The Effect of Social Media in the Philippines

  • 2018/04/03/
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In the Philippines social media has a big part and role in our society. It gives us all the information that we need. Social media helps people and organization to remain connected and update in everything that was happening to our country. Social media in this modern technology has so much to give to Filipino people, they help people find ways, help people to find recent news and help people with advertising.

What is Social Media

Social media is a way of communication that all people can access through the use of internet technology. It is a combination of website application and networking. Social media also use in advertising, on TV, radio, newspapers, and the latest now is through online and websites application. One of the most popular now is networking.

Social media site has a lot of influence on Filipino people on this day. They are grown in number and most people use social networking sites and application almost every day. Social media now has a large factor in all kinds of business whether it small or big. It helps many people to look and find all they need in their business. This kind of social media site has a big help to an online industry when it comes to marketing strategy and ways. Social media is a word of advertising, marketing, and online communication.

Social media can help adolescences enhance their communication skills and social connection. They can make new friends, exchange ideas, and develop a new interest, and experience new things through social media sites. We are all free of expressing what we feel and what in our mind using networking sites. Social media is the way of two people to have an easy and fastest relationship without knowing the worst side of it. You can create the image you want to project through the use of networking sites. It is an advanced technology that people can easily communicate, promote and meet new people but sometimes it also harms people than do good.

Most popular here in the Philippines that social media can interact with people

  1. Facebook. This is one of the most popular social networking websites that all Filipino people use it can create, upload photos, upload videos, send messages, make new friends, get in touch with family and friends, and have found a new relationship that can fall into love.
  2. Twitter. This also means of social networking, they short post called tweet. It also helps your business to promote on this site.
  3. Google. This one helps you to stay in touch with people by sharing videos, message, photos, and other application that can allow you to communicate and promote business and different product and brands. This one of the most useful to all Company here in the Philippines.
  4. Instagram. It is also a social media networking that can share photo and videos. You can easily posh all you captured a moment on this site and it also applies multiple filters to your photos.
  5. Skype. It allows you to connect with people through a voice call, videos calls, and text messaging. Skype-to-Skype call is open free to all users and you can even communicate with anyone in any part of the world using the internet.
  6. Viber. Viber is a multi-lingual social form. It is available in any kind of languages for texting and voice messaging. You can also upload photos, share photos, videos, and audio messages.
  7. Tagged. It allows you to socialize through games, browsing profile, and many more.
  8. WhatsApp. It also helps people to communicate easily.
  9. Line. You can also share photos, videos, and text messaging. It also allows you to make voice and video call anytime.
  10. YouTube. This is one largest video-sharing on social networking site. You can also create a YouTube channel and upload all your personal videos.

The Side Effect of Social Media on Filipino People

Social media has a big factor that can affect people not only in the Philippines but also all over the world especially, to the young adult. It can be harmful to a young adult when it comes to sexualized text communication, exposure to pornography, online dating, and the risk of bad behavior that may arise. Social media has a lot of problems if we are very observant. Here in the Philippines, the Government notice that there are many victims of cyber-bullying, they also notice that a lot of young people are engaging in sex texting that can cause of sexually transmitted infection and young pregnancy. The Government especially the authority has become aware that many Filipino people who have used social networking into bad intention.

Some effect of social media on people is a health problem. A lot of Filipino people use social media in a different way and some of them forget to sleep and even eat if they focus on what they do on their computers. Especially the young adult they are more engaged in gaming that they don’t even attend school and they only sleep an hour then back again on what they started. Some people are more focus on the internet on their computer rather than spending time with there family and friends, They give more time on what they are doing on the networking than being with the family activities.

Some problem:

  • Internet addiction. It can give people a very strong attraction when it comes to other networking sites. The effect of internet addiction may cause lack of family bonding, social problem, increase in alcohol and cigarette use, depression, lack of sleep, and the most important is lack of healthy food that will take in our body.
  • Internet dating. This site is designed for adolescent dating but it gives an idea to many Young Filipino a different meaning using this site. Many teenagers engage in sex online because of the influence of online networking. It allows young people to explore a sexual interest, hidden personality that can cause young people in trouble.
  • Pornography. It is one of the problems of most Filipino parents now in social media. They know that pornography helps to expose some material or pictures that cannot be seen by teenagers yet when they open some sites in networking they can automatically see and open all the malicious videos, pictures, and unprotected sex videos.
  • Lack of face to face conversation. This also the problem when social media become the most popular all over the world. People communicate using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so many application sites that no one can see each other in person. They build some relation without knowing who really is your talking with. They have a conversation through phone and just stay inside their house without even giving time to their family and friend a little bonding time. The online site is helpful but it will also destroy people especially the younger one.
  • Depression. It is one and a very difficult problem for the Filipino people. It is very alarming feeling that anyone may encounter. A young adult may encounter some depression because of the effect of social networking. They can be suicidal in terms of the problem they can not handles when they feel that no one will understand their situation. Using social media account they can only show what is good for them, sharing beautiful pictures, better ideas, and promote a good image. However in the end when everything reveals, they can experience depression when they don’t know how to manage their problem that they are deeply involved in many activities that their accounts created.
  •  Mismanagement. This fall for all teenagers. When they engage in networking, online gaming, and many activities that involve self-expression, they give their 100% focus not knowing that they forgot to take care of their self. Because parents do not supervise their children 24 hours in a day in what their children do. Time management is important so that parents can monitor their children activities daily, they should check every now and then what the children do in front of the computers or check their cellphone so that they have any idea what’s going on with their children.
  • Health condition. One of the main problems of Filipino people especially the young ones who use networking online is the health issue. Most of us when we are in front of our computer we forgot everything, the time, the people around us, the food we should take, and the rest that our body needed.

What is the Impact of Social Media on Filipino People

The impact of social media can influence people in so many ways.

  • Social media in politics.  In the Philippines social media has a big factor that can help a politician to known and to promote their campaign. It can boost their name through the use of social media and help people to know the candidate they voted for.
  • Social media in our society. Most Filipino are aware of the information that they gathered on social media.  In our society technology really changes social media because it helps to improve communication and increases the use of the networking site. It helps us give updates on every event or every occasion around the world.
  • Social media in a community. Social media has a large impact on our community it can help people to build a relationship and help to have a connection.
  • Social media in a personal relationship. This one has so much impact on every person it has a big role why many of us find someone because of the use of social media. Many Filipino got married to foreigners because of communication through the use of networking sites, have a conversation, talk to each other and have an intimate bond using this online chatting.

Social media is the most influential site this day. In fact, many Filipino knows and use Facebook and other application like Twitter, Instagram, and Viber. The millennial generation is more engaging that can lead to addiction.  The impact of this advanced technology is not good 100 percent there are many problems that can cause a teenager to fall into negative implication as an individual. In the Philippines one of the problems is also social media. They are more crimes happened or sexual abuse through social media. That is the negative side of the modernization of social media.