The Effect of Modern Technology to Filipino People

  • 2018/01/31/
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Here in the Philippines, modern technology is one of the usable things that all Filipinos use and follow. We all know that modern technology can help our work to become more easily and very fast. It is useful to us and very helpful, but there is also a disadvantage to our daily life if we only rely on what they can give us.

The impact of technology on us is very big it gives us a very simple life through the use of modern technology. Not only in the Philippines but all over the world use and follow modern technology. It is very easy to use, faster and efficient.

What is Modern Technology

Modern technology is the advanced technology that is useful in many ways. Modern technology today is important in our life now because we use it in our daily life.

Technology is the development of basic skills, methods, and processes. We use technology for better purposes it helps people to make their tasks easy and effective. Technology work in our daily life to have access to everything we need through the use of modern technology like the internet.

Advanced technology keeps improving and the demand for it is still increasing.

Technology has many types like:

  1. Information Technology
  2. Communication Technology
  3. Construction Technology
  4. Medical Technology
  5. Entertainment Technology
  6. Business Technology
  7. Educational Technology

The Effect of Modern Technology


Many Filipino people especially the younger ones know what is the effect of modern technology. However, not all Filipino people have known about the effect and advantage of modern technology because most older Filipino especially who live in the province still use the old technology that they using. They don’t change easily about what are the advanced technology is in here in the City.

Sometimes technology change people like, appearance, health, work, education, and especially the attitude of people. Modern technology has a big part in the life of people it helps to improve the way of living of each and every one of us. It has a big influence on people because of the advanced technology in it.

Modern technology is now one of the most things that every people want to use or have when it comes to gadgets. People who use modern gadgets always want new and advanced technology.

Before the use of technology is not that much in demand but now most people have gadgets even kids. They now use that technology for their everyday life and the means of communication.

Modern technology is the best thing that can help people to lessen their time to anything that they can do. For example for cooking, before especially in the province they use wood fire for cooking, only a few Filipino people have a gas stove when cooking. But nowadays almost all Filipino people use a gas stove and electric stove. Now in this modern days, there are a lot of cooking appliances. There are oven toaster, microwave oven, heavy-duty electric range, heavy-duty gas range, hot plates, high-speed oven, electric kettle, and much more.

For transportation Filipino people before usually use a tricycle, horse carriages (kalesa), old bus, and jeepney. But now there are a lot of modern public transportation we can use for us to be more comfortable when traveling like taxi, LRT train, MRT train, FX, UV Express, Buse’s air con and not air con you can choose, and still, the jeepney who are the cheapest means of transportation and one of the most popular public transportation in the Philippines.

However, the newest and most modern means of transportation now in the Philippines is CRAB and UBER. These two public transportation must require an android cell phone with internet so that people can be a part of it. This kind of transportation is the advanced information technology that most Filipino people use especially those who live in Metro Manila. It is very safe, comfortable, and efficient but a little bit expensive compared to other public transportation. Because they use car who is a new one and most drivers are the owner of the car.

The Use of Technology Before


Before when I was young I  remember the use of technology is not just as useful as now. Why? Because before when I was younger all I know is that we only have a black and white TV, we use wood fire for cooking and we just play in the street without worrying to play outside. We stayed at our house before 5:00 pm and have dinner at 6:00 pm with the whole family. We also have a radio using a battery.  And most people before are contented on what they have and not on what they want.

I also remember that the technology before was limited when it comes to communication, transportation, education, and medical technology. In terms of communication before Filipino people who have family and relatives live abroad to send a letter through telegraph, it means long-distance writing.


Leaving in the province is one of the ways I want to stay when I’m old. I was born and stay there for almost half of my age and I must say that I still want the old technology before why. It is because before when I was in my province I feel safe and secured with my family and with the place I was leave-in. Even the technology is not advance I still want to leave in the province.

In terms of transportation before most people are walking or use a bicycle. The first transportation I used to drive was a bicycle but only a few families have a bicycle. Most student who goes to school is walking. We don’t really care if it is far from our home because we all know that it safe when we are on the street. We also have a tricycle and jeepney for transportation.


When it comes to education the technology before is very low. But the people before are very smart and intelligent. There is no computer to make their studies more easy and fast. But they are eager and really want to learn they only have a library. The library in the school before is very important because only a few books are there for the research and assignments. Even if you do not finish elementary the people before are more intelligent than now. When I have a conversation with the old ones they still communicate with me in English even if they don’t finish elementary. I also remember when I was in elementary I always ask help from my father about my assignment even when I was in high school and He even teaches me the right answer even though He cannot finish elementary when He was young.

The ways of giving birth before having nothing to do with technology. Most Filipino women who gave birth to their child was through a normal procedure with the help of a midwife and one assistance. The medical technology before is not really advance because before there no laser procedure, surgery, wireless brain sensor, chemotherapy, heart transplant, and other modern medical technology.

The use of Modern Technology at Present


In this modern-day of living in the City, the use of technology is very important and you can see all people using the advanced technology. Before we only wash clothes through the hands but now using modern technology like washing machine you can wash clothes even if you do another thing.

In communication terms, advanced technology is very in-demand most of it very useful. We can talk and see our family who leaves in abroad by using video call in every time we want. It is one of the most useful and most popular kinds of technology that everyone uses. With the use of this kind of technology our communication becomes a necessity and becomes part of our daily life. We can use mobile phones through texting, call, pictures, and video. It can also use through emails, faxes, chats, and social media.

Communication through business is also most needed. We can do business through emails, talking to those supplies or business associates through video calls, using a digital network for the weather updates, and using social media interaction by Facebook, Twitter, Email, and other Google accounts. You can order so many things using a computer with the internet of course.


However when it comes to medical technology there also big changes it becomes more advanced. It becomes more advanced in terms of the pharmaceutical and medical fields. There’s a lot of new invention and treatment for the different kinds of disease and cancer types. We all know that this kind of treatment may help those people who suffer from illness without pain. Medical technology also helps people’s appearance, they can change someone to become better and look better.

Modern technology also best use in education. It is very easy now to study because everything is in the Library App. With just one click you can choose whatever you want to research about your school assignments. You don’t need to go outside to go to the store to buy books for your research. Technology for today can use in teaching and learning. There are new models or ways of teaching with the use of modern technology. Some young people that can not go to school in a regular basis can enroll in online learning or online program. In these modern days, the technology we use can help us to improve our education more easily and efficiently. Even in correcting grammar or spelling is one click away to know if you don’t need to open a book to search for what you want to its a waste of time. Now it easy, fast, and you can save more time in learning.

The Disadvantage of Using Modern Technology

  • Modern technology using social media or social networks can be an advantage in terms of work. Your work can be easily known by many people through social media. However, the disadvantage of using social media in our life can also destroy us by posting all negative sides about people.
  • Modem technology can also affect the human body. Most people who usually use advanced technology can be lost their active lifestyle because of the advanced technology they are using like in just one click on your computer all you need can be delivered as fast as your order without the movement of all your body parts. So most people who just sitting there and enjoying the power of modern technology can affect the health of your body.
  • The disadvantage of modern technology can also affect the younger people most especially the kids. Because many kids now spending more time in computer games, laptop, cellphone, and other advanced technology. They cannot do the old way before when in terms of interacting with their family and spending time with their families. Kids now and also teenagers have their own life when they have this technology in their hands. They don’t have to go out to spend time with their friends or make real friends outside their house.
  • Modern technology can also teach people to be more dependent on technology rather than to use it in a proper way. They teach people to become lazy and brainless.

Point of View

Being a Filipino who uses modern technology at present helps a lot for me in my everyday life. But somehow when I look back I still remembered the old technology also help Filipino people in their daily life. For me, modern technology has a big part in our lives and someone doesn’t realize the effect of using it every day. Even if we don’t want fast modern technology we just accept the fact that it is coming and we need to face the reality that almost all people use modern technology.