Life of Filipino Teenager as Working Student

  • 2018/08/20/
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Filipino teenagers are very eager to pursue to finish their school even if their parent or their family could not help to support them financially. They go to school and at the same time, they are working for their needs for the school requirements and for the payment of their tuition fees. If we know that a teenager finishes her or his school with the help of themselves through work after school they are admirable. Filipino teenager is admirable for being diligent and industrious. Being a working student of Filipino teenager it not easy but sometimes through the support of the family, they can handle working at the same time going to school.

What is Working Student

A working student is a person who has work and at the same time go to school as a student. Being a working student needs a lot of effort not only to his work but also in their studies. In the Philippines, a lot of teenagers who work are those who have no capability to finance their tuition fee, bills in the school and their allowance by their family. Education is very important to a Filipino family they really work hard to send their children to school and finish their education as long as they can.

Being a working student is very hard they need to give their 100 percent of attention when they are in the school and give 100 percent of their strength when they work. Being a working student is much different especially on the schedule. Their duties as a working student are hard while they’re still in the school. They have different time for working and give a time for studying. A working student is responsible enough to handle their life being a student. They will know how hard to handle a job while they need to go to school after their work. They will know how important the commitment and the time when they become a working student.

A working student sometimes works in their school and give them a financial assistance if their academic or grades is in the middle and they don’t let their grades fall. Some student that they have no capability to pay their tuition to apply in the school as a working student.

Application for working student in the school need:

  • intellectual ability and academic competence
  • commitment to serving the community for a better future
  • has no capability of financial status
  • they should maintain a high grades
  • a working student should have no drop-off subject

Types of working student:

  1. Working inside the school. These students who work inside the school don’t get paid but their tuition fees are discounted or sometimes it is free its depend on their grades.
  2. Work outside the school. These working students get paid and maybe work either day or night depending on the availability of their school schedule.

How They Balance Their Job and Being a Student

In the Philippines, being a working student has a lot of things to do they need to set their mind, body, and soul to perform well, both their job and their academic grades. They need to work and go to school as well to finish their studies. Filipino student value the importance of education. They try their best to finish their studies and have a decent job in the future.

They need to balance their time to their work and to their studies. Being a working student is not easy but they work as a part job outside the school or sometimes inside the school premises. We all know that Filipino student who works while studying is mostly in a lower class of living. The family has no capability to support their children by sending to school and paid their tuition fees. So many Filipino students force to find a job that can fit their schedule in the school.

  1. A Filipino student who work while studying need to prioritize their daily task and learn to manage their time. They learn how to be responsible for their time and use it carefully. Being a working student need them to limit their leisure time activities and focus on their time on their job and on their studies.
  2. A working student needs to have time management and good planning for their monthly, weekly, and daily studying activities.
  3. A working student balances their work and their studies through the help of those people around them. One of the most important things in their life is support from their family and friends even if it not a financial support.
  4. A student who works has more experience on how to deal with the older one and have a friend with them. They balance on how to fellowship with and the same time communicate with them well.
  5. They know how important their study and the same as their work.
  6. They also know how to manage their finance well because they know how hard they get their money from their work. They also know how to balance they finances everytime they see their expense.

Benefits of Working Student in the Philippines

Here in the Philippines, many students are working because going to a college is not that easy if your parents have no work.  Being a college student is expensive, the tuition fees, the expenses, and also your allowances like transportation, food and boarding house if it is needed. So many students turn to have a part-time job to help themselves the cost of their tuition fees and all the expenses. But in fairness to Filipino student, they really help the younger ones to be responsible to their action to give thanks to their family because some of them can go to school without the need to have a job to support their tuition fees.

Here are some benefits of working students:

  • They can do better in the school. A working student needs to participate better in the school to get a high grade while they are working. You can see that most working students are responsible because they are matured enough to be a better person.
  • Being a working student they are more matured and responsible to another student who is not working.
  • A working student may learn a lot of skill and they are ahead for some ordinary student. They can improve more of their self while working and studying.
  • They can have opportunities to have a professional connection when they are working.
  • Being a working student can help to boost your personality and can be a stepping stone when you really face the reality after graduation.
  • A working student can experience a very strong support to the corporate world. Some company is willing to support the students who work for them and at the same time go to school after their job in the company.
  • Some benefits of being a working student are there become smarter and they can have a strong personality.
  • They gain more confidence in all area of their life when they face trials and all the people around them.
  • A working student can earn money and can save their own money even if they are still in school.
  • Be a working student can be successful in their chosen career. They will learn how to balance schooling and working.
  • The good thing about working while studying is that you have experience at a very young age to work at you will appreciate more those parents that have work yet at the same time take care of their family.
  • When you graduate from school your company will give you a better position and better salary at the same time. You don’t need to find a job when you graduate.

Filipino Teenagers as Working Student

The life of a Filipino student who works for their tuition fees and other expenses is not easy. It takes a lot of courage, strength, and positivity before they can be called a working student. They need to manage and balance their schedule for them to work while study. Filipino teenagers are more eager to finish their school and have a degree so that they can have a better job and a better future ahead.

In the Philippines, there’s a lot of students who work while studying. The life of a Filipino family here is not as easy as we all know. There’s a lot of struggle and hard work before you can support your family needs especially if all your children are going to school. That’s why many students will force to work because the family cannot support them financially for their tuition fee. The government could not support all student to become a scholar in their own level. Because there are millions of student who need support from the government and they cannot afford each and every student to free their tuition fee. The tuition fee of every private school here in the Philippines is very expensive and all the parents who cannot afford to send their children in the private school can send them in the public school but sometimes even if they send their children to a public they can afford all the expenses that every student must pay. There are no free expense in every school even if it is a public school. So a student may force to work and study hard so that when the time comes they can have a better job and better future.

A Filipino student who works can deprive their self to sleep well. They learn not to waste their time and for them, time is gold. They need to balance their work and study. Need to start their day as early as possible to have time to school projects and then going to work. They sometimes ignore their friends invite because they have work after school. Their social life is less compare to an ordinary student. They sometimes work overtime than joining extracurricular activities in their school.

When you see a working student there are more matured compare to other students, They think more matured, act as an adult, and they are more responsible in their life. Filipino student is very aggressive to finish their school and have a degree for them to help their family. They know how important to have education and nobody can take it away from them if they have a degree in the near future. However, they know that the rewards they can get are to finish school and have a better job in the future.

One of the most awarding feelings to Filipino parents is when they see their children finish their school and have a better job. It is an awesome feeling knowing that their children hard work has a good result and they feel happy and contented knowing that their children have a better future ahead.