The Difference Between Night time and Daytime Job

  • 2017/09/26/
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There’s a lot of jobs here in the Philippines and different kinds of job. I just want to emphasize the difference between night ship and day ship job.

What is Job?

A Job is work that a person does regularly in order to earn money. It also a duty, task, or function that someone or something has a job.

A Job is a piece of work especially a specific task done as part of the routine and it includes a full-time or part-time position. It also a duty and responsibility that needs to be done.

A job is a particular task or thing of a person with their duty or function. A job consists of duties, responsibilities, and task that performed by a person

A job generally includes duties, purpose, responsibilities, scope, and working conditions with the job title, and the name designation of the person. and job specification.

Jobs can categorize as paid or unpaid. Like unpaid jobs are a volunteer, homemaker, mentor, student, and intern.

What is a Daytime Job

Daytime is the period between the time when the sun rises and the time goes down. A daytime job is a job during the day work in 8 hours a day and it could be a full-time or part-time job.

A daytime job is a kind of job done during the day. There is a kind of business that can run during the daytime only or a kind of work that can be done during the daytime.

Most Filipino are home by night together with their family members after work in the morning.

In the Philippines,  family ties are very strong they choose to work in the day so that they can be home at night with their family.

Most Filipino can speak English very well and can work in a foreign company. There’s a lot of Foreign company now in the Philippines and they are here because they know that Filipino are hard-working, responsible, compassion, competence, reliable, loyal, orderly, and knowledgeable.

Example of work that can be done during the daytime are:

  • Bank employees
  • Employees who work in a private company for the daytime only
  • Government employees
  • Saleslady and salesmen in the Mall
  • Teacher
  • Sale Representative
  • Construction worker
  • Engineer
  • Food server and the cashier
  • Security Guards
  • Police Officer

Daytime and nighttime job in the Philippines has a lot of effort to maintain. Some job has night ship and day ship it means the company ran for 24 hours a day that needs employees for day and night. Also, there’s a type of job that can be done only in the daytime. Most Filipino want to work in the daytime rather than work in the nighttime because when we work for the night shift most Filipino sleep in the night and only a few will work in the night. But now in our modern technology, there are so many companies that put up business here in the Philippines and accommodate the night shift job.


Working in a company

Your not saving as much money, time, energy, and effort as food, clothing, and transportation because you work outside of the home.
You have to commute, buy business clothes, spend precious time, money on food and waste energy spending time to commute.

Working inside your home

It’s a lot different if you work in the company because working inside your home there’s no need to wake up early, no need to spend more time traveling to your work that causes traffic and spends more time in commuting, and your work time is more flexible rather than working in the company. And most important is you have time to spend with your family and less pressure and stress.

Benefits of working at home

  • Working at home has many benefits especially if you have family and kids that need more time and attention. It benefits your family because you always there for them when they needed you.
  • Your time is more flexible than others who work in regular hours at the company like you have more flexible time on doing things like spending time with your kids or buying their needs and even prepare their foods before and after you do your work.
  • Less stress and less distraction. If you work in the home you can concentrate more and do more productive because you’re not to be in hurry in everything you do because you have a lot of time to finish your work in your home. Less stress because you don’t have a boss that always gives you a deadline or co-workers who give you so much stress.
  • Your health could not be a risk if you work in the home because of the pollution you can encounter outside the house.

Some example of online jobs at home:

  • Virtual assistant
  • Social media manager, like graphics production, customer service skills
  • Call center representative
  • Web designer and developer
  • Graphic art/designer

What is Night time Job

Working on the night while the rest of the world sleep need you to have more energy so that you can still work completely. A lot of employees who work in the night or graveyard shift has a different salary than day time job. Night shift has a night differential salary.

Example of work that can be done during the night time or even 24 hours:

  • Policemen
  • Firefighters
  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Security guards
  • 24 hours fast food and convenience store crew members
  • call center agent

Working at night has a risk in our health like sleep disorder, higher risk of ulcer, heart disease, metabolic syndrome, fatigue, and restlessness. Shifting our body clock or our body rhythm is possible to tolerate when working at night and sleeping during the day, it’s all about adapting and adjusting body rhythm.

Working in at night shift has a lot different than working in the daytime because your body productivity gets to adjust and know exactly how to survive working on the night shift. But working at night time is hard because your health will at risk if you don’t know how to take care of your body health. However, when you work on the night shift you spare yourself from terrible traffic and also you get higher pay and more benefits than those who come to work during the daytime or during traditional office hours.

Some companies that owned or managed by the foreign country work on the night shift because of the time differential. Here in the Philippines employee that has a foreign company or managed by other country work at night time and they have no choice but to require them self to adjust. Because at present we all know that the schedule in America or other country is a contrast in the Philippines it means you need to work in the night time because in another country the time there is morning so that’s the time they communicate with the company.

Another job is call center hours, part of the schedule for outsourcing this function requires night time for the Filipino workers.

Advantage working in night shift

  1. Paying a wage differential

    Working the night shift has an extra or additional salary than working on the day shift. Many jobs for night shift offer better pay than day shift because we all know that if the salary they offer is same as the daytime they would not accept or they don’t want to work on the night shift.

  2. Less traffic

    At night when you travel from work, you cannot experience the heavy traffic that most workers face every day special during rush hour. It is less traffic at night than in the morning. Most people who work in the daytime spend a lot of hours traveling to their offices because of the traffic.

  3.  It’s more convenient

    It is more convenient to have more time to buy some groceries in a supermarket buying your food for your daily needs without having to hurry and you can even pay your bills and go to a bank.

  4. More time to spend with family

    Once you are familiar with your working schedule you can have time to attend other things besides work like if you have kids you can have time for them to bring them to school and get off to school.

  5. You have more opportunities to have time on other things

    More opportunities to have more time on finding a part-time job, to go back to school if you want, you can also have more opportunities to do a thing in the morning like going to market, washing clothes or even cook food for your family.

Disadvantage working a night shift

  1. Health condition

Working in a night shift your health condition may be at risk and even your skin may look pale and dry. Your health may cause many complications like sleep disorder, irregular heartbeat, and also cardiovascular for those people who have a weak heart. Also if you’re working on night shift your body is not energetic as it is because of lack of food and nutrient that you take with your body. Lack of sunlight in our skin can also cause many skin condition and skin diseases.

2. Lack of sleep

Working in a night shift may also cause your feelings and emotion. You always feel moody and exhausted because of not having a good night sleep. It adds stress to your daily routine especially if you cannot catch up the time of work you have. Having not enough sleep will also affect your work performances like you can’t concentrating on the things you do if you are lack of sleep and you cannot do your work in the right way.

3. Lack of nutrition food that you take

When you work at night you can’t eat the right food you want because of the lack of time to prepare it, especially when you need to go to work at night while your family will start to eat their dinner. When you need to eat the right food it has to be done in the morning but your energy is not sufficient to have time to buy or prepare it because you fell sleepy. Time is the most precious that we need to for in all the things we do but mostly we always have no time on the most important our body needs the right food with the right nutrients.

4. Irregular hours of routine

If you work on the night shift you have to accept that your time is not as the same than working on a daytime. You have irregular routine than others do. For example, you have to go to your work when other going to their home, you need to be active when other sleep in the night and the time you need to sleep most people are awake and doing their daily routine and activities.

There’s a lot of difference between working in a daytime and working in a nighttime job. Here in the Philippines, we are more capable of working in the daytime rather than at night time because we all know that Filipinos are more willing to do their jobs in the daytime so that they can go home before the night will come and spend time with their family in dinner.

Our body functions in the daytime and must sleep in a night time and it is very difficult to work during night time for those people who have a night job because they usually sleep at night. But the work they have is night time so they need to adjust their body clock to be awake in the night and sleep in the morning. They can adjust their eating habits like eating breakfast in the evening, lunch at midnight, and dinner in the morning and sleep the whole day for them to have energy at night.