Staying in the Hotel in the Philippines

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In the Philippines, there are many hotels around the country that everyone could choose according to their needs and wants. From five star hotels to one-star hotels. People can choose different hotels from the different cost of the amount. Hotels in the Philippines has many characteristics and quality. It is also important to know the location, the quality of the facilities and services. Staying in hotels is one of the luxuries that most people want to give to themselves and makes them feel comfortable. Best hotel and services can complete the vacation of every tourist that came to different countries.

Best Hotels in the Philippines

Here are some of the best hotels in the Philippines and most people love to stay because of the quality service they have and the location and beauty of their hotel. Every people love to travel and one of the cheapest countries in the Philippines. Many tourists who visit the Philippines stay in the hotel some of them that can afford to stay with the five-star hotel and some of them stay with the four-star hotel or less cheap hotel with good quality services also. At present, with the use of modern technology, it is very easy to find a hotel that suits your taste and in your budget. Even if you don’t have any idea of the hotel you want in just one click you can see and know some information about the hotel you want to stay. You can also book with the perfect hotel, resort, apartment, and condominium that best for the whole family and can accommodate the whole family in one room.

Hotel in Metro Manila

  • Raffles Makati. This hotel is one of the five-star hotels in Metro Manila. It is located at the heart of Makati City. It is surrounded by many malls like Greenbelt shopping complex, Landmark Malls, Ayala Malls, and SM Makati Malls. Raffles hotel has a sister company in Singapore and Phnom Penh. Their amenities, they have two swimming pools, spa, bar, fitness center, room service, restaurant, and parking. Their rooms are more spacious because of the light color and high ceiling with large windows. Raffles hotel can cost Php 14,000 up to Php 17,000 depending on the season here in the Philippines it includes free breakfast and Wifi.
  • Makati Shangri-La. Makati Shangri-La is also one of the best hotels in the Philippines. It is located in the middle of Makati where everything is just a walking miles away from the hotels. There is also a lot of shopping mall near this hotel and it is also near Ninoy Aquino International Airport. the facilities of this hotel are long enough to accommodate gathering and occasion because they have 700 rooms. They have a spa, restaurant, room service, pool, fitness center, tennis court, bar, sauna, and parking. Their restaurants serve Japanese food, Chinese food, Indian food, and they also have a buffet. The cost in Shangri-La hotel is from Php 8,100 to Php 10,584 in high peak season.
  • The Manila Hotel. This hotel is more than 100 years of history that the famous Michael Jackson and John Wayne and the Beatles is one of their guests. Manila hotel near Rizal Park, Intramuros, and International Airport. This hotel has a combination of old class elegance to modern class. The facilities have room service, sauna, steam, restaurant, bar, pool, spa, fitness center and parking. Their staff traditionally wear a Filipiniana gown. They also have 570 rooms. This hotel can cost Php 7,500 up to 9,395 for peak season.
  • New World Makati Hotel. This hotel is a five-star hotel in the Philippines. New World Hotel is near a shopping mall and easy to access to Ayala mall, greenbelt mall, Glorieta mall, and landmark shopping mall. They have facilities like swimming pool, spa, restaurant, fitness gym, and parking area.
  • Diamond Hotel. It is a five-star hotel near Manila Bay, Mall of Asia, and Ninoy Aquino International Airport. They also have a swimming pool, health club, tennis court, spa, and gym facilities.
  • Hyatt Regency Manila, City of Dreams. This hotel is near the airport and also near Mall of Asia. The facilities of this hotel have a swimming pool, cafe, and restaurant, salon, fitness center, and parking area. They can also offer meeting venues and wedding events. They also have 363 rooms with good floor-to-ceiling windows.
  • Marco Polo Hotel. Marco Polo Hotel is located at Ortigas Center. It is also near a shopping mall like Robinson Galleria, SM Mega Mall, The Podium, and Shangri-la Mall. Marco Polo Hotel is a five-star hotel in the growing business district of Pasig City. They have 316 room that is well designed and spacious rooms. They have a restaurant, bars, spa, fitness center, and swimming pool. Marco Polo Hotel also has a branch in Taiwan and Hongkong.
  • Oakwood Premier Joy Nostalg Center Manila. This hotel is also a five-star hotel located at Pasig City. It is near a shopping mall like SM Mega Mall, Robinson Galeria, and The Podium. The facilities they have are swimming pool, wellness center, restaurant, and they also have a function room for big events. This hotel has 229 rooms.
  • Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila. It is one of the best and five-star hotel in the Philippines. Sofitel hotel is near Mall of Asia and Ninoy Aquino International Airport. They also have a swimming pool, restaurant, kids playground, casino, spa, fitness center, and salon.
  • Solaire Resort and Casino. It is a five-star hotel located at the Bay city of Paranaque in Metro Manila. With 800 guest rooms, suites, and villas. Solaire Resort and Casino is a hotel with mix casino and resort. Everything is put into one places that all guest will enjoy their stay at the same time they can go in the casino around it. The facilities they offer are free wifi, they also have a swimming pool, airport shuttle, bar, and restaurant.

Tips on Staying in the Hotel in the Philippines

When planning to visit the Philippines one of the important factors that you should consider is the budget that you have. You should spend your money wisely and stay with the hotel that fits for your budget but you will forever not forget the experience you have in staying in one of the best hotels in the Philippines. And at this present it so easy to know where your budget fits and where you can find a hotel that can feel you comfortable yet not just expensive as other five-star hotels in the Philippines.

  • First tips if you are going to the Philippines and stay in the Hotels first you should have some information or idea about the hotel you want to check-in. You can find it on the website and checks the review of some of the hotel that you want to stay in.
  • Next is the location of the hotel in the Philippines you want to check-in. If it is accessible to all and if it is near the airport so you don’t need to rush yourself when you want to go to the airport when you leaving.
  • Then you also have to check the transportation. The best advice is when you stay in the hotel make sure that their service would be the one who will pick you in the airport you can save money and you be sure that you are in the right hand and it is also convenience that their staff will be the one who will pick you. You can also use grab when you need a taxi it is safer and cheaper than using a taxi in the Philippines.
  • Then, of course, you must think of your safety when visiting in the Philippines. Just don’t bring any expensive things if not necessary so that people around you may not temp to get it from you.
  • Another tip when traveling to the Philippines is that the things or clothes you should bring. Because the Philippines is a warm tropical country the weather is not so cold as other countries have. You can just bring an ordinary jacket and if your planning to go to the beach you can also bring sunblock for your skin protection.
  • Next tips are amenities of the hotel you want to experience. Like if you bring the whole family you need to check the place of the hotel especially if you have children. You can check if they have a children’s pool or a place that your children will enjoy to play.
  • It is also better if the room you choose is overviewing to the sunset and to see the beauty of the city.
  • Important tips are that don’t leave your things unattended. Because some Filipino might get attempt to get your things without your knowledge. There are still bad people who might steal your things if you’re not careful about bringing the safety of your things. The Philippines is not like other countries that people would not interested in the things you have even if you forgot it in your table. You should always stay vigilant when approaching other people.
  • You should also have a list where you want to go when visiting in the Philippines. But if you are staying in the hotel the management would give you a tour with their designated staff if your booking includes free tour and transportation. It is best because it helps you safely and saves your time to other things.
  • You can also try to book directly through the hotel you choose to save money and also you are sure that it is not a scam. Some online booking cannot help your budget even if they give you a discount. It is also better if you can book directly to the hotel and know their offer at the same time you will get the latest and if they have promos that day. By booking directly to the hotel you can also know the best offer that the hotel can give to you.


In the Philippines, there are many beautiful hotels that everyone was love to stay because of its facilities and beautiful amenities. Staying in the hotel in the Philippines is one of the best experience that you can have and no one can take it away from you. You can also share your experience if you can stay with the best and five-star hotel in the Philippines. Traveling to the Philippines and see the beauty of the land of the Philippines is one good thing that you always want to go back again and again. There is also a lot to do when visiting our country. The Philippines land has a beautiful tourist spot and has also a beautiful beach around the Philippines.