The Impact of COVID-19 to Philippine Economy

  • 2020/09/30/
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The Philippines is one of the world’s most affected by a coronavirus, it is one of the high-risk diseases that we now encounter and difficult to detect if you are affected. COVID-19 is a pandemic that spread almost all over the world and now increasing easily with less than a month. Because of the increase of pandemic every day, the government declares a state of calamity for almost six months now. The Philippines ‘ economy almost loses billion and trillion pesos because of the pandemic that develop easily and affected many people. Filipino almost lose hope regarding this kind of pandemic that we are now facing. The entire Metro Manila and Luzon region are now suffering due to COVID 19. Sectors from retail, real estate, food industry, to manufacturing are experiencing serious challenges due to the enhanced community quarantine.

What is COVID 19?

The COVID-19 is a very serious disease that can infect people easily and can cause the end of the life of a person. It is a virus that unknown and starts from Wuhan, China. The coronavirus can starts from cold to mild illness to a very serious infection like MERS ( Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) that cause a variety of disease from animals and domestics pets. COVID-19 can also be fatal especially to children and to older people.

Symptoms of COVID-19

Common symptoms of COVID-19 are dry cough, fever, and tiredness. It can also be aches and pains, sore throat, headache, and sometimes loss of taste and smell. However, rashes skin and discoloration of fingers or toes can be also a symptom of COVID-19. In this kind of symptom sometimes we think it as ordinary sickness that everyone can have an easy to disappear. But in this kind of situation that COVID-19 is everywhere we are now risking our lives if we encounter this kind of symptoms especially if we begin to have a serious disease like difficulty breathing, chest pain, and loss of speech or movement. Lastly, if our immune system is weak and we have this kind of symptoms are life would be at risk to end.

How COVID-19 Spread Easily?

COVI-19 can be spread easily to person to person in direct contact. It can also be transmitted through a sneeze,  cough, and people who produce droplets of saliva to another person. Although Coronavirus causes a mild illness it can make people become very ill with this kind of disease if your body is affected. It can also be fatal to those people who are weak and have some health conditions that can cause their life at risk.

COVID-19 in the Philippines

Here in the Philippines, we are now suffering from the pandemic caused by COVID-19. We are one of the many countries that hit by this kind of virus that almost killed many people all over the world. Until now Metro Manila is still in community quarantine and it is safe we all Filipino would stay at our home to avoid spreading this pandemic disease. Filipino people are now suffering not only poor people but also rich people that can afford to treat themself to a private hospital just to make sure that they can cure this kind of pandemic. However, COVID-19  disease is not easy to cure especially if your immune system is very weak even if you have all the wealth in this world your life may be at risk.

The Government almost try everything just to give the best way to Filipino people. In this kind of situation, all Filipinos who have a business to run is now close for almost 5 months now.  The Philippines ‘ economy is almost down due to this pandemic that we are now suffering. The business establishment now is almost suffering and most of them are now bankrupt. All company at this moment are trying their best to continue their operation even if their employees are now working at home. Moreover, now a lot of company can be done at home some company cannot be run if they let their employees working at home because some operation needs to be done at inside the company and in this kind of situation it is very difficult to continue their business in a regular basis.

According to the Department of Health in the Philippines, the statistics show that Filipino who are affected in Coronavirus has 304,226 cases while the death of Filipino is 5,344 and the Filipino who is recovered from this disease are 252,510 cases as of now.

  • The present situation in the Philippines. At this time Filipino is aware of what’s happening and they are very supportive of our government. They help Filipino who are front-liners and support these people by giving them food and helping them to transport to their specific hospital who take care of those people who have COVID-19 or who are affected by this pandemic. We all know that this coronavirus disease can kill many people in just a matter of time. This kind of virus cannot be detected in just one day and can be spread to many people in just a day. The country implemented some action like enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) in Metro Manila, Luzon, and other affected area in which the government issued a total lockdown last March 2020. Some area that also announces of total lockdown is Cavite, Rizal, Laguna, Batangas, Quezon, and Central Luzon. At this time the Philippines is still in a General Community Quarantine (GCQ) to prevent the increase of COVID-19. At the present, the Philippines is still in a state of calamity due to all Filipinos who are affected by COVID-19. This Coronavirus is a fatal disease that can kill people especially the older one and the children are very prone to this kind of deadly virus. Travel bands also implemented in some places that are most affected by the Coronavirus. Moreover, all overseas  Filipinos from different countries are also not allowed to return to their home without proper monitoring from the Department of Health. Upon their arrival, they need to stay to a facility that the Philippine government prepared for them and stay there for 14 days just to monitor their health condition if they are free from the virus or if they are affected on it.
  • Preventive measurement. The Philippine government strictly implements the use of a face mask and face shield to all Filipino people who are going outside. It is one of the ways to prevent Coronavirus to spread to other people directly. Also, the Department of Health advises all Filipinos to protect themself against COVID-19 through washing their hands often with soap and water at least 20 seconds, using alcohol as hand sanitizer, proper cough etiquette, always take a bath, and clean your body and change your clothes when you are come from outside. It helps this kind of procedure to be safe yourself and your loved ones in Coronavirus. The government also implements the distance between one another at least one 1-meter away. They also advise all Filipinos to avoid direct contact with wild animals especially those animals who stay in the street. The government also implement the Filipinos to avoid large gathering, mass gatherings, and crowded people should also avoid and community meetings to preventing the spread of Coronavirus. People should need to stay at home and it is mandatory that all children and older ones should not go outside to prevent them from having this kind of pandemic.
    However, all foreign nationals are strictly suspended to enter the country due to Coronavirus. The Department of Health and the Philippines government issued that only those Foreign Government and International Organization officials accredited to the Philippines and foreign spouse and children of Filipino nationals can enter but need to be quarantined for 14 days upon arrival in the Philippines.  Those Filipinos and foreigners are allowed to leave in the country but need to show some proof of their travel itinerary.

The Effect of COVID-19 on Economy

The Philippine economy may lose between P276.3 billion and P2.5 trillion, depending on how the coronavirus pandemic develops in our country. The impact of Coronavirus on the Philippine economy has suffered the most. The growth for the economy can be down this year 2020 and all the import and export of products are lower down because of the pandemic disease we have now. Metro Manila, which accounts for 37.5% of GDP, is a major concern during the pandemic, while the whole Luzon region accounts for about 73% of the country’s GDP. Sectors from different areas like retail, real estate, to manufacturing are experiencing serious challenges due to the enhanced community quarantine. The Philippine Stock Exchange Index has dropped in a huge amount at present.

Millions of employees were displaced during the pandemic in the National Capital Region and  Central Luzon ECQ wherein about 70% of this was affected by temporary business closures and 30% of employees were subject to alternative work arrangements such as reduced working days and hours; forced leave; and work-from-home. Metro Manila accounted for the most number of displaced workers. Also, domestic transport has affected and all Filipinos are also suffering from this pandemic because they cannot go to work without these transportation services. All mode of transport is all suspended like air, land, and by sea. That is why our Philippine economy is affected the most because of this kind of situation we are now facing. The economy and the industry of the Philippines now are down very fast that causes o COVID-19.

The Philippines is now suffering not only the Department of Health but also the global economy like transportation, services, manufacturing, and business that connected to food and restaurants. This kind of situation that we have now is not only damages the Philippines but all over the world is now facing a global pandemic that kills many people all over the world. Globalization, urbanization, and the environment of the country change a lot because of the Coronavirus disease.


The government, non-government, and the private sector now forms into one just to help and rescue all those Filipinos who are affected by Coronavirus. At this time Filipinos suffered a lot and most of them lost their loved ones because of COVID-19. We are not expecting this kind of pandemic to stay longer and affect not only the people but also the whole countries economy and industry. With this condition we have, Coronavirus almost gives us a huge headache and problem for almost 7 months now. People cannot longer work on a regular basis and business also cannot operate their business well. Many companies are still close now due to COVID-19. All children should only study in their home and stay at home for almost 7 months now also all older one should need to stay at home for their safety and protection from this kind of disease.

However, with the situation now you still see many Filipino workers support those people who are called front-liners who take care of those victims of the pandemic. They volunteer themself to help and give food to the needy. Filipino families also help in any way they can. The Philippine government finds ways on how this pandemic will lessen and how people will be free from it. The department of Health (DOH) and the World Health Organization (WHO) still looking at how to stop the COVID-19 and how to cure this pandemic easily. But as of now we are still hoping and praying that it will go and people will continue living the way we have before. Little by little the government finds a way to let some public transportation services to serve the Filipino community with the rule that they should follow like social distancing, wearing face mask and face shield every time they go outside and ride in public transportation.