Means of Transportation in Metro Manila, Philippines

  • 2017/05/30/
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When it comes to transportation there’s a lot of ways to use or to take. Going to our daily routine, like going to work need us to ride a car, take a motorized tricycle, jeep, bus, taxi, and use MRT these are the transportation that everyone use.

The transportation system is a facility or equipment with the movement of people. It is also a solution that makes us reach the place we want to go. To transport a product or person is easy if we have a system that will use.

These are the ways of transportation:


This is the most popular transportation in the Philippines. Everyone ride in a jeep especially ordinary people that can’t afford to pay a big amount to other public vehicles. All of us had experience in riding a jeep. We are blessed because only in the Philippines has it. When going to our work most of us take a jeep for our means of transportation even if the jeep is crowded some of us still ride in the back of the jeep even if cost as a danger. Many Filipino use riding in a jeep because of it less expensive especially those who want to save their money for other needs. People use this vehicle going to work and vice versa. Also, many of us want to ride in the jeep because it will not cost us dizziness when we travel to a place, were going to.Not all in the city of Metro Manila that jeep can pass through, there is a place in Taguig that jeep is prohibited, they can only enter at Market Market. Moreover, in Ortigas jeep can not pass through at Megamall,  there are certain street that jeepney can pass through in Ortigas Center. Also in Makati, there is a place that strictly no jeepney or public utility vehicles allowed. Not all the street in Metro Manila that jeepney can pass through. However, it is the easy way to use especially jeepney has a sign board they display the route they pass to.

But taking a jeepney is not just easy for other it cost more time on the street sitting in the jeep waiting to filled all the seat. Nowadays it not really safe to ride in a jeep in the middle of the night, there is a time that bad person took all your things inside the jeep. Because of it public utility vehicle and its open window and easy to get in. Some of as had a bad experience riding in a jeep and they are now more careful and more watchful to the passenger.


Another means of transportation is taking a taxi. Going around here in Manila is easy using one of this transportation, we should be very careful and know some basic about taxi in Manila before we get into the car. Most of the taxi driver pays a boundary or daily rate for the operator of the taxi. Taxi car is a metered taxi.

But Filipino ride in the taxi only if they have no available car in their area, why because some of the taxi drivers are not safe to trust sometimes they are cruel and bad. they use their taxi for bad purposes and they are notorious. Taking a taxi is expensive they use to charge you more than what you expected. Taxi in Metro Manila now has bad images because of the things they did to their riders.


The bus is one of the big roles in using transportation. It serves as the main factor to a Filipino people, it gives you the easy way of traveling into provinces to Metro Manila. Each bus company has its own terminal and they are spread all over Metro Manila. On the contrary, Bus also have their sign board where they go, we can see the route in front of the bus. Buses usually do not go to the city-center they stop at the place where the city major give them permit.  There are types of Bus, the ordinary bus, and the aircon bus.

One of the biggest terminals in Metro Manila is in Cubao Quezon City. Some of the buses now have its own TV  especially the provincial buses. Another terminal is in Pasay and Manila. Bus fare is cheaper than taking a taxi or other sources of transportation. In Metro Manila buses usually pass through EDSA, that’s why EDSA alway heavy traffic.

FX/UV Express

FX is one of the none metered taxies in the Philippines, It’s usually pass through the City-center of Metro Manila. It can take only 10 passengers inside the FX. It’s usable and can afford the way of transportation. Its aircon and safer than taking a taxi. It usually has their point to point area, not all can pass through each city. Like In Marikina City FX can pass through Marikina to Cubao, Marikina to Ortigas. In Ortigas, they have Ortigas to Quiapo, Ortigas to Pasig, Ortigas to Taytay, Ortigas to Antipolo. Ortigas to MRT North, Ortigas to Montalban. In Makati, they can pass through Makati toPasig, Makati to Buendia, Makati to Taguig. Also in Taguig were Market Market is located there’s a lot of terminals there, Bus terminal, Jeep terminal, and FX terminal, were FX destination is from Market Market going to Pasig, Market Market to Ortigas, Market Market to Bicutan, Market mArket to Tipas, Market Market to Rosario. FX in Trinoma terminal has a lot of routes, Trinoma to Sm Fairview, Trinoma to Cubao, Trinoma to Novaliches, Trinoma to Monumento, Trinoma to Bulacan. Commuters like to ride in Fx because it can pass through City to City. It’s easy and affordable and theres a lot of  FX car.

VAN/UV Express

In Metro Manila, Van UV express or ( Utility Vehicle ) Express are cheaper than other metered Taxi. Seats can cover at least 16 to 18 passenger. It’s aircon and its range as low as 30 pesos to 60 pesos per passenger. UV Express franchise was expanded not only to Metro Manila but to the nearest province also. UV Express has its own terminal on all City in Metro Manila. It’s scattered all throughout in Manila, Makati ( Ayala Center) Pasig (Megamall), Mandaluyong (Starmall), Cubao, North Avenue, Centri Station, Marikina (SM Marikina), Sm North Edsa. Trinoma, SM Fairview. UV Express has terminals going through nearest provinces like Trinoma to Bulacan, SM North to Marilao, Baclaran to Alabang, Ayala to Almanza, Ayala to Paranaque, Ayala to Festival Mall in Muntinlupa, Ayala to Imus Cavite, Ayala to Molino Bacoor, Ayala to Pacita, Ayala to San Mateo Rizal. Cubao to Malolos Bulacan, Festival Mall to Trece Martirez. Park n Ride (Lowton) to Queen’s Row Cavite, Balintawak VIA NLEX to Dau (Mabalacat Pampanga).

UV Express is Van that can accommodate many passengers, unlike FX.It is a license to operate Utility vehicles, As an alternative mode of public transportation in the Philippines. UV Express is a van like Toyota Hi-Ace, Nissan Urvan. People has many options for commuting and for those people who rides in public transportation, these UV Express service provide good quality transport and they serve better, unlike other public vehicles.


One of the newest transport services in Metro Manila, Philippines is UBER and Grab Car. they are here to serve us faster and easy way. They are the modern transport service that everybody wants to rides. It’s more comfortable, safe, convenience and easy to find even if you are in your house. Uber and Grab Car are usually operated by their own operator these are the private vehicles and the newest car that running all over Metro Manila. It is generally a transportation network company. It uses a Apps or software for those drivers and riders. You can not take a Uber or Grab Car if you don’t have their Apps. Uber and Grab car is a little bit expensive than Taxi, but it’s safer and they can pick up you and deliver to the exact place you want to. Taking Uber or Grab Car will take you where you need to go, it’s free from worry from hassles and its fast like no other. Uber and Grab car is the transportation with the use of advanced technology. It’s a private vehicle and most of the driver are the owner of the car.


It’s a transportation uses only two wheels, it’s the fastest of all transportation that we take. When you are working it the best way to use motor vehicles, less traffic and fewer hassles on the road. Some of us take or use motor vehicles for our traveled even in provinces. In Metro Manila, many of us use this type of transportation for the easy and cheaper transport. It easy to drive. You can drive motorcycle vehicles all over Metro Manila and all the provinces it has no limit where you want to go us long as you can drive and know the place, Here in Metro Manila motorcycle has no coding, unlike other public and private vehicles that run all over Metro Manila.


The type of transportation only uses inside the public place. Tricycle and pedicab are two smaller type of public transportation in the Philippines They can only use for a short distance than other transportation.

A pedicab is a form of Bicycle with a side car. It’s called us ” padyak” or “traysikad” in the Philippines. Most people use pedicab especially when there’s a flood in their area.

Tricycle is a motor vehicle with a side car. It’s a three-wheeled gasoline-run motorized. There are many types of tricycle depending on their sizes other can accommodate 4 to 5 passengers but other can be seated only by 3 people.  Tricycle has also a roof top for baggage use and extended back to put other baggage. It’s not expensive incomes off the fare. These are the most common use of transportation around the Philippines especially provinces.

 BIKE or Bicycle

Bicycle is one of transportation that also include exercise and also more efficient means of transportation.  However, it is not safe using bicycle around Metro Manila,  especially going to work it’s hot and you arrive at work very wet and not being desirable, but people still do it. Less traffic but more effort. Bicycle also help our body to become physically fit while we drive it’s an exercises factor. Many people, especially by the group, drive a bicycle it’s also easy to drive with only two wheels, you have to know how to balance and you can start driving bicycle even if you don’t have a license. It less expensive compared to other transport vehicles.


MRT or Metro Rail Transit is one of the main mode transportation that commuters use.It’s from North to South EDSA station. Many of us who’s traveling going to work use MRT, its one of the fastest transport that most of us use. It helps us not to be late for our work by taking MRT but we need to be patient and careful if we are taking MRT, There’s a lot of people who fall in line before they can get on the train, they also a bad person who toke advantage of the situation they are pickpocket person who always beside you and tries to be closer to you. You don’t know were this bad person attack you. MRT  station is from Taft station to Magallanes station to Ayala station to Buendia station to Guadalupe station to Boni station to Shaw Boulevard station to Ortigas station to Santolan station to Cubao station to GMA Kamuning station to Quezon Avenue Station to North Avenue station and vice versa. This is the station that MRT stop by, you can only get in if you have an MRT tickets.


LRT or Light Rail Transit is one of the trains in the Philippines that commonly used by the passenger.  LRT or Light Rail Transit has two lines, the original LRT Line 1 ( LRT 1 ) or Green Line, and the modern LRT Line 2 (LRT 2),  or Blue Line.LRT 1 station are created with elevated flat form and consist of only one level. LRT 1 has twenty station its consist of the route starts to Baclaran to Taft Ave( EDSA), Taft to Libertad, Libertad to Gil Puyat. Gil Puyat to Vito Cruz , Vito Cruz to Quirino, Quirino to Pedro Gil, Pedro Gil to U.N. Avenue, U.N. Avenue to Central, Central to Carriedo, Carriedo to Doroteo Jose, Doroteo Jose to Bambang, Bambang to Tayuman, Tayuman to Blumentrit, Blumentrit to Abad Santos, Abad Santos to R. Papa,R.Papa to 5th Avenue, 5th Avenue to Monumento, Monumento to Balintawak. Balintawak to Roosevelt and Vice versa. While LRT 2 consist of eleven stations it includes Recto to Pureza, Pureza to V. Mapa, V. Mapa to J. Ruiz, J. Ruiz to Gilmore, Gilmore to Betty GO Belmonte, Betty Go Belmonte to Cubao, Cubao to Anonas, Anonas to Katipunan, Katipunan to Santolan Station Last station and vice versa. LRT 2 station are composed of two levels, the lower ground and the upper flat form.Baclaran, Central Terminal and Monumento are the LRT-1 three terminal station.Recto, Araneta Center-Cubao nad Santolan are the terminal stations on the LRT-2. All of them are located near at major transport routes that many passengers can take than other means of transportation.