Reputation is Important to Filipino People

  • 2019/05/22/
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In the Philippines, being a good person is very important not only in the eyes of our Mighty God but also in the eyes of the people around us. However, a good reputation also important to Filipino it is how we set our self to everyone to show them how good reputation or positive image to people. A good reputation also important in the business, it gives good feedback if your business is doing good and serving good to people. Every Filipino wants to have a good reputation and good image. It is important that a reputation you started since you are young is good and can be a role model for your children.

What Is Reputation?

A reputation is an image you want to show to people. It is also a character, a name, or a position that people think of you. A reputation is importation to Filipino because they believe that having a good reputation represent how good people they are. Reputation is very large in meaning, it can be for individuals, for institution, organization, cooperative, firms, and communities. It affects all cases in terms of everyday life. It is also important in terms of business, politics, education, online communities, and outside the countries.

In the Philippines, Filipino strongly believe that having a good reputation is one trait that you can be proud of as a person. Giving your family a good reputation and influence them to have good behavior and practices the cultural tradition is one of the best things that you can leave to them in the future. The attitude of Filipino is being a good person to everybody and have a good reputation for society. Reputation is not only who are or what we but it also what people think of us as a person. If we build a good reputation then people think that we are a good person however reputation is different from the attitude of being a person because attitude is what we have ever since we are born while reputation is what we built when we are growing up. When can act as good to others but the attitude we have is automatically shown even if we hide it to people around it. They will notice what attitude we have but the reputation we build is there until it you will be done wrong or mistake in your life then your reputation will put in the risk.

Important of Reputation:

  • Reputation as a person. Filipino is one of the happy and fun loving people it is how they show to other people how they love and entertainment foreign people and their visitor as well. They serve them and give them the best they can for their visitor to feel at home. Filipino value the reputation they built through the entire life. They believe that if you live with a good image and have good behavior at the same time people will like you and adore you as a person. Especially your family will be proud of you and follow what you’re doing.
  • Reputation in an organization. A good reputation in an organization is very important especially in the performance of the organization. Having a good organization and well reputation can be acknowledged easily by the people surrounded around them. It is returned by word of mouth by the people because of the good reputation they have.
  • Reputation in the business. In all business need a good reputation not only in the Philippines but all over the world.  A good reputation will help your business to become successful and makes all client continue patronizing your product and your business too. Filipino who own business build a good reputation and a good relationship with their employees and customers that is why their business is doing good because of the good management they give to people. Filipino manage their business well to avoid losing what they started they build a good reputation to everyone and sit down all the decision they make and for the right decision will be done and their reputation remains intact to people. They know where challenges always there and they be more intellectual to face all the challenges in the near future. Reputation in the business is important so that people will trust your company. In this competitive business world, it should have a big advantage if you have a good reputation for your company
  • Reputation in politics. All Filipino who run in politics has a good reputation to keep so that people will believe in them and adore them. Politician keeps on doing good to people around them. Scandals and corruption those not help those politicians who will run for the election that is why a lot of Filipino politician maintain their good reputation to the country. However, TV broadcasting really helps Filipino that will run in politics to show and discuss their plans for helping people. It is one of the best things that most politicians do in time of the election they pay TV commercial to know their fellow people that they running in the election and show their good reputation to people.
  • Reputation in education. In the Philippines, education is important to all Filipino. There are many schools and college in the Philippines and have a high standard ranking. Every school and universities maintain their good reputation and advance learning system. It is important for every school that the background of the school is good and they have a highly skilled teacher. The Philippines government requires every school to have a higher teaching method for all student and the school performance is better. A lot of foreign student at present studied in the Philippines because of the good reputation of the school and universities. They know that the school in the Philippines can really have a good standard with a low tuition fee every semester. The quality services of education in the Philippines is much better to compare to other countries. The reputation in education here in the Philippines is very important to maintain their good quality so that every student must have a better learning system, be educated in advance technology and be prepared to face the future with confidence.

Good Reputation and Bad Reputation

Good Reputation

For Filipino, their reputation is the most valuable asset except for the material things they have. Reputation can protect their image as individuals. Filipino build a good reputation for their community to protect from harm and threats of people around them. If you have a good reputation people will respect you, adore you, follow you, and trust you. That is how reputation is very important not only for individuals but also in society. If you have a good reputation it helps you to promote your product if you are a businessman, it also sustained you to live a healthy life through people around you, and it helps you to manage your image well in front of the people who trust and love you. Filipino believe that their reputation represents the way they look to others, the way others criticize them if they have a bad reputation. Having a good reputation finds you more friends, more opportunity in your career, give self-confidence and maintain your self-esteem they even care for you if they know that you are a good person.

For Filipino, building a good reputation is very hard to build than to destroy it. It takes a lot of effort, patience, and time before you build a good image and good reputation to yourself to show people around you that you are good enough to trust, to respect, and to be a role model to others. It also takes a lot of hard work and be consistent in your action and characteristics. A good reputation inspires other people if you have a positive impact on people it helps them to follow your footstep and be a role model in their life as well. If you have a good reputation people will notice it, they even give positive feedback to other people about you and you will be known as a good person in your community.

Bad Reputation

Having a bad reputation is not helpful. It means that you cannot go along your way if your image is not good. There is a lot of risks when your reputation is not good for others, they think that you have a bad attitude and bad behavior. Bad publicity and the negative image won’t help you to find great opportunities. Working or finding jobs is not easy for people who have a bad reputation it always gives you a negative result when applying to a company or working to a company. Bad reputation gives you a big impact on your life as well, no matter how you try to do good if you build a bad impression or bad reputation to people they always put their minds your bad reputation than your good doings.

A bad reputation can quickly damage your life and it can easily be done and spread to people. If you have a poor reputation no one trusts you, or like you, or even be friends to you. Filipino can easily judge you if your reputation is not good. They can damage your life with negative thoughts and impact your life with negativity.


Filipino are very careful about their reputation or image that people think of them and believing them. They build a good reputation with their hard work, patience, and a lot of time so that their reputation for people will be better as long as they live. They know that ones they commit mistakes people will condemn them and forgot what good they do in their countries or with their people. Filipino people remembered a person on how their reputation is. If they show that they have a good reputation or image in their life people will admire them and support them in what career they want to be. Especially in politics, many Filipino politicians build a good reputation so that people will acknowledge them and support them in their political career.

Filipino who has a good heart has also a good reputation. Even if you are not running in the politics every individual must build their good reputation as a person. So that people around you will support you, follow your order, commit to you, trust you, love you, respect you, be kind to you, be loyal to you, and care for you and help you all the way especially if they see how you help others as long as you can.