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The Effect of Typhon Ulysses in Marikina City

Marikina City is one of the cleanest cities in the National Capital Region in the Philippines. It is also known as the “Shoe Capital of the Philippines” because they are the biggest manufacturer of shoes in the Philippines Industry. They are also known for food restaurants because a lot of restaurants are now open in Marikina City. Filipino people in Marikina also called ” “Marikeños”. However at this present time that a lot of calamities has Marikina City suffered many shoe factories and manufacturers are now closed. With the pandemic or COVID-19 and Typhon Ulysses attack the people of Marikina, they are now still coping and hoping that this situation will be gone so that they can still start a new beginning with new hope for their future and for their family.

Short History of Marikina City

Marikina was the provincial capital of the Province of Manila under the First Philippine Republic from 1898 to 1899 during the Philippines Revolution. It is also located at the eastern border of Metro Manila. It has a population of 450,741 people with 16 barangays. Before Marikina City is a rural settlement, but now, Marikina is now primarily residential and industrial and has become increasingly commercial throughout the years. The City of Marikina is one of the wealthiest local government units in the Philippines. Marikina is rich in culture, tradition and the people themselves, they have a lot of traditional dance and local food that Marikina is proud of. There are also many schools inside Marikina that have high-quality standards in terms of teaching and educating students. Marikina also has tourist spots like Marikina River Park, Philippines Science Centrum, World of Butterflies, and Shoe Museum.

Cause of Typhon Ulysses in Marikina City

Typhoon Ulysses is another big typhoon that struck the Philippines last November 11, 2020. It brought massive flooding in parts of Luzon especially in Marikina City that needs to evacuate a lot of people near the river. Marikina City evacuated some 10,500 families to safety during the typhoon as floodwaters rose to the rooftops. The local government of Marikina City is now ready for calamities unlike before that typhoon Ondoy struck in the Country and so many Filipino people have died because Filipino is not expected that kind of big typhoon that cause many people lives. Marikina people are not ready at that time and it shocks them how Typhoon Ondoy destroy their house and their cause of living. It is hard for them to accept that their cause of living will be damage instantly because of the typhoon Ondoy. It also happened now when typhoon Ulysses strike Metro Manila and cause a  big amount of damage to the life of many Filipino people.

However, even if typhoon Ulysses strikes in the Philippines it is not like typhoon Ondoy that causes many Filipino lives. Typhoon Ulysses brings whipping winds that can cause a lot of structure to fall down and the longest rainfall that causes massive flooding in several areas, especially in Marikina City. Marikina river almost rich the higher limit of water that causes a flood in many areas and barangays in Marikina. Dam around Luzon, like La Mesa Dam, Angat Dam, Binga Dam was released a large amount of water affects many Filipino of their living like their farms, their plantation, their products were all damaged and smash away.

Marikina City under the supervision of Mayor Marcelino Teodoro declares a state of calamity in order to apply those Filipino people who are affected by the typhoon Ulysses. They can apply for emergency or calamity loan to recover their loss and to help their need that washes away by the typhoon. Typhoon Ulysses affects all the barangays in Marikina City and also a lot of areas in the Philippines.

  • As result, there is no electricity in many areas of Marikina City
  • No internet connection
  • No cellphone signal
  • Some roads are still the close cause of typhoon Ulysses
  • Also learning online schooling or distance learning are also suspended for a week
  • There are so many Filipino people who are still in an evacuation center because they cannot go back to their own house due to floods and muddy slippery floors.

How Typhoon Affects Filipino People

Typhoon Ulysses really a big challenge to all Filipino people. How we can afford to move on in this kind of situation that months ago we are suffering from a pandemic and still now in Metro Manila is still in quarantine to ensure that we can prevent the increase of COVID-19 affected. Metro Manila is still not stable in many aspects. We still under general community quarantine due to Coronavirus diseases. But somehow we also didn’t expect that typhoon Ulysses will attach the Philippines in a very strong and massive way.

The Philippines local government is the first to know how typhoons will cause damage to their countrymen. The negative impact of it on Filipino people, to the Philippines economy, to the environment, and most especially the effect of it on our natural resources. The effect of the typhoon on Filipino people is really shocking and not acceptable for time being. However, we still know that Filipino is a fighter and have a positive out like in times of situation like this. Even if the pandemic is still here in our country we still hoping that this will not end our future hope and dreams.

  1. The impact of the typhoon in the economic industry is also affected. It damages the increase of growth of the product and the delivery of it will stop for a while due to the typhoon.
  2. The work of every Filipino will also be suffered because of the typhoon. Many Filipino will stop and cannot go to work because of the typhoon that strikes in our country.
  3. Filipino people can also risk their life or they can be killed during typhoons.
  4. Also, flooding can completely destroy the property and damage the living of all Filipino
  5. Shortage of goods and medical supplies can also be a result of the typhoon
  6. Roads and cities can also be affected by typhoons.
  7. Animals can also destroy and our natural resources can be a lot of damage when typhoons attach the country.
  8. Plants also will be swept away and even trees cannot longer stay due to heavy wind and rainfall that cause typhoons.
  9. Structure and buildings can also be affected by typhoons. Some buildings in Metro Manila is old building than can easily destroy by the heavy typhoons and blow the roof of the building.
  10. The offshore operation can also be affected due to typhoon

The impact of the typhoon on the life of Filipino people is very painful. It also hard for them to move on that easily because of the situation that we have now. It’s not only the typhoon that we are facing right now but most of all the Coronavirus that staying in our country for many months now.


Thinking about months ago and realizing what we are facing now can give us a very disappointing year. There are so many circumstances that we Filipino are suffering now and still holding now for better than for worst scenario. Typhoon Ulysses can harm many people and damage a lot of things in our country. But we still thankful that only things can wash away and only a few people have died. Not unlike COVID-19 a disease that attacks the life of many Filipino people and risks the health of many people.  Even if Filipino is prone to tropical cyclones, strong rain, and heavy winds we still afraid of what will be the damage after it, or can this strong typhoon risk the life of our family and loved ones. The Philippines also suffered many casualties of human life and the destruction of crops all over the country when typhoon attacks us. A lot of property is also damage. At present we can say that Filipino experience all the terrible speed winds, heavy rainfall, devastating flooding, and overflowing rivers.


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