How Important is Marriage to Filipino People

  • 2019/11/06/
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In the Philippines, Filipinos still believe in marriage. They know how important to get married before living together. Because marriage is a lifetime commitment of two persons and it is with God’s permission that two people who bow in front of Him should not be separated. Here in the Philippines, the family of both parties is very involved in preparing the marriage of two couples. Filipino parents want their children to get married when the right time. They support and help their children in preparing the wedding of their children. Filipino parents understand how hard to prepare a wedding, especially for the couple involved. This event is the most important to the couple in their life and starts to build a new family of their own. Filipinos still believe in the traditional way of getting married, they still want to have a good relationship with both relatives of the couple. Marriage in the Philippines is usually done in a traditional way.

What is Marriage?

A marriage is a sacred testimony of two-person in love and has a relationship. Marriage is legal all over the world that has a legal contract between two individuals. Marriage is the agreement fo two-person deciding to have obligation to each other and live together through thick and thin.

Marriage also defined a person with the opposite sex and in a relationship to become husband and wife. It is done by a legal or religious ceremony and also in a traditional way.

Here is some form of marriage:

  • Arrange marriage
  • Marriage for convenience
  • Fix marriage
  • Romantic marriage
  • Same-sex marriage
  • Open marriage
  • Prenuptial agreement
  • Common-law marriage

Traditional Way of Marrying in the Philippines

Traditional wedding in the Philippines is usually hard and exhausting for both parties. Marriage in the Philippines is one of the important sectors of the family code. Before they could not allow men and women being together until they been married. Filipino family influences the old fashion way about marriage. They still respect the tradition of Filipino on how people getting married. In the Philippines, the groom will shoulder all the expenses of their wedding before but somehow at present, this changes a little bit like the couple should be the ones who decide what they want to be in their wedding and the expenses of their wedding should be pay by both parties.

Filipinos traditionally follow the step by step on preparing a wedding. First, the groom and his family will formally go to the bride’s house to introduce and know each member of both parties. It is called “pamamanhikan” in Tagalog.  This kind of tradition is usually very special to the couple because the groom finally asks the hand in marrying his bride to their family with the help of the family member of the groom. It helps this kind of tradition to have known each member of both families and lighten up the family that they become one soon. Another part of the wedding tradition before is to ask the elder’s approval about the wedding preparation and all. Sometimes they are the ones who decide and choose all the primary sponsors of the couple’s wedding. The elders in the family should also be one to serve the guidance of the two couples for building their family as husband and wife.

Another part of the traditional wedding in the Philippines is the “Despedida de Soltera” or it is called farewell to singlehood or stag party. The friends of the bride usually have a night party before the wedding and also the friends of the groom have a party of their own it is a bachelor party for the groom. The couple has their own party to celebrate their last of being single and last day of freedom as an individual. For the bride to be the party is strictly for ladies only and for the groom they also restricted to men only.

Traditionally, the Filipino wedding ceremony should always be done in the church. This the way of how Filipinos give respect to what they believe in. But at present and in this modern-day Filipino wedding ceremony done in different ways and different places. Like the wedding now can be done at the beach during summertime, or it can be in the garden or wedding hall, it can also be done in the office of the judge or at the office of the mayor. The bride should wear a wedding dress it is a long white gown dress that symbolizes the virginity of the bride.

Before during the wedding ceremony, it is done with the couple’s first dance and all the guests have to dance with the couple and give extra cash to the newlywed and pin it in the wedding dress of the couple. It is traditionally done so that the couple has money for their start as a family. Some wedding ceremony has a Filipino dance depend on their religion. The Filipino wedding ceremony is one of the most important parts of the life of the two couples soon to be married. They give their best to their wedding day. They attend seminars to get a license for marriage.

The Important of Marriage to Filipino

Marriage is very important not only to Filipino people but to all person who believe in marriage and who wants to have their own family. Marriage is one reason why many of us are here in this world. It is the beginning of two people who fall in love and become one. The beginning of building a family and the beginning of selflessness and unconditional love. In the Philippines, the family is one of the important factors and the first priority of all Filipinos. They believe that being married to the person you love is the step of being more responsible and giving yourself fully to the person you choose to marry and be within your entire life.

Here in the Philippines ones you become married you stay together no matter what happens and no matter how hard it is being together to the person you are marrying. Because in the Philippines even if the two couples did not love each other anymore they still stay together because first for their children and second is there is no annulment in this country not like other countries that they have divorce or annulment. The law in the Philippine about marriage should be the Filipino who will be got married should be at the right age or 18 years old and above. There is no divorce and annulment here ones you get married you will stay and live together through thick and thin.

Filipino people believe that marriage is a sacred ceremony that unites two people and builds trust, happiness, friendship, and loyalty to each other. Marriage is not as easy as we all know. It is a difficult and hard part of the life of a person to be with other people that he or she really doesn’t know the whole personality. But somehow choosing the people you love and marrying the person you chose to be with will give you a family that you can truly appreciate and keep forever. You will learn how to take care of other needs, you will learn how to love unconditionally, support the person you love all the way, and you will learn how to be unselfish because of them.


There are many reasons why people get married knowing that marrying a person is not as successful and happy as it is all the time. Being married is very hard to explain and imagine but at the same time being married is one of the best parts of the life of a person. Building a new family that you can call as your own, having children that you will take care of, having someone beside you all the time, taking care of your, support you, and love you even in your worst side.

Filipinos believe in marriage and the sacred inside of it. It is the start of building a family and having someone beside you and someone who helps you through thick and thin. But being married is not always in a good situation or have a successful relationship throughout their marriage. There are also many problems and many things that the couple may face along the way of their relationship of being together as one. It not always happy and ones they discover their attitude, their imperfection and they’re become cold to each other and sometimes they also some fights between the couple. This is normal for a Filipino couple who get married when they did not exactly know the person for a long time before they get married the relationship of being husband and wife sometimes failed but still they need to be more stronger for the sake of their children. Filipino priority is their family and this one comes off having their own family and starts to build off their own. Filipino family has a strong foundation and strong belief that no matter what happened they stick to each other and support each other as one family and as husband and wife.