How Long Distance Relationship for Filipino Couples Works

  • 2019/10/14/
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Long-distance relationships need hard work and it is a very tough relationship for the couple. In the Philippines, a lot of Filipinos who have a relationship that works in other countries have a lot of challenges and burdens in their everyday life knowing that someone they love is not there beside them. Less time to each other, less communication, less bonding time and less being together as a couple. Knowing all of this is not easy for both parties and knowing that leaving with their loved ones is not also a happy part for both of them. Filipinos are very much intact and very much close to their family they intended and push to work abroad just to give a better future for them. This causes so much loneliness on both parts but most especially to those Filipinos who leave their family to work abroad. Filipinos are a loving person and can wait and willing to suffer for a long time for their loved ones.

What is Long-Distance Relationship

A long-distance relationship is for those couples who are not being together but have a relationship. There are connected through distance but not seeing each other personally. But with the use of modern technology, being in a long-distance relationship now is not that hard compare to before. WE can see and talk to our loved ones anytime we want because of modern technology like video chat, video call and even see them every day the problem only is that we could not touch and feel the affection of our partner because the truth is they are far away from us. Because of the technology we have now we are being connected to our loved ones even if they are living miles away from us and we still have communication without missing them so much because we can see them through website application. We don’t even need to spend much money if we want to see our loved ones because at this present we could see them if we have internet connection in our place and it less expensive than traveling to the place of our loved ones if we want to see them and talk to them. The apps and the technology we have now can help all those couples who are in a long-distance relationship to maintain a successful and strong relationship through good communication and time to each other using these apps and sites that have now in our modern world.

Advantage and Disadvantage of Long Distance Relationship

Having a long-distance relationship is not as easy as an ordinary relationship that the couple can be together anytime anywhere they want to see each other.

Here are some advantage in a long-distance relationship

  • Filipino couple that has a long-distance relationship can have time to save money for their future.
  • Filipinos are very patient when it comes to their loved ones. It is also one of the advantages for us Filipino to really handle that kind of long-distance relationship even if it is hard for both couples.
  • The advantage of being in a long-distance relationship is you will know how faithful your partner to you.
  • You will also notice how dedicated both couple to their relationship even if they are far away from each other.
  • The long-distance relationship helps the couple to maintain their relationship more exciting and you be committed to giving time every time that they have the same free time to chat and to communicate.
  • Being in a long-distance relationship, the couple must be both committed to their relationship. If they want to have a healthy and strong relationship both parties should be able to show how they love each other and commit each other for the relationship to become better.
  • A long-distance relationship always has their stick schedule for them to have time together even if they are far away from each other.
  • The advantage also of being in a long-distance relationship is that both of you will take good care of the relationship. The saying that “absence makes the heart grow fonder” relates to a couple who is now in a long-distance relationship that they really have a deep level of intimacy and deep respect for each other.
  • Filipino couple who has been in a long-distance relationship has less fight compare to the couple that they are together every now and then. Those couples who are in a long-distance relationship always have a positive relationship. They intended to have a happy time and understand each other even if they are not being together.
  • Filipinos who are in a long-distance relationship have more time for their individual growth. Each relationship needs to grow each person individual and mostly having a long-distance relationship is helpful to both sides to grow theirs individually for the better.
  • Being in a long-distance relationship it helps to strengthens the emotional bond of the two couple. The couple has to do soo much effort just to have a strong relationship.
  • One of the advantages also in a long-distance relationship is that you can do whatever you want as long as you will not hurt your partner and you still do the right things with certain limitations.
  • The advantage of LDR now is that we have a modern technology that can really help all the people who are far away from each other but they connected through modern technology.

The disadvantage in a long-distance relationship

  • The disadvantage of being in a long-distance relationship is a physical need and the loneliness of the person away from you. The absent of physical touch and affection is very hard for the couple if they are far away from each other.
  • Jealousy is everywhere for those couples who have experienced a difficult time for a long-distance relationship.
  • Arguments are always there for the couple who have no strong relationship that builds before they separate their ways and become in a long-distance relationship
  • Some relationship may fall into temptation for those couples who are in a long-distance relationship
  • This is the time that you will prove how your partners love you and honest to you even if you are not together as a couple.
  • Sometimes when you are in a long-distance relationship the love will fade away because of the third party.
  • Filipinos who have in a long-distance relationship sometimes feel the pressure that their loved ones are not being with them.

Tips for Better Long-Distance Relationship

  1. Be honest with your partner. Being in a long-distance relationship needs an honest partner and a loyal partner to make it work and stay strong.
  2. Keep your communication open. Communication is healthy and helpful not only for those couples who are ion a long-distance relationship but also to all people who are in a relationship. Communicate and be open are some of the best tips for those couples who are in a long-distance relationship.
  3. Make every moment special. When you are in a relationship especially in a long-distance relationship you always make every moment especial together even if by a phone call or video call you alway feel your loved ones how special is that moment.
  4. You know how to manage your expectations for your partner. When you are in a long-distance relationship you cannot expect that your partner will always with you when the time you want it and see your partner. However, in these modern days, you can always see and talk to your loved ones even if they are far far away from you.  Insecurities are not allowed to a long-distance relationship. It will not help to grow strong and it not healthy for the relationship if one of them feels insecure about others.
  5. You should have trust in your partner. In a long-distance relationship, trust is very important for couples. It helps both of them to have a successful relationship and a strong relationship that can be last longer.


Filipinos are very patience and faithful to their partners because they know how difficult their situation is. Having a loved one that is far away from them takes a lot of courage to be prepared and willing to prove to everyone that both of you can survive until time will come that both of you will be together and be together for the rest of your life. That is how Filipino thinking that even if their loved ones are not with them personaly they still survive their relationship and become successful because of their love for each other.

We all know that Filipino is very sweet and thoughtful that is why many Foreign people fall in love with Filipino because of their character and simplicity. Filipino couple is very realistic when in terms of their future for their family this is one reason why both of them separate their ways because of their dreams and a career move that helps their individually to grow for a better. Trust, love, honesty, and communication is the best tool for a long-distance relationship. Patience and understanding can help to have a strong and healthy relationship even if they are together or not being together. Loving someone far away from you needs a lot of effort and encouragement to both parts.