Some Bad Habits And Attitudes of Filipino

  • 2019/05/20/
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In the Philippines, if Filipino people have a good side of their personality there also a bad side of them especially the attitudes of them. There is always a bad side and bad habits of every person in their personality inside and outside. However, most Filipino people know how to show their good side rather than showing their bad side of being a person. They always put a smile on their face when times of trouble and still controlled themselves so that they will not show their bad tempers to others. Although Filipino people have negative traits they still good in their hearts as a person. They still believe that what you reap is what you sow.

Filipino Bad Habits

Filipino has also some negative traits in their personality. Some bad habits that are hard to break and oftentimes it makes you feel guilty after doing it. Here are some of the bad habits of Filipino:

  1. “Bahala na” or “come what may” habit. This bad habit of Filipino is not helpful especially when need to decide right away. The “bahala na” or come what may is something that you can do right now but instead, you let it happen the next day or never done it right away. This kind of habit of Filipino is one of the reasons why some Filipino could not be successful in their life or career.
  2. Crab Mentality. This kind of bad behavior is not a good attitude of Filipino. The crab mentality in the Philippines is very obvious like spreading the bad allegation against their fellow Filipino and putting them down in front of other countries is not a good example to the younger Filipino. These sometimes happen to OFW who work abroad. Instead of helping their fellow Filipino to become successful they pull them down and have a lot of negative issues to say about their countrymen.
  3. Ningas Kugon. This bad habit of Filipino is usually not helpful to every people who have this kind of attitude and habits. It means that you show how you work hard or doing good at first but in the end, you cannot finish what you started.
  4. Filipino Time. Filipino always recognized in time management. This is how foreigners know about Filipino they are late in any appointment or schedule they have. Most Filipino are late with their works, late with their meetings, and in their interview. They don’t even care how late they are as long as they are the boss of their own business. For Filipino, they have a habit of coming late even in parties, meetings, and going to church or work.
  5. Manana Habit or Lazy. This one really not good for Filipino habits because of this some projects of Filipino people left undone knowing that they already paid for this. Many Filipino who works in the government is taking for granted their works in the government once they started it they cannot finish it in the said contract. They just let the project undone while the budget is in their pocket.
  6. “Balat Sibuyas” or Onion Skinned. Many Filipino is literally “balat sibuyas” or onion-skinned. Ones you have said something that not nice to hear they become sensitive about it. They sometimes think that it is them who you want to pinpoint.
  7. Colonial Mentality. This habits of Filipino is referred to those people who usually using foreign products rather than using and patronage the Filipino product. Like some beauty product, health product and many more. Some Filipino buy a foreign product to show others that they are rich or can afford to buy those things they didn’t even realize that they cannot help the economy of the Philippines to boost if they use foreign products.
  8. Gossiping. Gossiping is the bad things that most Filipino especially women do in their free time. They do a lot of gossip to their neighbor’s life and tell everybody about it but the worst things are that telling bad things about the life of a person without knowing the truth first. Gossiping or (tsismis) is not helpful to the community or society.
  9. Inconsiderate. This may be for some Filipino who really have the attitude of being inconsiderate.
  10. Social Climber. Most Filipino has an attitude to become a social climber. This you will notice that some Filipino people pretend to belong to a group of rich people that can buy things in their own money because they are rich people. However, some Filipino tends to become one of them even if they are not. They like to join those rich people to act like a high-class lifestyle. They want to leave in a high class of living even if they cannot afford it. They even buy expensive things while their income if not enough for their daily expenses.
  11. Lack of Leadership. Because we all know that all Filipino people want to be a leader the system is now we don’t follow rules. Why people follow orders if the leader of the country is not following their own rules, that is why Filipino don’t follow orders in this country. But they follow rules and regulation outside the country.
  12. Judgemental. Most Filipino think that they the best in front of others that why they can immediately judge people around them without knowing the person personally. They only judge people according to what they see outside or hear but they don’t really know the person inside the personality of it.
  13. Blaming others. Filipino has an attitude of blaming others even if their fault. They use to blame other people for there mistake and not accepting the problem is their self. Many Filipino suffering because of this kind of habit that they are finger point the problem to others instead of resolving the problem.
  14. “Pakikisama” or Pleasing people. This kind of attitude is sometimes good but it also bad if they use it always to people. Because we all know that Filipino people want to please everybody even if the situation is dangerous or illegal.
  15.  Corruption. In the Philippines, corruption is the main problem of the government. Even if Filipino who work and serve in the government is not corrupt if the people around them are corrupt there is a tendency that they also are corrupt if people around them are all corrupt. This is one reason why the Philippines has a lot of debt in other countries.

Why Filipino Has This Kind of Bad Habits?

Sometimes we cannot change the things we use to do every now and then. Especially the habit of a person even if it is bad or good. Filipino use to do bad habits because they can also see it to an older one. That is why some bad habits continue doing and practicing because all they know is it still doing by others. However, even if Filipino has a bad habit they still want to change it and do good things because Filipino people are awesome and respectful to others.

The Philippines is now growing faster globally. However, some bad habits of Filipino are one reason why the Philippines is not really a successful country despite that we can compete globally to other countries. This kind of attitude may really put down the economy to grow fast internationally. Filipino are talented and intelligent they can compete globally and internationally because of their skills and capability even if they have bad habits they can still shine and be recognized with their talent and hard working. For Filipino people, everything is impossible if they must learn what is best for them and learn to change for the better and for their future. Furthermore, the bad habits or attitude of Filipino are inherent during the Spanish colonial period. Although these negative traits and habits do not diminish the fact that Filipinos are very awesome people, it’s just sad that they have continued to pull us down personally and as a nation. Today Filipino has the ability to do their task easily without going out because of modern technology. Modern technology teaches Filipino to become more dependent on technologies that are now we have in our daily life. That is why Filipino become lazier and competence in their daily life.

Filipino seems to like and enjoy their life from going to the party, shopping and going out of town or out of the country. They let their life living to the fullest as long as they are happy and contented. Some of the Filipino especially those single are much happy go lucky with their lives not thinking and preparing for their future.  They treat themselves as long as they don’t hurt anybody along the way. Sometimes we think that this kind of leaving is not healthy living but for those who are single, they just enjoying their lives as long as they are happy and have fun until they reach the time that they want to have their family of their own and be a responsible human being.