life. In this kind of support and love from their family and friends, teenagers can avoid depression and mental problems that can cause their life into a mess and difficult situation. Parents should always be there with their children, giving them the right support, love, affection, education, food, and shelter will be a good help to their children growing upstage.