Living in the Philippines

  • 2019/04/11/
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Living in the Philippines for those people who want to be part and staying for good here is very relaxing and comfortable compare when you live abroad for good. When you want to stay for good and you choose to live in the Philippines, it is not hard to live in the Philippines if you have enough not even too much on your retirement. Because living in the Philippines with a simple life will not cost too much compare if you live and stay in other countries. All you need and wants have already here in the Philippines. You also not feel alone because Filipino are friendly and hospital, if you know how to be kind to them and show them that you also want them to be your friend.

Cost of Living in the Philippines

AT present many foreign or even Filipino who are immigrant choose to stay and live in the Philippines when they got old. The foreigner who married a Filipino wants to live and stay in the Philippines because of the low cost of living and the beauty of the Philippines. If you want to retire you can choose the Philippines. Because retiring in abroad and move here in the Philippines is not as expensive when in terms of the cost of living when you are senior. There is still a lot to do here in the Philippines than you expected especially if you have relatives or family who are here in the Philippines. Knowing that there is someone who will take care of you and treat you as a family if you are old is enough reason to live and stay old in the Philippines.

Moving in the Philippines and make it as your home when you finally want to retire is one big decision in your life. But when you think that living in the Philippines is not that expensive as other countries your decision is right and you can still save more rather than pay more on all the expenses in your everyday life.

When you are a foreigner and live in the Philippines first you must have an ACR or  Alien Certificate of Registration then you must have a working permit if you are working in the Philippines if not you should go to Philippine Embassy or to Bureau of Immigration to file your permanent resident or PRV.

Living in the Philippines you need to know that the currency is the Philippines peso, Filipino can speak and understand the English language so it is not hard for you when in terms of communication, but the national language in the Philippines is the Tagalog language. Mostly Filipino are Catholic. The largest city in the Philippine is Metro Manila or NCR, Cebu, and Davao. It is very cheaper to live in the province than in the City. However, there is more population in Metro Manila than others in the province.

Because the Philippines is westernized countries. Filipino are open to foreigners and not afraid of the changes. There are a lot of things that you like especially Filipino food, the Filipino culture, the beauty of Natural Resources, the land and mountains in the Philipines, and also you will experience a different kind of transportation in the Philippines. Also in terms of communication, the Philippines has modern technologies communication.

Reason Why Move in the Philippines

  • It is cheaper compared to other countries
  • The cost of products and goods at a lower price
  • Filipino can speak English fluently
  • Filipino are friendly and hospitable
  • You can choose from luxury living to low living depending on your budget
  • The food is good and the fruits are fresh at a lower price
  • The transportation is also developed
  • The way of living is also in modern technologies
  • You can live with normal life if you want to
  • The Filipino people are helpful and they can take care of you
  • Filipino people can treat you like family
  • You can find a family in the Philippines if you are a friendly and loving person
  • Filipino is easy to be with

Pros and Cons Living in the Philippines

Living in and the Philippines and deciding to stay there when you’re old is a big decision to make especially when you are not born in the Philippines. You must check first the condition of the country you decided to move in before you go. There is a lot of positive and negative side in every situation you may decide. However, if your budget is not that big enough and you want to live a normal and simple life with everything is there the best place to choose to live is in the Philippines.


  • Staying for good in the Philippines if you are not Filipino is a little bit difficult to compare if you are born Filipino. However, if all your documents and information are processed well and you can have a Visa or Permanent Residence in the Philippines it is much better to live a normal yet a happy life here in the Philippines.
  • If you are not sensitive in the weather condition you can stay and live here in the Philippines. You also feel the heat of the summer in the Philippines and feel the coldness of the weather in the month of December to February. The Philippines has a good weather condition compare to other countries that they have very very cold weather and very very hot climate condition.
  • When it comes to the economy of the Philipines it is continuously blooming. The Philippines is one of the faster-growing countries in terms of the economy and it performs very well to all Asia country.
  • Aside from that if you live in the Philippines you can hire maids, assistance or even driver for your own good. You don’t need to wash your own clothes or even cook your own food, or go to a place by yourself. If you have enough money and you want someone to help you all to do your task or work you can hire Filipino and paid them.
  • You can travel to all the beautiful places in the Philippines that cost a little amount compare when you want to travel to other countries. The Philippines has a beautiful Island and beaches if you want to explore and feel the heat of the sun.
  • You also notice how Filipino has a strong bond with their family and friends. You will realize how Filipino treasure their family and how they treat their friends as a family. Because Filipino are family oriented and they will treat you well and they respect you as well. Filipino will help you for as long as you need them. They also support you to all your needs and they are true to if you are true to them also.
  • You will also appreciate the culture of the Filipino and the way the young Filipino respect you like their older family members.
  • You can live in the Philippines depends on your needs and taste of the lifestyle without thinking that it can cost too much. Because living in the Philippines is not that expensive compared to other countries.
  • You can also put a small business in the Philippines depending on your ideas and budget.
  • The Philippines is the place to live in when everything does not cost too much. You can have fun living in the Philippines and have friends that can help you to find a place that is not expensive but elegant, beautiful and safe place to stay in.
  • When feeling stress, you can pamper yourself. The Philippines has the most affordable and great massage and spa. There is a lot of salon and spa massage that can provide you the best of their service with the most affordable price.


  • One of the most problems that you will encounter when you want to live in the Philippines is the traffic. Metro Manila is the most traffic place in the Philippines. Heavy traffic can give you soo much stress especially when you travel at rush hour.
  • Also in the Philippines, one of the major problems is corruption. Many Filipino knows how this government has the most corrupt people.
  • If you stay in Metro Manila the air is polluted and some streets have a lot of streets children especially in the urban area.
  • There are also Filipino people who take advantage if you let them give what they want or push to give them things from you.
  • You also notice the so-called “Filipino Time” Filipino people are used to go on late in every meeting they attended too. So you better get ready that Filipino always late in their appointment.
  • If you choose to live in Manila expect the flood in rainy days. Some streets in Metro Manila are flooded area and you will experience to stock in the traffic if the rain is coming because of some street are a flooded cause of the clogged drainage.


Living in the Philippines is great. Especially for those Filipino who naturally born and grow up in the Philippines. You will see that most immigrant Filipino workers who work and live outside the country will still choose to grow old and live again in the Philippines when they retire from working abroad. When they are young they want to work abroad and stay there for as long as they can save more money for their future and for their family. But when they became senior and want to retire from their work in abroad they still want in the Philippines to live until their last breath. Filipino love the Philippines. The culture, the tradition, and the value of how they learn when they are young are still in their hearts and soul. They still want to bond with their family, friends, and relative when the time comes that they retired from their work even if they have a residential permit in their countries where they are working before.

However, even if there are many negative sides of staying and living in the Philippines there are a lot of good things that will definitely help you to choose the Philippines as one of the places to live in. A lot of foreign people still here and stay because they enjoy the beauty of nature in the Philippines and enjoy the Filipino people to be with and work with. It says the ” It’s Fun in the Philippines” and that’s true. You enjoy being with Filipino people and the beautiful places in the Philippines. It is priced when you see the nature that was amazing and heartwarming.