Pros and Cons on Visiting the Philippines

  • 2019/12/02/
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When you are visiting here in the Philippines and you don’t anything about the Philippines and about the character and culture of Filipino first things you should do is search on the Internet about the Philippines and the people here. The Philippines has a lot of beautiful places to visit and explore. Also Filipino can easily communicate with foreign people because of the English language that they can speak and understand. There are many popular places around the Philipines and it only costs not expensive to compare if you choose to travel to other countries’ best spot of destination. The country has a beautiful mountain, beaches, and tourist spots that most foreign people love to try and see. The Philippines is one of the most countries that you can easily visit without the need for a visa as long as you stay here for 30 days only but of course, you should have a valid passport for you to enter in the Philippines.

About the Philippines and the Filipino People

The Philippines is one of the largest archipelago nations and has 7,641 islands around it. It has three islands that name Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. The Philippines is surrounded by beautiful seas like the South China Sea, the Bohol Sea, and the Sibuyan Sea and a lot of mountains and volcanoes. Filipino culture and traditions have different uniqueness compare to other countries. The Philippines is not very strict when other countries want to visit and travel to different places here. Filipinos can speak English and very easy to talk with. The Philippines now is very in demand when it comes to the BPO industry. A lot of foreign company is now doing good business here in the country.

The Philipines now is the Asia country’s most visited place because of the growing economic sectors and the natural beauty that would be experienced and see of all the tourist people all around the world. The structure and infrastructure here in the Philippines are now in modern technology that makes you feel comfortable with a relaxing environment. The Philippines has a breathtaking beautiful Island, a lot of adventures to do, beautiful beaches, you can also discover a lot of hidden caves, and a lot more depending on your favorite activities that you want to do first when you visit the Philippines. The weather in the Philippines is also great and very relaxing when you want to feel the warm breeze of the sunset and see the sunrise in the morning.

Filipino people are very hospitable, kind, and helpful. They are best to cook that you can try the popular food that most Filipino cook and love to eat. People in this country are very smart and always have a smile on their face. Foreign people can talk to them without hesitation because Filipino people can speak English fluently. They treat you as a family and they serve you with their best. Filipinos are very friendly they are here to guide and help those foreign people to their destination and teach them the right things to do so that strangers people will not grab their innocent and use it in a bad way.

Tips on Visiting the Philippines

Like other countries, there are also advantages and disadvantages when you visit the country of the Philippines. The Philippines is globally fighting peacefully to increase the number of foreign visitors in the country. The tourist department makes sure to gain the trust of other countries to travel here and be our guest visitor and experience the ” it’s more fun in the Philippines” logo. The department of tourism promotes the Philippines all over the world to boost the beauty of the country and to help increase the income of each Filipino people to show the culture and tradition to other countries and increase the growth of the economy.

  1. If you are visiting the Philippines first you check the location of your favorite destination if still available and make sure that your booking is not canceled so that it is not hard for you to find another place because it is wasted time if your booking is canceled and there is no available unit in that place.
  2. Second, if you travel to the Philippines and you want still to work while at your vacation make sure that the place you choose to visit has an internet connection with fast and easy to connect.
  3. Another tip when you want to visit the Philipines, on things is important to check your luggage and personal belongings before leaving your place so that you don’t need to buy things that you need when you go to the Philippines
  4. Visiting in the Philippines is very enjoyable and relaxing especially when you go to the beautiful beaches in the country. However, things that you should prepare when traveling to the Philippines is that the clothes you should bring. Don’t bring clothes for cold weather because the Philippines has warm weather compare to other countries that have very cold weather.
  5. It is also advisable if you first search the Philippines and the specific place you want to visit in the country. For you to have a better idea of what to do and what to expect when you here in the Philippines.
  6. One more thing when you visit the Philippines be ready that your money is a change in Philippines peso currency before going to the place that is very far from the exchange of currency and sometimes the currency exchange is very expensive compared to the city. So that anytime you want to pay bills or buy things you can easily buy it because you already have a Philippine pesos in your pocket.
  7. Expect every traffic when you visit the Philippines especially in Metro Manila.
  8. Always prepare your schedule and plan the things you do when you are here in the Philippines so that you don’t miss every beautiful place and beach in the country. You must have time management when you want to explore the Philippines.

Is the Philippines Safe to Visit?

The Philippines is the most country that people visited. But like any other country, there is also violence, threats, and dangerous at times. We can tell if we are safe in the countries we visit because even if the country with the most protected our life can be at risk sometimes. You must be careful and alert every time you visit or travel to the Philippines because Filipinos are not ignorant when in terms of knowing a person for the first time. There is no place in this world that we are very secure anymore because of the modern technology all the things you’ve done will be seen by people and all your information will be hack by people who want it and have knowledge in doing it and it is considered the Philippines.

However. even if sometimes we feel not secured on visiting in the Philippines, it is one of the great countries to be visited because of the beautiful natural resources and how Filipino approach you with their warm and open arms services. They give you the best service and treat you nice, well, and give you an excellent service. We all know that crime, terrorism, and kidnapping is not only happened in the Philippines but also to other countries. If you search on the internet about the background of each country there are also positive and negative results that you may read and you must be informed about their country’s background. Strangers and bad people are everywhere and anywhere.

Furthermore, here in the Philippines, some places are very dangerous to visit like southern Mindanao and the Sulu Archipelago. They will not allow foreign people to go there to make sure of their safeness. But any lace in the Philippines especially some provinces with beautiful tourist spots there is many foreign people who visit there and stay there for vacation. It also safe because the Philippines and the government prioritize someplace that most visited and to promote the beauty of the Philippines to other countries.

Pros and Cons of Visiting the Philippines


  • Traveling to the Philippines and visiting the beautiful place around the country can give you the best experience ever.
  • The climate is very cool and warm especially when you want to go to the beach when summertime.
  • Different kinds of food depend on your taste are not difficult to find. A lot of restaurant serves different dishes according to the countries you want to try to eat.
  • Filipinos are very hospitable and very charming
  • You don’t have to worry about communication because Filipinos are very literate when speaking and understanding the English language
  • You can also try some activities when you go to the Philippines like snorkeling, diving, surfing, kayaking, and try the beauty of the white sand beach in some areas in the country.


  • When you visit the Philippines expect the heavy traffic especially in Metro Manila.
  • When visiting in the Philippines be careful to those Filipinos with bad intentions on the things you have. There are few Filipinos who grab your innocence when it comes to traveling around the places.
  • There is also corruption in the Philippines
  • Crime in the Philipines is also there
  • When you stay in Hotels make sure to secure your things because there are few employees who are theft and snatch your personal things.
  • There are also some vendors who sell their products at a higher price if they know that you are a foreigner and ignorant in the country.
  • It also a risk if you use a taxi in the Philippines

Conclusion :

Visiting and be a guest in the Philippines is one of the departments of tourism goals. To have many foreigners outside the country to travel around the Philippines and discover how the country has a lot of beautiful places and awesome people to see and be with. The Philippines has the best weather in the world with warm weather and not so cold and not so hot weather. Communication is not a problem if you visited in the Philippines because most Filipinos can speak and understand the English language and can communicate well.