The Impact of Social Networking To Filipino

  • 2019/11/12/
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In the Philippines, the use and effect of modern technology already increasing every day. They can be effective to Filipino users yet it can also harm people. Networking in the Philippines is now popular and in-demand nowadays. It gives people satisfaction on how they can express their feeling easily and without any audience in front of them. But somehow networking also is a risk to Filipino life some of them can be addicted to doing things and posting it to social media or having many friends easily through networking. Filipino is one of the most active of using social networking like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and others. At present, a lot of foreign companies are nowhere in the Philippines to put up their business here as a networking company.

What is Social Networking?

Social networking is one of the active and in-demand now in the Philippines. It connects one person to another or a group. Social networking needs an internet connection to connect people through online communication and online chatting. It helps people to have contact with their friends, family, and relatives and even in business industries that they don’t need to travel just to talk or see the person. Social networking can use as business purposes, in our daily lives, in the school, in the government, in the society, and all things that connect people to one another. It also opens all the opportunities for all people to find information and gathers some ideas through social networking. It also helps people to engage and connect to their clients and customers without seeing them in person.

Here in the Philippines, social networking really works fast for Filipino people. A lot of competition around the world but still the country is one that has the largest users of social networking. It increasing and encouraging all people because of the uses and benefits inside it. It is now evolving all over the world and keeps on influencing people to constantly use it. At present social networking provides a lot of opportunities to all Filipinos and many possibilities to all companies to advertise and commercialize their products and services in social media. It also helps people to create a relationship and meet new friends.

Most Popular Networking Sites

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. Youtube
  4. Twitter
  5. Yahoo Mail
  6. Whatsapp
  7. Skype
  8. Webchat
  9. LinkedIn
  10. Snapchat
  11. Gmail
  12. Google Chrome
  13. Spotify
  14. Messenger

Advantage and Disadvantage of Social Networking in the Philippines

Social networking has its advantage and disadvantages of uses.


  • It helps to be connected to the people you love all around the world
  • Social networking helps to build a better relationship with consumers.
  • It also influences people to learn more knowledge about modern technology
  • Through social networking, it helps to promote products and services of business in the Philippines
  • Social networking also helps connect peoples ideas and beliefs of different people in a different world
  • It creates pieces of information fast and clear.
  • It helps business and company a lot of opportunities to hire people and advertise their company using social networking
  • It gives an easy way of communicating with other people and do business even if they don’t see each other in personal
  • It helps people to find someone fast and easy
  • It accesses you to the latest news all over the world
  • It gives information in a faster way and easiest way.
  • It helps you to locate a place in the most convenient way
  • Social networking also helps a lot of students to do their studies and thesis and gathered information on their research.


  • Using social networking is not always helpful especially to the health of a person. It can be addicted and sometimes the users did not eat and sleep well and proper because of so much of it.
  • Filipinos who use social networking and meet new friends and have an easy relationship through social media have no emotions at all. No love, no affection yet they have a relationship using networking.
  • Social networking also harms people’s privacy.
  • One of the disadvantages of using social networking is that it helps people to be more lazy and disobedient
  • Also, social networking disadvantage is it reduces time and closeness with the family
  • The disadvantage of social networking can also harm children in cyberbullying and expose this child to pornography.
  • It also has a risk to copy your identity using social networking


Benefits of Social Networking to Filipino People

Social networking companies in the Philippines are now increasing and increasing especially for those foreign companies. They engage in putting a networking company here in the Philippines because of the low expense that they paid to Filipino and they know how hard and dedicated Filipino when it comes to their work. It is now fast and growing when it comes to boosting company services and products. Filipino people now rely on social networking most of the time. Their kind of work really focuses on using internet connection to connect to other persons and companies.

Before when we did not know or use modern technology Filipino people are very much close to each family member and their neighbors. They have time to shares what’s happening to them and share their moments with their neighbors and friends. Like having gathering even if it is not a special occasion just to have time and share food and activities they did for the fast few days or month. Children playing with their playmates outside the house and with their neighborhood. They did a lot of activities outside the house and play using their toys manually. This is how Filipino people doing their daily lives before without modern technology.

But somehow it changes at this present time. The impact of social networking really gives a lot of positives and negatives to Filipino users, especially to the young ones. At present social media or social networking is very in-demand to Filipino users and for children at the time. Now we get to communicate and socialize through the website using an internet connection. It doesn’t need to see each person personally because of the modern technology that has now. Also one of the impacts of social networking is that it definitely has an interaction with people we love in the easiest way and faster way. Filipinos spend time mostly in engaging online social networking. This one of the impacts of social networks in the country. The Philippines is now at the top when social networking users are involved.

Why Filipino are Very Active in Social Networking?

Filipinos are one of the most active users of social networks. Their life sometimes defends on social activities through networking. Most of the company is running and depends on an internet connection. This is why Filipinos should always use networking for their jobs and for their daily activities whenever they go.

Because of the increase of social networking users in the Philippines, a lot of Filipinos now have their own laptops or cellphone that they bring whenever they go. They use it every now and then and for them, their life depends on using a social network that why many Filipinos have their own internet for faster use of all applications in social media. the use of social networking can influence many Filipino users. It also becomes a part of the life of every Filipino in their daily activity.

Networking can really help Filipino in their needs. Needs in their jobs need to connect and communicate their loved ones, needs to get some information, it helps in their school assignment, it also gives information about a person or things. Sometimes it gives stress relief.

Conclusion :

We all know that people use social networking at this present time. Not only in the Philippines but all over the world use this modern technology. It helps all of us but it also has a negative result on using it every day. Networking and some of the applications on our computer and on our cellphone really help us a lot. It does not only connect us to our family, friends, and loved ones but it also helps us to entertain us so that we will not feel bored waiting for someone or something. Most Filipinos have their own gadgets to use in their daily life. Some of us become impatient when traveling for so long because of the traffic in the city but through social networking, it gives people something to do so that the time will past by without their knowing. This is one of the impacts of social networking on Filipino people, it gives entertainment while traveling and not feel bored.