The Attitude and Characteristics of Children in the Philippines

  • 2019/06/06/
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In the Philippines, children are a very innocent and very loving person. Filipino children have so much affection, love, and care of all members of their family. Especially those who live with the extended family the children raise with many members of the family and bond with so much attention and always accompany with older family members. Filipino children are very eager to do something that is new to them and experience new skills without the help of others. They are now leaving in modern days and experiencing modern technology. Children in the Philippines are friendly, kind, and good especially in communicating English speaking. At their very young age, Filipino parents teach their children to be more responsible in the way their act and the way they decide to themselves. However, Filipino parents also teach their children to value education and to respect people older to them

The Attitude of Filipino Children

Filipino children have their own set of values that their parents teach them. Children in the Philippines are one that gives joys to everyone. Being with them can help people to lessen their stressful life in their everyday living.

Here are some attitude of Filipino Children

  1. Filipino children are very respectful. Children teach their parents and the old ones to be respectful to elders. They should listen and follow there parents to honor them and follow their rules in the family.
  2. Filipino children are very loving. This attitude of Pinoys children is one that parents are proud of.  What your child sees in you is what they learn from you. If you show them love they will give it back to your the same way and you will know how truly they give their love to you. It is also the best things that we appreciate and treasure the love of our children to us. In that attitude, they also give love to every part of the family members without hesitation.
  3. Children in the Philippines are also smart and very active. They just want to play and have fun with their playmates. However, they still ask permission to their parents before they can play with their playmates and classmates.
  4. Filipino children are diligent and very obedient to their parents and to elders. They follow their parents said to them and help the family to household chores as open as they can.
  5. Children in the Philippines are idolizing their parents very much. They always want their parents to be with there all the time. Children want is to bond with their family every now and then. To play with the older brother and sister if they have, and the older sister and brother took care of their younger siblings.
  6. Filipino children know how important the family is. Because the parents make sure that every weekend they have their family bonding and go to church every Sunday. They teach their children how a family is a very important part of their life. How to love and respect the member of the family even if this is older or younger to them. Filipino parents teach their children how God will be the center of their lives and how to have faith in God.
  7. Filipino children have also strong ethics. Filipino children know how to save money even if they are still young. They teach how to handle their saving in the right way so that when they get old they have money on their own to spend too.
  8. The best part of being Filipino children they traditionally hold the hands of the older and put it on their forehead it means of respect to elders or ” mano po”. This is one of the traditional ways that Filipino do when they meet and greet the elders in the family. Not only the children do that gesture of respect but also those older Filipino.

Risk of Filipino Children Using Modern Technology

The importance of modern technology at present is highly needed but it also gives risk to the Filipino children who are very active in using it at their very young age. There are many ways of using modern technology to a person, however, it does not give 100 percent of positivity on using gadgets with internet to the young generation. Filipino children may be sexual abuse and exploited using internet and communication technology in their cellphone or computer. There are many websites that can now easily access not only with an adult but also with children. The features of some website can be a risk to Filipino children because of its accessibility and anonymity.

Some website using the internet can now easily access by children with a lot of information and exploration on the features of that site. And at present, modern technology can easily access by young children at their age of 4 years old above. It means that at this modern days it really gives risk to all children who are very engaged in using modern gadgets and applications. They can easily access to violent pornography, the mainstream of sexual video and directly abuse their mind on a sexual thing. Also, children now are very active in gaming application on websites that can give addiction to users. Mobile internet is very demanding to Filipino users. And because of this kind of modern technology that we have very fast and very easy to access almost all Filipino children are now using and know how to use mobile phones with internet on it.

Modern technology is very useful at present but also very risky to people, especially to the younger ones. It’s not only the addiction to someone users but also to the health of the users that mobile technology can give. Online gaming and online pornography are one of the riskiest parts of modern technology to children. Because children will expose too much on the radiation of the gadgets and the same time expose to early to sexual abuse. Seeing a naked picture on the website easily can help teenagers fall into temptation and risk into sexual intercourse at their very young age.

However, overuse of mobiles applications can be a risk to children’s behavior. Most Filipino children know how to operate the mobile application in the cellphones at their very young ages and sometimes it influences their behavior, the way they think, the way they communicate to elders, and their sleeping schedule. Some children who are very engaged in gaming apps and have no parents guide can change their sleeping schedule sometimes they cannot sleep because they are too much engage in playing mobile games.

In the Philippines, social media is highly accessible to all users. Social networking also can be a risk to Filipino children in a negative way like web feeds from blogs to other users, photo updates and discussion that for adult only while children can have access to social networking sites. Because of modern technology like social media, social networking, Facebooks, Sykes, Google, Emails, Skype, Twitter, and other websites  Filipino children nowadays can have large access to communicate, get information, and easy access to the what they want to know and what they want to see. In this kind of doing Children are in at risk to all kind of bad things that at their very young ages have to think and do.

The Impact of Modern Technology to Filipino Children

When in terms of technology it really helps a lot to people and its uses however there is also a negative and positive impact of modern technology to Filipino children. And today at this modern days, Filipino family have their own computers and gadgets in their homes. And in the past years, the use of modern technology to people is increasing than before. That is why even young children know how to operate and use computers and cellphones on a daily basis. This kind of technology that usually uses by an adult could also be now used and brows by young children without the knowledge of their parents or guardian. Like they can easily go on web surfing, social networking, mobile games, and texting.  The use of modern technology to children are evolving and becoming one of the reasons why a lot of children become victims of sexual abuse and many more.

Even though modern technology is helpful to education it also gives some bad impact on other children who become addicted to some application and can also cause of their health condition. Today, modern technology can give knowledge to children to achieve greater learning skills and enhance their ability to have information on things they want to know. In the Philippines, the biggest priority of the Department of Education is to teach each student to learn and focus on academics curriculum and provide meaningful experience in learning new modern technology on education. Like solving systems through the use of graphing, to communicate well, get multiple information,  to expose to the more advanced application that they will use in their studies.

At present most children are very engaged in using modern technology. Children today are more focus on using modern technology such as computers, cellphones, television and many more. There is more focus on using this kind of technology than going outside and playing with other children. This kind of doing every day can cause children to become obesity or malnourish because of too much focus on gadgets and not doing exercise or outdoor activities. One of the negative impact of modern technology on Filipino children is they are not exposed to sunlight which they are needed on their body. They just sit down and focus on the gadgets they have in front of them. It can also affect their sleeping habits and can harm their body when they are overexposed to radiation.


Filipino children are fun, loving, and one of the joy to the family. In the Philippines, one of the best important parts of the family is the children. It gives direction to all parents to do good and work hard just to give the needs for their children. It is an important part of society to take care of every child in the family. Children give happiness to every family. It helps every relationship to grow, to stay strong and stay together because of their children. Filipino children receive soo much love and affection to all members of the family. Every Filipino is responsible to take care of their children, it is their duty to send to the school of their children and gives their needs and support while they are still young and cannot stand on their own feet.