How Filipino Treat Their Housemaid

  • 2019/09/24/
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In the Philippines, the Filipino family grows up with their housemaid. A lot of Filipino family especially those in the middle class and those who are rich have their own Yaya or nanny. Those children who grow up with a silver spoon has used to call their housemaid as their “Yaya” the one that takes care of them and give them all their needs in the house. Filipino family trusted their housemaid with all their hearts because they leave their children into the care of their housemaid or Yaya. Filipino maids called “kasamabahay” in Tagalog. Here in the Philippines, the Filipino family is lucky because of the culture that we have in our society that allows having housemaid or maid as long as you can pay them and treat them well. Having a housemaid and Yaya in the house can make you more productive and can help you lessen your work-load task at home especially those mothers who work at the same time need to take care all the responsibilities in the house when she gets there.

What is Housemaid and Yaya in the Philippines

There are many definitions of housemaid and Yaya for Filipino people. Sometimes it depends on the person how they treat their housemaid and Yaya in their life. However, a housemaid is a person who does all the task in the house and performs the work of a domestic like cleaning the whole area of the house, cook, washing all the clothes of the family, and be the one who responded with all the needs of the members of the family. Hiring a housemaid or Yaya in the Philippines is not that easy as it is. Sometimes even if the housemaid comes from an agency it doesn’t mean that you can fully trust that maid from the agency. It is still best that you know a person before you can trust your family and children to them. Having a housemaid and a Yaya in the family is a big help for Filipino family who are very busy and have no time to manage their house and their children needs. In the Philippines, it really helps all the housemaid and Yaya to all Filipino family, there is not only a house in the family but sometimes Filipino family treats their housemaid as their real family members with respect and love and most of all with all their trust.

The Role of Housemaid in Filipino Family

Housemaid in the Philippines are very industrious and you can lean on to them all the household chores. They can be all-around to all the job in the house that many Filipino wives cannot do all things with the help of their housemaids. Filipino family love and respect their housemaid because they are the one who prepares their foods, clean the house, washes their clothes and the sides and most especially take good care of the house when the family is not around. Filipino are lucky that here in the Philippines is not very difficult to hire a housemaid but it also hard to trust someone you don’t really know at the start. But somehow a lot of Filipino family hire a housemaid that is recommended by their friends or they hire some of their relatives that leave in the province and to work in the city in the exchange that they send hem in the school while serving them in the family as a housemaid.

How to Hire a Housemaid in the Philippines.

  1. Some family hires their housemade through an agency. They have no time to conduct a personal background of the person they hire that’s why they go straight to the agency and file an application that they need a housemaid.
  2. Another way to hire a housemaid is through referral.  Some of the relatives refer their friends to their family friends. This one is much better rather than hire housemaid from an agency that you don’t have any idea what kind of person you will hire. Referrals from a friend are the more easy way but more trustworthy because you know that that person is already known by your friend and it is easy to know the personality and the background of the person.
  3. Hiring a housemaid from the private employment agency need a lot of procedure before you can get one. It also needs a lot of requirements from the person you need to hire like they need to submit their barangay clearance, medical health certificate if they can physically fit to work, need also the Police clearance, National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) and most of all the copy of their birth certificate to know if they are not underage. They need to prepare an employment contract if you will hire them from an agency.
  4. At present, the easiest way of hiring a housemaid is through the use of modern technology like Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, and through a phone call. But somehow it is more risk if you can hire people using this kind of apps on the websites. You need to be more careful about talking to them and giving them importation.

The Role of Yaya in the Filipino Family

For Filipino family the role of Yaya in their life is very important, they are the one who takes good care of the children of the family and the need of the child. They give their love, affection and their life just to make sure that the children that they take care will grow with values and respect to the person and surrounded with love and care. They are the one who responsible to give all the things that the child need from the food they eat to the dress that they wear and even their school need. Sometimes having a Yaya can really give you peace knowing that your child has in good hands. Filipino Yaya is the best because they treat their “alaga” or the children as their own children. They really value the time they spend to their “alaga” while they are still young because once they become old and have their own family their service is not needed or sometimes they continue to serve their “alaga” until they have their own family because of the way they treat their “alaga” and how they show love, care, and affection to them.

Hiring a Yaya is like hiring a housemade in the Philippines the procedure and requirements are all the same but you need to be very careful on hiring a Yaya because the life of your children will be on their hands. it is also advisable if you hire the one that you also know their background and their family so at least you will have an idea what person they should be. Having a Yaya have many precautions as well. You don’t really know the person until you will get along and trusting them is really hard to give especially at first.

Advantage and Disadvantage of Having a Housemaid or Yaya in the Philippines

Here in the Philippines, you will notice that most Filipino families have a “kasambahay” or housemaid or sometimes if there are kids they also have a Yaya for their children to take care. Not like other countries that they don’t hire housemaid for their home or Yaya to take care of their children only here in the Philippines that we live with someone is around us to take care all are a need and take care of our children. It doesn’t mean that if you are rich you are entitled to have a housemaid or Yaya in your home. Filipino who can afford to pay a housemaid or Yaya in their family is entitled to have one or may as they can as long as they can pay them and treat them well. Filipino are lucky because of the culture and structure of our society that we allow every family to have their own maids as long as they can afford to pay them. Having a housemaid in the family can worry you free every day. You can sleep without thinking about what would you prepare for tomorrows food or what things you must do first to finish all the household chores in a whole day and you can work at the same time.

Here is the advantage of having a housemaid or Yaya in the house:

  1. Having a housemaid can lessen your workload in the house. You will go home with clean and have food on the table without worrying about your family members if they would food to eat even if you can go home late.
  2. They can do all the household chores regularly especially if both parents are working.
  3. Once you have a maid or housemaid in your home you can do extra things without thinking that you need to wash the clothes of your family or clean the house every weekend.
  4. You can also work without worrying about your children needs at home if you have a Yaya whom you can trust to do their responsibilities of taking good care of your children.
  5. Having a housemaid can also advantage especially if all the family members are not around they can be someone who takes care of the house and secure the security of your house without worrying when all of you are leaving.
  6. If you are alone a housemaid can also be your companion or someone to be there for you whenever you want to go. When need to go to the market or supermarket there is someone who you can lean on to do that task of buying all your food supply.
  7. Sometimes a housemaid can do all-around in your house like they can fix small things in or minor maintenance in the house.
  8. A housemaid can do all things just to serve you better and give you a pleasant and clean house every day.
  9. Best of having a housemaid is that when you go home you can relax at your house without thinking of doing household chores at your busy day and when you feel tired and exhausted. You can relax and spend time with your children after work because you know that your g=housemaid already prepare things and food for the family.
  10. Having a maid or Yaya can benefit both of you. You as an employer and here as an employee. But the most important is having them around you can live you more peace and you will also know that your children are safe with them even if you are not around. You don’t worry about what your children will eat or if they are okay for the whole day if both parents are working.

The disadvantage of Having Yaya and Housemaid in the Family

  1. This one is the disadvantage of having a housemaid the expense. If you are ordinary people who work and have a minimum income yet you have a housemaid to pay the problem is your expenses.
  2. The other one is some Filipino housemaid is not really find their employer but they find someone that they can steal things from their employer.
  3. Sometimes the disadvantage of having a Yaya to your children is that they can get closer to your children and they want to spend their time with their Yaya than you.
  4. Also, some housemaid is industrious when you were around but if you are not in the house they are lazy and they just relaxing and doing the household chores.
  5. Having a housemaid sometimes you feel that your privacy is not private anymore because most of your doings will know your housemaid and it is no secret anymore.


Filipino people grow up with a Yaya and housemaid at least for those family that can afford both services. And we Filipino are so lucky and bless because of the labor that we could pay on hiring a housemaid and Yaya is not expensive compared to other countries that they pay it on an hourly basis. Filipino housemaid and Yaya have a big role in the life of every family who really need to work both parents for the future of their children that’s why a housemaid is played a very important role in the life of Filipino family. They are the one who helps every parent to lessen their households chores and taking care of the children. Without them, every family has a lot to do with their everyday life after working they do all the task in the house like preparing food for the family, cleaning the house every now and then, washing clothes and dishes, and being resp[onsible to all the needs of their children in their everyday life.

Here in the Philippines, Filipino family treats their housemaid or Yaya as their own family too. What they eat and where they go their housemaid eat also the food they eat at the same time. When the family goes out of town all the members and the housemaid has also joined them and enjoy what they enjoy to. They just leave one person to stay in the house when all of them go on an outing for days. They really have respect and love to their housemaid and especially to their Yaya who takes care of them when they are young until they become older. Some Filipino who have Yaya in their youngers years take them with their life if they get married. They know that their Yaya would be the one also to take care of their baby and also them with all their hearts. Filipino love their Yaya and treat them as their second mother or parent. The love will never fade but they grow deeper and the respect will never last. Some Filipino children choose their Yaya to stay in their room rather than their parents. The love for their Yaya is incredible that they cannot go out with their Yaya around.