Parenting in the Philippines in a Modern Way

  • 2019/06/24/
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In the Philippines, the Filipino parenting style is different compared to other countries. And at this modern days parenting is not just easy as before.  Parenting in the Philippines before is form by a unique history, values, experience, tradition, adaptations, and cultures. But somehow everything changes because of the modern way on how parent takes care and raise their children. However, even if we are now in modern ages and everything is just one click ahead, parenting cannot be as easy as we all know there are a lot of sacrifices and everyday learning, especially for those first-time parents. Even if we live in this modern ages Filipino parents still raise their children in a way they raise their parents too. Filipino parents know how to take care of their children even if their children have their own family they still guide them and be with them for as long as they are still strong and healthy.

What is Parenting

Parenting is the raising of a child by its parents and supporting their physical, emotional, social, and intellectual needs. In the Philippines, the meaning of parenting fo Filipino parents is until the last breath of a parent they still worry for the future of their children even if they are old enough and have their own family. Although parenting has many forms and style defend upon how your family raises you. In other types of how your parents form you and raise you when you were born until you can have your own family of your own.

The Philippines is one of the countries that have extended family live together. They stay with their parents, grandparents house even if they have their own family. That is why Filipino parenting is different to other countries on how they raise their children. They take care of their children and discipline in a more traditional way that they learn and gets from their grandparents. But somehow Filipino parenting style also changes because of the modern way we have right now in this modern world. Before Filipino parents are more focus on how they raise their children they let their wives stay at home and must take care of the children and only the husband will work for their family. But in these modern days, both parents are working and they hire someone who will take care of their children. Filipino parents believe that parenting is the best part of being a mother or a father to their children. Parents should be the one who molds their children to what they become and influences their children to learn what is good and bad. Parents are the one who will protect and spread good worlds to their children. Teaching them to their first walk, first letters of what children said, and teaching their children to be obedient on what is good.

Parents precious possession is their children. They will protect and guide their children to become a good person when they grow old. Parents want the best for their children and they do everything just to give the best for their child especially good education and a better future ahead.

Filipino Parenting in a Modern Way

  1. At this modern days, Filipino parenting is mixed by the old traditional way and modern ways. It means that parents still believe in how parenting before is effective to the children but they still do the modern parenting now because of the modern technology we have now. Like before new parents still ask for some advice of their grandparents and their parents on how to take care or raise their children especially infants. AT this day new parents search on the website on how to take care of their baby and their children without the help or advice of their family.
  2. At present, Filipino parenting practice with modern way is they let their children choose what they want for their future as long as it is good for them. They also let their children see decide for themselves.
  3. Parents now are more open-minded and treat their children as their friends. They communicate well and go with the flow on what the children want because of these modern ages.
  4. Parenting now is sometimes more difficult in a way that social media is very open to everyone. You need to guide and protect your children double time so that they cannot involve in any violence that social media give.
  5. Parents now should always look for their children doing especially when their children use gadgets and playing video games and watching videos.
  6. Filipino parents still believe in how to discipline their children through physical punishment the way they discipline their parents before even if we live in a modern world. They still considered the normal way on how they punish their children like spanking them if they commit a mistake or they become head headed in some circumstances. The Filipino way of parenting like spanking their children is still an effective approach to make their children obey them.
  7. Filipino parents parenting style at these modern days still mixed with the old way of parenting before they believe that with the communicating and explaining with their children is the best way to discipline them after giving them a physical punishment. This is the best way why they need to spank them so that they know and understand that giving them punishment is for their own good and their point of view would become positive about punishment.

Parenting in the Philippines Before

Children these days are more intellectual and advance in many things than the old generation. Children now are more vocal, more active, playful and some are hard headed compare before. Filipino parent before can handle their child even if they become old. Filipino children have respect for older people and they are afraid to commit a mistake. They are also fearful and very timid compared to a new generation.

Filipino parent before taking care of their children alone without the help of Yaya or someone that will take care of their children. Filipino housewife should be the one who stays in and house and will be the one who engages in raising their children needs. Before the traditional parenting way of Filipino parents is that hey let their older children contribute to take care of their younger siblings and to be responsible to help their parents on doing household chores. This kind of behavior is one of the values of all family in the Philippines

In addition, parenting before has a form of love, affection, and understanding. Each Filipino wives has to give her best to understand and accept that only they will take care of their children no matter what. That the husband must be the one who will take care of their needs and the wives only support the husband. The Filipino children know that the father will be the one who works for the family and the mother will stay in the house and take care of them. This is the old and traditional way of parenting in the Philippines before. Children before are raising not only their parents but also relatives and their grandmother. Children before are more religious and obedience compare at this new generation. Because they learn it and guide them by their parents who usually go to church every Sunday with the whole family.

Before the father have the obligation to support his family needs and they also show some respect to the family of the woman they married and that is one way they want their children to learn and do when they become an adult too. The decision also comes first to the father of the family or head of the family. Also, the old way of parenting the children before is not included the gadgets that we have right now. Young Filipin before sleep at 7 pm in the evening and they have no modern technology to use like they don’t have a television or computer to watch and sleep at midnight. Children before with the guidance of their parents are very obedient and studious. Filipino parents before teach their children if they want something they can get it if they do it on their own or they should work on it. Parents don’t give their children wants as easy as that they should learn how to work hard on what they want. Like if they want something, parents teach them to do the household chore and when they follow and obey that they can get the reward they want.

Conclusion :

In the Philippines, many Filipino parents are still learning on how to become a parent in these modern ages. Being a parent continues learning how to take care of their children well and give them the best as they can. Parenting at this present time with modern technology and modern way is not easy as before. Today children are so intelligent and they are also very involved in this modern world with modern technology in their life. Parents cannot easily stop their children not to use gadgets or any smartphone because children notice that parents use it in their daily life so why not they use also that thing. Today being a role model to your children is not as easy at it is. They have a lot of question ask and they are now very open to the modern world like social media. Filipino style of parenting is to show their children the real kind of happiness and contentment without materials things in this world.

Filipino children these days can easily get what they want without doing anything. Because parents now are very busy with their work that they cannot see their children doing and they just want to give their children the things that they don’t have before. Sometimes they cannot notice that giving their children what they want can also teach their children to have a behavior of hard headed. At these days, playing and spend time with your children is the best part of having a family. It is one special moment that you can treasure the rest of the life of every individual who gives their time and love to a family. We know that children are not to stay they grow up and have their own family and decision they make. So make every moment of your children become special with them, give them so much love, spend time with them and play with them, show them how a family is a love, and teach them how to respect people. It is the best that they cannot forget when they become old. And that way they can also do it to their own children the way they learn from their parents. Being a good parent does not measure by ages. Anyone can be a parent and anyone can be a good parent even if you are a young as a parent or an older one. Every parent should take care of their children and show them, abundant love, caring, and affection. A family that bond together will be closer and stronger no matter what happens. It also helps the emotional, spiritual, and mental security of each member with the assurance and guidance of the parents and each member of the family.