Some Tips Where to go this Summer in the Philippines

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Some of us are excited about the coming of summertime. Because most of us have our own agenda what will they do or what will they go this summertime. Some want to relax and others want to swim on the beach.

When summertime is near we are all exciting why? We are busy choosing the place where we go and the things we should do in summer. That is the time we have time to relax and the time we can spend with our family and friends.

The summer season in the Philippines is very important especially to those people who have worked because that is the time of a long vacation that they can spend with their family especially those who live in the province.

Summer Days in the Philippines

The summer season in the Philippines is one of the most awaited times. Because many of us are exciting about the long vacation that we can enjoy every minute of it. Like swimming on the beach,  enjoying the hot weather in the sun and have fun with friends.

In the Philippines Holy Week is one of the days that have a long vacation, it is also the time that most Filipino enjoying their vacation in their own provinces. They went out of town to take time to relax and enjoy the view of other places. They want to be free at least in a day for the hectic schedule, stressful work, populated air, and so much traffic they encounter every day going to work in Manila.

Most Filipino who stay or live in Manila wants to have a free and long vacation for them to relax their mind, body, and soul even for just a few days.

Summer is coming and people are all happy and excited about their own agenda where and when to go. Most especially the students this are their time of vacation and time to relax. The summer break is one that is most awaited for the student for them to go out with friends and went out of town or even out of the country.

Here Are Some Tips on Where to go This Summer

Baguio City

If you want to relax and feel the warm air in the summer season this is one of the best places you can go. Baguio City is the Summer Capital of the Philippines because of its cool climate. You can find more beautiful flowers and mossy plants and orchids in Baguio. It also exciting to travel to Baguio because of the road you can pass by. Like Kennon Road, this is the road directly going to Baguio. Kennon Road is the first road that is built and a very good experience to travel because of the Zigzag challenge. But Kennon road is the most hazardous road in the Philippines. Passing through Kennon road is the shortest way to go to Baguio. Traveling to Baguio using this road you can see all the beautiful landscape, all the beauty of the places you pass by, you can view all the natures along the side of the roads, all the amassing things that God created. Another road you can use is Marcos Highway passing this road through Baguio you can see some views of the South China Sea. Marcos Highway is wider, smoother to pass through than Kennon road.  Baguio City is one of the coolest city in the Philippines there are a lot of visitors and tourist that visited Baguio. Because of the famous flower festival called Panagbenga in February and a lot of beautiful places like:

  • Burham Park is located at the center of the city


  • Baguio Cathedral Church is the majestic church to visit
  • Session Road you can find all the commercial establishments, banks, department stores and the famous market that have fresh produce strawberries and vegetables. You can also find universities and schools on session road.
  • Camp John Hay is also the most visited place in Baguio. It is the former rest and recreation facility of the U.S Armed Force before

  • The Mansion was built for U.S. Governor and General for their summer home.
  • Mine’s View Park is the most visited and popular in the city. Mine’s view park has a breathtaking view of Benguet’s gold and copper mines surrounded by mountains unfolds. There is also a lot of local product that is a stall in the park entrance.

  • Lourdes Grotto also a catholic shrine and place of meditation in Baguio. It is located on the high hill of the western city. The most popular 225 steps before you can reach the top of the grotto.


If you want a beach Pangasinan has a lot of beaches that you can choose to go to. Before you can go to Baguio to relax have some fun and enjoying the beach of Pangasinan. Pangasinan is the province of the Philippines. Popular tourist spot in Pangasinan is Hundred Islands, National Park in Alaminos City, the white sand of Bolinao and Dasol. Dagupan city is also popular because of the Bangus festival or Milkfish festival.

 The most famous beaches in Pangasinan are:

  • Patar Beach in Bolinao is famous because of the white sand they have or they called them Boracay of the North. There are sea urchins and pufferfishes which are expensive delicacies in Japan but here is not expensive. Patar beach is also very near to Bolinao Lighthouse.
  • Hundred Island National Park in Alaminos. Hundred Island is the tourist attraction in Alaminos Pangasinan. There are 124 Islands that you will see during low tide.
  • Cabongaoan Beach in Burgos. If you want a more relaxing and calm vacation you can add to your list this Cabongaoan beach. The white sand and the long shores make good to see and perfect for jogging and unwinding.
  • Bolo Beach in Alaminos. Bolo beach is good for those people who like boating. It is also good for relaxation and for people who want a quiet and peaceful atmosphere.
  • Bolasi Beach in San Fabian. It is one of the best summer gateways. A lot of souvenirs you can choose to buy for your loved ones and friends. This also is one of the cheapest beaches in Pangasinan.
  • Lingayen Long Beach in Lingayen. This is the capital town of Pangasinan. They celebrate the famous sports the Pista’y Dayat festival in Lingayen.
  • Tambobong Beach in Dasol. They have typical seaside activities like sunbathing, swimming and you can also do boating near Balinmanok Cove.
  • Bonuan Tondalingan Beach in Dagupan. Dagupan is the Bangus (milkfish) Capital of the World. It also the most visited beach in Dagupan and a little bit cheaper than the other beaches.


Tarlac is in the Central Luzon region in the Philippines. It is near the province of Pangasinan, Nueva Ecija, Pampanga, and Zambales. You can also visit their famous places.

  • Luisita Golf and Country Club
  • Monasterio de Tarlac
  • Kart City Tarlac
  • Haduan Falls
  • Mt Damas

Those ways are the way to the North area and there is someplace that anyone can go especially if you are in Manila and you want to relax and have a little bit of vacation that you don’t need to travel so far.

Batangas City

One of the most popular tourist destinations near Metro Manila is Batangas. A lot of beaches in Batangas that are beautiful and relaxing to go with.

Here are some tourist spots in Batangas that you can choose to go to when you want to swim, to relax, to see some nature and park, and want to do outdoor activities.

  • Masasa Beach is in Marban Island Tingloy, Batangas. It has white sand and some beautiful coral. You can also try the sea using your vest and goggles to find all coral and the beauty of the sea.
  • Mount Maculot. You can find this mount at Cuenca in Batangas province. This the second to the highest mountain in the province of Batangas. When you are at the highest point of the mountain it is overlooking Taal Lake and Taal Volcano. This is advisable for those people who like mountain climbing and some excitement in their vacation.
  • Fantasy World. This theme park and water park is good for the whole family. You can find it at Diokno Highway, Lemery, Batangas. It is like Disneyland but with Filipino style. If you are a person that most likely takes pictures you can choose a fantasy world because of the beautiful place and view that you can take pictures of.
  • Canyon Cove Beach. You can find it at Nasugbu Batangas. When you need to relax and to swim you can choose Canyon Cove. It has complete accommodation and a cozy place that you can find peace of relaxation and a pool or a beach.
  • Aquaventure Reef Club is located at Anilao Batangas. This fits for that person who loves diving. It has also a swimming pool and some gear you can rent if you want to scuba diving.
  • Calatagan Batangas. You can find many beach resorts in Calatagan Batangas like White Castle Resort & Hotel, Sunrise Cove, Nano Beach Resort, and Villa Del Faro.


Tagaytay is one of the gateway places if you want to relax and do outdoor activities. Tagaytay is the second Summer capital of the Philippines after Baguio City. Because of its cool climate and some panoramic view of Taal Volcano. You can visit Tagaytay anywhere because it is very near to Metro Manila. There is the main attraction in Tagaytay City like;

  1. Taal Volcano and Lake
  2. Sky Rank
  3. Cafe Veranda
  4. Picnic Grove
  5. Our Lady of Manaoag at Tierra de Maria
  6. Twin Lakes Shopping Village
  7. Peoples Park in the Sky


Laguna is also one of the provinces in the Philippines in the Luzon region. It is the best gateway for people who are stress in the traffic in Metro Manila. Easy to reach and also a lot of beautiful places and view you would love to see.

Here is some tourist spot you can see in Laguna:

  1. Seda Nuvali
  2. Caliraya Resort Club
  3. Technopark Hotel
  4. Villa Escudero Resort
  5. 88 Hotspring Resort
  6. Palm Spring Resort and Hotel
  7. La Vista Pansol Hotel
  8. La Corona de Pagsanjan
  9. Seven Lakes of San Pablo City
  10. Pagsanjan Falls
  11. Makiling Botanic Garden in Los Banos
  12. Mt. Banahaw

Laguna City has many old churches to visit especially this Holy Week many Filipino visit different churches in different places.

There are many places here in the Philippines that you can choose to visit but only a few are on my list for now. This is for those who are near Manila and want a little bit of vacation on their schedule and easy to travel without the use of an airplane. But if you want to go too far you can use an airplane to travel to Cebu, Palawan, Davao, Bohol, Mindoro, and a lot more places that have it’s own famous and popular places to look forward to.

Some of the Most Visited Place in the Philippines are:

  • Boracay is a small island in Aklan province. If you are in Manila you can travel to Boracay by airplane and boat. The main attraction in Boracay is the white beach itself. You can enjoy scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming, and windsurfing on this Island.
  • El Nido is located in Palawan. It is Palawan’s main attraction to the beautiful scenery of El Nido. There are a lot of El Nido that you can do when staying there like, Stare into the turquoise waters in the large and beautiful lagoon, swim through the hole going to the secret lagoon, visit the beautiful secret beach with white sand, and diving in El Nido.
  • Amanpulo is located in Palawan. It is one of the most expensive beaches in the Philippines. The place was very relaxing, cozy, and has beautiful white sand that everyone likes in Amanpulo. Amanpulo has complete amenities you can also try sailing, scuba diving, windsurfing, and even snorkeling.
  • Puerto Princesa is in the western province of Palawan. There is a lot of attraction in Puerto Princesa that anybody could want to do like, Snorkeling in the Island cruise, underground river tour, island hopping at Honda Bay, and diving in a deep blue sea.
  • Samal Island is in Davao City. Samal Island has many different and beautiful beaches around it. One of the popular beaches around Samal Island is Pearl Farm Beach Resort. You can go on diving and exploring the beautiful beaches in Davao City.
  • Palaui Island is in Cagayan Valley. It is one of the world’s most beautiful beaches.
  • Pagudpud is located at Ilocos Norte it is most like Boracay because of the white sands and the beautiful crystal blue water. Some attraction that you can see here are Patapat Viaduct, Kabigan Falls, Kapurpurawan Rock Formation, and the Bangui windmills
  • Surigao Island is located in Surigao del Norte. You enjoy snorkeling, diving, and especially surfing. If you are love surfing it is the place that many people go to. It is a surfer’s paradise because of the large waves it has.

There are a lot of beautiful places in the Philippines that you can go and enjoy with. Only some tips and places that I share in this article with you so that some of you may have an idea where can you go this summer. Especially those people who live in Metro Manila and want to escape in just a few days or want to relax and go places near Metro Manila.

Summer is coming so expect many people on that beach and those places that are most popular to visit. That tourist spot that most of us want to visit to relax and see the beautiful view of the Philippines.