Life Single Mother in the Philippines and Their Sacrifices

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For Filipino, they believe that without their mother their life is nothing. A mother is one of the best things in this world that love us the most and care us with so much affection and love us unconditionally. Even if we have our father around us a mothers love is different from the other. Here in the Philippines, we look up all the single mother who raise their children alone without a father figure around them. That is how strong a single mother, they stand up alone, they work hard, they take care of their children alone and she can give their children need alone, that is a single mother struggle every day of their life but continue to live happy in front of their children. No women want to raise their children alone. And no parents want’s that their children get pregnant out of wedlock. However, even if there are many single mothers at present they raise their children in the best that they could and have good moral value when they grow old.

What is a Single Mother

A single mother is the one who does not have a husband or a partner and living alone with her children. Being a single mother have all the custody of her children. She is the one who raises her children and supports the needs of her children alone. A single mother has many responsibilities in terms of her children needs. She is the one who takes care of her children and supports her children alone. A single mother has a strong character and very independent they don’t need a man in their life just to complete them as a woman. They can survive without a husband or partner in life because they know that someone needed them and depend on them. Filipino single mother is the strongest person.

Reason Why They Become a Single Mother

There is a lot of reason why women become single mother in their life. Some chose to become a single mother, other is out of wedlock, and some have no chose but to be a single mother even if their child has a father because of the separation. Some cause of the broken family and the children left to the mother alone. Filipino single mother doesn’t choose to become a single mother and raise their children alone without a father beside them, but then because of some circumstances, they become a single mother even if they don’t like it. No one like to be a single mother in their life but Filipino women have a very strong personality that they can handle everything that came along with their life. And most men believe that women can live alone without them.

  • One of the many reasons why women become a single mother is that some of it cause a broken family. Even if parents tried to stay together because of their children yet they still end up their relationship into annulment or separation.
  • Another reason is out of wedlock. Many relationships at the beginning are exciting and smooth and some do the marital sex without marriage and didn’t plan to have a child early along the way but somehow when the relationship longer and the baby is there their relationship get even worst and they end their relationship when the baby is born.
  • One reason why women become a single mother is that their relationship with the father of a child is not interested to become a parent.
  • Some reason why single mother become single is that the father of the child is no longer live and died early when the children are born.
  • Some women chose to become a single mother rather than being together with the father of her child because of her ex-husband or partner has a psychological incapacity. Other treat them bad and get physical abuse of their partner or husband.
  • Women become s single mother because the father had an affair to other women and their relationship as husband and wife is end up. They no longer together and the kids left to the mother side while the father lives to another house with his new girl.
  • Unintended pregnancy. This is mostly the result of many Filipina teenager who at their very young ages got pregnant. They are not capable of raising a child with both mother and father that is why a mostly teenage girl who got pregnant should be the one who suffers to raise his own child without the father.
  • Another reason why Filipino women become a single mother is they adopt a child even if they are single. Some single women adopt a child for them to have their own child even if they don’t have a partner or a husband.
  • Filipino women fell in love with the wrong guy. This mostly happens to all women and after they give everything to their boyfriend and become pregnant that is the time they will know that the men they fell in love are a married man. They become a single mother and accept the fact that the father of their child will not be her partner for her life.

The Disadvantage and Advantage of Single Mother

Ther are many advantages and disadvantage of being a single mother all around the world not only here in the Philippines.

  1. First is the finances. Being a single mother is very hard to be alone and be the one who manages all the expenses. This is one of the disadvantages of a single mother that you need to budget all your money just to survive for everyday life for you and for your child.
  2. Decision making.  Being a single mother you alone will have to decide on all matters in your life and your children. You don’t have anybody who will help you decide when it comes to your children life. You alone can make all the decision in your child’s life. Everything from school they attended and from the small to a big decision.
  3. Undivided attention. Once you become a single mother you will have all the love that your child give to you and you will give all your love to your child. All your attention is only for your child. Also, the advantage of being a single mother is that all the love and attention of your child will only focus on you. Your child life depends on to you on how you can manage very well his or her future in the best that you can.
  4. You will become the strongest women ever. A single mother is the strongest and independent women they will be. Once the child is there they realize that they can do everything just for the sake of their children.
  5. You will work harder for the future of your child. A Filipino single mother always thinks for the best of their children. They work double as she can to provide the needs and expense of her child.
  6. You feel alone. A single mother sometimes feel that she alone when she needed someone to comfort her. When she needs someone to talk with and to be with. But all of this may fade when a mother see how her child grows healthy and smart. Sometimes it may be disadvantaged but most of the time when you thinks of your children al your loneliness will fill with love and affection of your child.
  7.  It’s really hard to discipline your child alone. This is one of the disadvantages of being a single mother you need to explain very carefully to your child when times that they want to know or see their father. You also need to discipline them in the way that they still feel love and support coming from you.
  8. Hard to trust men. When you are a single mother it hard to find someone who truly loves you and your kids. You cannot trust someone easily when you know that every man is not honest and responsible to love you and treat you the way you want it to be.

The Sacrifices of a Single Mother

We all know that being a single mother is not as easy as other parents out there. They sacrifice all their happiness to make sure that her children will be in a good life and good hands. Other single mother chose to stay single mother for the sake of their child future and safeness. Because at this present many Filipino men sometimes abuse the child of their partner, they also psychically hurt the child when the mother is not around. That is why a single mother did not choose to live with other men because of some bad news happening in the Philippines about sexual abuse. Another sacrifice of a single mother is they have no time for herself, They also think for her childcare before her happiness. After working they go straight to go home just to know if her child was safe and okay. They also had a financial sacrifice. Like the things that she wants to buy for her self but rather she chose to buy things for her child. Especially those teenagers who become a single mother at their very young ages. They really suffer a lot compare to those adult women who become a single mother. Teenagers single mother is not yet ready to become a mother and to handle all the responsibilities yet they keep the child and take care of their babies to become a responsible mother and father at the same time. A lot of sacrifices for a single mother and they can face it all for the sake of her children’s happiness.


Filipino people salute single mother in the Philippines. However, being a single mother is not easy in many circumstances like how to take care of her child alone, how to be a mother at the same time how to be a father to her child. But once you become a mother you become stronger than you expected. You become strong to face all the trials and problems that will come along by yourself beside your child. And that will help you to be more independent and wiser because you have a child to protect and need your love and care. Being a single mother is a very challenging role in her life. You need to prioritize your child’s care before anything else. A lot of sacrifice in the life of a single mother just make sure that her children are in good hands and give the best for the better future of her child. However, many single women believe that every child is a gift from above. Taking good care of them, love them, giving the best that you can, and seeing them grow is the most rewarding jobs that every mother feel especially if you alone are the one ho manage and raise a child. It doesn’t mean how rich or poor is the mother is but the feeling is still the same. You will feel that even if your life become a mess before your child’s born but when you see your child that’s the time you will thank God because it is the gift that you cannot ignore nor cannot deny. Being a mother even if you are a single one who has someone beside you is one of the best feelings that no one can fill in your heart. Here in the Philippines, you will realize how your family supports you in a difficult time of your life and that is to become a single mother. Every member of your family is there for you and willing to help in the best that they can, emotional, physical, and financial aspect of your the life of being a single mother your family will never leave you nor forsake you when they know that you will become a mother without a father.