The Impact of Online Schooling to Filipino Student

  • 2020/09/11/
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Here in the Philippines, we all know that the effect of Covid19 really affects not only the economy but most of all the life of the Filipino. In this case, all Filipino parents now are choosing to enroll their children in online schooling. At present, the government and the Department of Education decided not to open all schools in the Philippines due to Covid19 because they want all Filipinos to be safe and free of this kind of pandemic. It is now spreading all over the country and the whole world so that each and everyone should be aware and careful about going outside and to avoid increasing the death of a Filipino. At this time we are now living in the modern world through the help of internet connection. We can be updated, gain knowledge, and search for everything, learn, educate, and most of all communicate to all people we want to without the need to see the person personally.

What is Online Schooling?

Online schooling is a form of learning that uses an internet connection. It is now a popular way on how students learn without going to school but they can still learn and study through their home or any place they want as long as they have their internet connection. This kind of online learning is existed all over the world and in all kinds of levels of education. It is now a very in-demand kind of learning for students who cannot go to school premises.

In the Philippines, the Department of Education encourages all students on online schooling alternatives of regular schooling due to pandemic or Covid19 that is now spreading in the country easily, and many people are affected by this kind of disease that can cause the death of a person. That is why regular schooling at this present time is a stop for the safety of all students and teachers. Online schooling can be a big help to Filipino students at this time. It changes the way people communicate, people think, and the way they learn. It is not a  traditional way of learning for all Filipino students but they must try their best to accept and face this kind of challenge we have now.

What is the Effect of Online School

When it says online school or online education it needs an internet connection and requires high learning from the online institution. There are many ways on how you enroll your children in an online school that offers good quality of learning skills and knowledge. However, if online schooling is now helpful to all of us it also has a negative result on children. Some of them are the behavior of the children and how they really focus on learning online education.

1. Time Commitment

In online schooling, the student can choose the time and schedule of what they want and it also depends on what availability they have. While when you go on regular schooling the school gives you the schedule depend on the grades are you in. You also have a face to face with your teachers and classmates and have communication with them on a regular basis in a school. You become more responsible when you go to a regular school and you also learn the right behaviors than attending an online class. Here in the Philippines, traditional schooling is attending a school regularly with teachers and classmates physically present.

On online schooling, it only requires a little time and effort compared to traditional schooling where you can go to school in the morning and in the afternoon for your class and other subjects that are available only with the department that the school administrator was issued and not by your chose. You can have less time in an online school to attend while doing other things apart from learning online. This kind of time management sometimes be helpful but it also gives a negative effect on those students especially those who are not capable to have an internet connection and they only share some of the internet connection to their household or their friends outside their house. This is somehow one of the effects of a Filipino family on online schooling. Some of the poor family force to stop their children to enroll because of their situation. Most Filipino parents lost their jobs and stay in the home because some company stops their operation due to covid19.

In the Philippines, students are going to school to study and to learn. Filipino parents want their children to finish their studies and to have a better job in the future, it is traditional thinking of all Filipinos to their children. But somehow due to this pandemic that happened all over the world some of Filipino traditional leaning must not bee did or practice because of the issued we are facing right now. However, in this kind of problem that we have now not all Filipino student is enrolling in an online school due to the economic crisis and due to the family background. Some Filipino families can not afford to enroll their children in online school because it needs an internet connection and a computer, tablet, laptops, or a cellphone that some of them cannot approve to buy.

2. Less Direct Contact

Online classes have less contact compare to regular ones that have access to instructors and classmates as traditional face-to-face classes. The communication on online classes typically only on video chat and through e-mail. They can interact through social media using some web links on a computer or laptop or tablet. This kind of online classes is now leading because of the modern technology we have now. It can easy to communicate and see people without direct contact. Modern technology right now really helps people to have knowledge without going anywhere. Using the internet connection you can access anything you want and learn anything that could help you to know about the world and everything you want. In this kind of situation, we have less contact is the best way to be safe from covid19. We can still communicate through social media and we can still study online schools that offer the best quality of learning tools and guide as to have knowledge of what’s really happening outside without the need to go outside and see what’s really happening in our country, neighborhood and in our economy.

3. Social Interaction

Due to the country’s condition, Filipino must follow the rules that our government issue, it is less direct contact with people around the country. And one of the best ways to follow this rule everyone must stay at home to avoid the increase of people to have a covid19. Social interaction will be less and Filipino students must attend school on online schooling and not on a regular basis. Social interaction will now be limited and not all Filipinos are allowed to be outside especially those children and those old ones.

4. Cost

Somehow, online schooling is much lesser when it terms to the cost of learning to compare to regular schooling. Regular schooling can cost much because of travel expense, food expense, and some extra expense that needs to pay in the school while online school can reduce this kind expense if you are only studying in your house. They can save money on food, clothing, transportation, and especially time. A student may notice how online schooling could be more easy compare to regular schooling but somehow it also affects the way of learning skills that all Filipino student habits.

Is Online Schooling a Big Help to Filipino Student?

It’s not easier to study online! Online institutions must meet with the same quality requirements as regular schooling. Somehow it is more difficult than going to school regularly. With the advancement of online learning technologies, students must learn fast and have enhanced how to operated laptops and computers in such time to keep themselves updated in using these gadgets. It also provides visual classes that all students could take homes through video calls, messenger, Goggle zoom, and Skype. Online schooling needs proper equipment to use o online school. In these modern days, we are now living in modern technologies that most people are capable of using it. It is now a leading technology that can help people all over the world to communicate and see their family and loved ones using internet connection without traveling places to place just to see the person personally.

Online education can help Filipino students in many different ways. Not only them but all people can really rely now on modern technology like social media, Goggle, Youtube, Gmail, Yahoo, and a lot more of a web site. Learning online is now in demand all over the world because we can now access easily, gather information, flexibility, and less consumption of time and effort. You can search easily and all the information you need through an internet connection. Moreover, you can now find online institutions easily with good quality of education they can offer because they are engaging with other schools or universities to give to develop and deliver better online programs of learning. Online schooling also improves the level of education. The advancement of online education can be a big help to a student in terms of developing their talent and skills through modern technologies. However, it cannot help when in terms of physical activities. Sometimes students become lazy and timid because of online learning.

Benefits of Online Education

  • Flexibility in the learning system
  • Time Management
  • Opportunities
  • Access to social networking
  • Self-motivation
  • Global Perspective
  • Improve technical skills
  • Competitive learning environment
  • Comfortability
  • Self-learning


At present, the Philippines also affected by covid19. And all Filipinos and the economy now are facing a difficult situation that all of as not expected. This is the time that all of as must-have one mission and goal that is to be careful and have knowledge of what is really happening in our country and how to avoid spreading this kind of pandemic. The government is now aware of how Filipino student can continue their schooling without going to school on regular basis and through the help of modern technology student now can go to school through online schooling and they can continue learning in this kind of system that truly helpful and safe to all people nowadays. But due to the poverty that we are now facing some families that stop their resources or stop earning because of this pandemic a lot of Filipino students cannot afford to enroll in online schooling because of the lack of equipment and resources. The poor families cannot adjust quickly to this kind of schooling that the government has been made. However, the Department of Education gathered on how they can help the Filipino that cannot afford to send their children on online schooling they issued some other way without going to school regularly, this is a homeschool they can get those modules at the school to help the student not to stop their studies, only parents or guardians can pick up this module at school and they can teach their children before sending back the modules in the school with student answer on it.

With online school, a child is enrolled as they would be at a regular school. The Department of Education in the Philippines requires all schools to provides the learning program and qualified teachers, and the student is supervised by their parent or responsible adult. It is more like regular school than homeschooling because the child is in a class of peers and the teacher is responsible for their learning – even though they learn from home.