Is Real Friends Hard to Find

  • 2018/02/21/
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Real friends are really hard to find from my own point of view. Why? Because sometimes when we have friends we always share what we have, our ideas, our things we do, our friends always there but in real life, it’s really hard to see who’s your real friends even if you are down or you are in good situation.

What is a Real Friend?

A real friend is the one who will understand you no matter what. A friend who truly loves you and understands you in all aspects. Who tells you what is wrong and what is right in all the decisions you made. Who always by your side especially when you needed someone to comfort you.

A friend who always called us best friend is really hard to find but once you find it you will treasure it as long as you live. A best friend is the best ever in our life, he or she is the one that we can tell everything about in our life, the one that can give us encouragement, hope, joy, laughter, and tears in every journey of our life.

We always want our best friend the best for everything, if we have a best friend we always want them to close to us whenever we were going. We wanted our best friend to know every decision we made, tell them what is in our heart, what we think, and most especially what we do.

A friend is the one who tells us what we really are, they are there to guide us, tell us what is wrong or they are the first person who appreciate us, and who give us advice when it is needed.

A friend is the one who accepts you for who really you and know you much better than your self. Once you have become friends the friendship will last longer until you treat each other as best friend ever. That’s the sign that your friendship is in a deep and lasting relationship. Sometimes friendship is better than a girlfriends or boyfriend relationships.

A friend is the one we needed the most when our hearts are broken. A friend is willing and always available on time when we need them. They are willing to hear our dramas in life and be with us when we feel alone and lonely.

How can I defined True Friends

True friends are really hard to find, you may have many friends beside you but true friends its really hard to have. You can have friends to hang with have fun with before you can find true friends. A true friend is the one who helps you, who guide you, who share with you what is in with her or him, who laugh with you, and who sees the truth even if it hurts you. True friends are the one who lends his or her hand to you anytime anywhere. It does not give you false hope but encourages you all the way.

True friends are there to listen to your never-ending story, to give some advice, to comfort you, and someone you can depend on. We always treat our true friends a family. True friends are there for you no matter what happened. They always protect you and cares about you to help you when you are in trouble. True friends are there in our hearts and mind even if we are far away from each other the true essence of a friendship will still remain and remember.

Having true friends in our life is very important it means the world will turn around but true friends will there to stay at your side no matter what. Trusting our true friends is the most important thing we always give to a friend but once the trust is broken the friendship will not last long.

Positive Side of Having a True Friend

  1. A true friend can fight for you whatever happened
  2. Depend on you in so many ways
  3. Protect you at any cost
  4. Teach you to be brave in all circumstances
  5. There beside you at your lowest point in life
  6. Willing to help you all the way
  7. Give you all the support that you need
  8. True friends will always help each other in times when they needed help
  9. True friends love each other us true family
  10. You can share all your insecurities and problem with a true friend

How to Find True Friends

Finding a friend is easy but finding a true friend is very hard. Once you find it you better keep it for life because true friends are very hard to find. Sometimes we think we can have a true friend in our life but once the problem between the two of you came in you realize that your true friend is a fake friend. Fake friends are everywhere they will let you see the best in them and they will give you all the best for you to be comfortable in that friendship once you give in the true colors of them will follow. True friends are the one that can fight for you and willing to give you all that she or he may have.

A true friend is the one who shares your smile when you are crying and feel alone. Who will hold your hands when you fall and tell you it’s gonna be okay. Who will love you more than anything in this world? Who accept you totally and encourage you when you feel you are not in the mood. Who be honest with you in all times and trust you all his or her weakness and strengths. You know that you find your true friends when you are at the lowest point of your life but still she or he still with you.

You can find a true friend if you see yourself spending time with her for a long period of time without any boring moment. You can also feel the love and respect of that person through the rest of your journey in life.

Good friends care for each other, understand each other and most of all love each other. That’s the true meaning of friendship. If you have this kind of friendship keep them in your life forever because they are true and real people who always by your side no matter what happened. True and real friends stay forever beyond words, distance, and time.

True friends are very hard to find, impossible to forget, and very difficult to leave. Friendship means understanding, forgiving, and caring for each other. They protect each of those who want to destroy their friendship.

Point of View

For me having a true friend is one in a million. Why because real friends are really hard to find. Sometimes we think that friends around us are true and real but when times of trouble you will really know who your friends are. It is better than you have few true friends than having many friends around you but they are all fake or not really true to you. I guess sometimes we forgot those who really care for us because of the people behind us that we call friends. We forgot to spend time with our real friends if we have new friends. That is the number one I notice to those people around me, they just ignore the time you spend with each other, the memory you have of each other, the long years you stay us best friend when the new one comes in. You realize that you almost forgot because the new one is active in their life. That is somehow I fell to those friends that I treat as my best friend ever. But now I know who really is my true friends. I can count on them even if they are miles away from me, I still can tell all my problems and share them all my happiness.

From my experience, I know now that not all your friends are real friends. Some of them are fake and not really true to you. You do good to them but at the end of the day they just don’t remember the things you do good to them but they just see the mistake you’ve done to them even if it just one mistake. You treat them well but in return, they don’t appreciate the things you do to them. All the malicious think would they think to you and sometimes they also think bad things about you.

Sometimes you encounter a friend that is not sincere and true to you. That is the number one I notice to some of my friends they are not really sincere to me even if I really show them how sincere I’am to them. I treat them, help them, and give my hands to them but at the end of the day they just ignore all the thing s I’ve done to them, but that’s the life you will learn and move on from the past to make your future better.

Now I really know who really are my friends, my true friends that I treasure the most, who I give my 100 percent trust and affection to, who I can give my helping hands to all the time that is needed. Now I treat my few true friends a very important in my life, they are not really here near me but I know in my heart that they are really true to me.

Having true friends is a gift from Above no matter how rich or poor you are we still have one true friend or best friend. A real friend is the one who treats you special, the one who hugs you tight when you needed the most, the one who listens to your problems, the one who always beside you when you fell down, the one who protect you, the one who can share all your secrets in life, and the one who always there in your life and stay forever.

A true friend will love us not for what we have but for who we are. They are very generous to our needs especially if it is necessary. They are not there to use us but they are there to help and guide us.

Friendship is the best part of our life. They give us joy, happiness, and comfort. If we have real friends in our life we can say that we are complete because having a best friend is like having a sister or a brother. We treat them as a true family in our life and let them joined the family we have.

What we have in life if we don’t have a best friend is boring. Going to the mall alone, watching movies alone, eating alone in the restaurant, and going on a vacation without a friend is not exciting and you feel incomplete. So I guess every one of us has a friend and real friend in our life. Treasure the friendship we have and make the most out of it. Give the best we can give to our best friend because not everybody is true to us and having one is very hard to find.